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Sleep Apnea CPAP and dry mouth?

I'm new to using a CPAP and am a terrible time. I cannot get it whistles sitting right so that it leaks Jobs and. Then although there is a humidifier. It is not last all night, so I was horrible with dry tongue mouth.My entourage hang on my lips, and I could not swallow lately. Anyone have any ideas to help me adapt. As it is, I unconsciously remove it after a few hours. Help, they say I am a heavy Case.

I would also have a humidifier in your room, so that the general air in your room damp as well. Also, you sure are internally in A lot of liquids from moisture and some water to the bed. I always have some handy for a drink or two at night. I have a CPAP device used for 7 Years old and you're right, it takes a while to get used to it. Have you talked to the people who got it from worrying about you with? It may require adjustments, You can keep them from leaking and pipes. I have also pulled it in the middle of the night then wake me up snoring! LOL Good luck. I can honestly say that it is the to hold value to be adjusted to get it to work. I get more sleep with the CPAP in four hours than I have without them in 8 hours.

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