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Aircraft oxygen equipment question?

what exactly are the three basic types of oxygen equipment? What are the corresponding altitude limitations of these?

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Whats the Policy for bringing my own oxygen equipment on an airline?

I want to go back east for a little reunion with friends i have not seen in years, but my health situation requires that i use supplemental qxygen 24-7 and the last time i flew the tickets were about the same but when they charged me 0 extra each way to use their oxygen because i could not bring my own…(their Policy) my regulator and 02tank are the same so what can i do to be able to bring my own its the same??

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Can we bring oxygen equipment on a ship?

My grandmother is in constant need of oxygen. Would she typically be allowed to bring her oxygen concentration machine and oxygen bottles on a cruise ship? I aim this question at those who have travelled with this issue.

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