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Cpap Or Bipap

cpap or bipap
how can i find a used bipap or cpap machine thru private parties to avoid the medical red tape?

have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? you don’t want to use a machine if you don’t know for sure that is what can help with your symptoms. If in doubt see either a neurologist or Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist.

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Cpap And Bipap

cpap and bipap
Central Apnea/ Bipap or Cpap? Medical advise please?

Now I am worried. My doctor just put me on a bipap machine,was on cpap for 8 years. I just read where central Apnea is pretty serious and could indicate something life-threatening . I have multiple sclerosis with brain stem and other lesions. This bipap therapy sounds like it’s the wrong type for this. They say it makes the apnea worse. Any help please.

You ask an excellent question. Unfortunately, central sleep apnea (CSA) due to neurologic disease is a very difficult topic. There is very little evidence available to guide us in proper management.

Most CSA trials were performed on patients with underlying heart failure. In these patients, CPAP is generally the preferred approach. As you mentioned, BIPAP may worsen the apnea. However, in a limited trial of ALS (Lou Gerhig’s Disease) patients, BIPAP was superior to conventional treatment.

Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) holds promise but large trials have not been performed. To date, ASV is not recommended for CSA.

Unfortunately, not enough is known about the best way to treat CSA due to neurologic disease. You should discuss your concerns with your doctor, and possibly seek a second opinion if unhappy with his/her advice.

Introduction to the Breeze Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask System

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Breeze Cpap Parts

breeze cpap parts

Snoring – you know, if you do it?

A patient of mine, who enjoyed the benefits of the program stop snoring wrote of his success.

My patient had breathed the problem of stiff neck, her mouth and had the problem of oozing slime. She thought she was snoring only when they develop sensitivity, since the above descriptions.

Her husband complained that she snored all the time. But during breakfast, she thanked her husband to tolerate allergic Snoring.

Her husband because of the loud snoring sleep in other places. She was quite embarrassed by their snoring activity. But she had other thoughts in his head increased, which was to her father sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disease in which the patient does not breathe and finds them in difficulty. This is a serious problem as a disgrace.

Her doctor asked her a series of questions, including: "Do you have to weight increased over the past year, and if so, how much? Do you have a history of high blood pressure? Are you tired during the day, no matter how much sleep you get? Do you notice problems concentrating at work or find themselves unusually irritable? "

She experienced fatigue during the day. But they are old one associated with growing. She had a positive response to all the above issues. they clearly won about 25 pounds and was an increase in blood Pressure. She also had a problem in the attention to the work.

When they study for a sleep study do not have any serious problems. She was found to suffer mild sleep apnea disorder. Your respiratory system does not block the air and allow air to pass through the lungs and restricts the blood flow and oxygen.

You was asked to lose weight, and a device called (CPAP), the positive air pressure was continued in the respiratory tract proposed for use. The device runs with oxygen in the respiratory area, and supplies get enough of it.

She wanted to go natural for a solution. He was not satisfied with the treatment than to work Tour had. She had to pack it and felt it time-consuming. But this was the only thing the snoring / sleep apnea cure mild.

She tried to think, both Weight Loss Breeze Program and my stop snoring program. The breathing and other physical exercises were easy to do and it cured the disease. The doctors were not able to over this dispute.

I propose to stop my snoring Program today, if you have the problems of mild sleep apnea or snoring.

About the Author

Christian Goodman is a famoushealth researcher and the writer of several revolutionary <a href=””>natural health alternatives</a>. One of his most well known advancements is his <a href=””>Stop Snoring Excercise Program</a>. Learn more about Christian and his solutions on his alternative health blog.

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    Cpap Respironics Filters

    cpap respironics filters

    How to Properly Care For a CPAP Machine-Tips and Tricks for Proper CPAP Care

    If you are new to CPAP therapy, or even if you have been on a CPAP for a long period of time, one of the questions you may be asking is how to properly care for a CPAP machine. Making sure that you properly care for your CPAP device is crucial to ensure that you receive the most out of it. A well maintained CPAP will provide the greatest benefit in providing relief for sleep apnea.

    Many people who are on CPAP treatment may have not been given proper training when they were originally set up on the device. They do not care for the device or clean it on a scheduled basis. This can lead to the device becoming unsanitary or cause it to not function properly. This causes frustration and the CPAP user may “give up” on their therapy.

    Do not let this happen to you. Knowing how to properly care for a CPAP machine is crucial. CPAP therapy is life sustaining and greatly increases the quality of your life. Below is a basic schedule you can use for maintenance of your CPAP device to make sure it is clean and runs well.

    Blower Unit
    1.   Disconnect plug from electrical outlet, wipe the unit with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent as needed.
    2.   Allow unit to dry before plugging the unit into electrical outlet again.

    Mask/Nasal Pillows ** Mask-Replace every 3 months
    1.   Daily, wash with mild soapy water (Ivory soap recommended), rinse well.
    2.   Never clean the mask with alcohol.

    Chin Straps ** Replace every 6 months
    1.   Weekly, hand wash in a standard laundry detergent and air dry.
    2.   Do not use bleach.
    3.   Do not place in a clothes dryer or iron the chin strap.

    Tubing ** Replace every 3 months
    1.   Weekly, wash in mild soapy water (Ivory), rinse and hang to dry.

    Humidifier – Heated
    1.   Daily, wash humidifier water chamber in mild soapy water (Ivory), rinse well.
    2.   Monthly, soak the humidifier water chamber for 30 minutes in a solution containing:
    •   1 part white vinegar
    •   3 parts water
    •   Rinse well with warm water.

    1.   Respironics CPAP or Bi-Level
    a.   Gray foam- wash weekly with soapy water (Ivory), rinse well, allow to dry completely before placing back in unit.
    b.   White disposable (if using) ** Replace monthly
    2.   Resmed CPAP or Bi-Level
    a.   Check filter periodically and replace as needed.** Replace every 2 months at minimum
    ** Individual insurance plans determine the frequency as to when the supplies are covered.

    Hopefully you will find this guide of how to properly care for a CPAP machine helpful. Your therapy will be much more successful with a well maintained and clean machine.

    About the Author

    But knowing how to properly care for a CPAP machine is only part of making sure you get the most from your therapy. You also need good clinical care from someone who truly cares about your sleep apnea condition. Medical Service Company has been caring for CPAP patients for over 20 years. To learn more about Medical Service Company and their world class Sleep Apnea support program visit

    Cpap Bipap Machines

    cpap bipap machines
    Where can you buy and cost of CPAP/Bipap machines?


    call a local
    Home Health Care Company
    & see if they have any old ones for sale
    if not, they may be able to tell you your answer!!
    good luck

    Introduction To CPAP, APAP and BiPAP Machines (

    CPAP Supplies and Interfaces

    Gail Lock, manager of the CPAP division at Integrated Respiratory Solutions, gives a general talk on what CPAP supplies are, how often does your typical insurance company pays for them and at what time frames, and why should they be changed. She takes time to show a CPAP machine, a nasal CPAP mask, a nasal mask/nasal pillow, a full face mask, all types of CPAP cushions and replacement cushions, CPAP filters, CPAP hoses, humidifiers, heated humidifiers, CPAP interfaces and all types of CPAP supplies. Please call Integrated at 877-426-0202 to find out more on replacement parts and replacement supplies for you CPAP or simply go to our website to find out more information.

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