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If you are looking for a solution for living a better life at home with the aid of durable medical equipment then you have come to the right place. Durable medical equipment is included with most insurance coverages, including some coverage with medicare where they will pay for certain items. If so the item will be defined by title xIx for medicaid coverage.
Many items that are classified as durable medical equipment include, iron lungs, oxygen tents, nebulizers, cpap machines, hospital beds, different forms of wheelchairs both powered and non powered, supplies for diabetic patients like blood testing strips, glucose meters,and insulin.

Medicare covers durable medical equipment if you are part b original medicare. If a nurse practitioner , physician  assistant ,or clinical nurse per-scribes items for use in your home then you covered. Your home can be defined as your place of dwelling weather it be a nursing home or long hospital stay.

We have all the best durable medical equipment supplies at the best prices and from the most respected companies. Bookmark this page so that you can come back at anytime to see the latest companies and supplies that will be added daily.Other items that are included are adjustable hospital beds, hospital gurneys and stretchers, microscopes , mobile computer workstations, bathroom towels and washcloths, infant incubators,narcotic cabinets and safes,lighted magnifiers, over bed lights, bedding, patient lifts, clothing, mattresses and mattress pads, pediatric medical furniture, stainless steel shelving and more.

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