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An Interview With Dr. Damon, Pres. of the Ngh

Cal: Hello everybody, this is Cal Banyan. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whenever and wherever you are. Thanks for calling in live and thanks for listening to the recording of the Meet the Pros Program. We bring some of the biggest names in the profession, to give you free seminars of the topic hypnosis. I’m so glad to have all of you here today and especially glad to have our guest. The Meet the Pros program can be found on www.hypnosis.org where we organize hypnosis information to you.

I want to introduce one of our most special guests we’ve ever, ever had on the program, I want to introduce Dr. Dwight Damon, who is certainly one of my great heroes and mentors in the profession of hypnotism. Dr. Damon has been a powerful source of positive change, not only in the profession of hypnotism but also in his community and now around the world. He served his country as a US Coast guard, he’s been a member of many humanitarian fraternal organizations, he’s been recognized by many of these organizations and the US government as a leader. I’ve seen his office and many, many of his awards and recognitions that he’s collected over the years.

As the founder and leader of The Nation Guild of Hypnotists, Dr. Damon has a methodically built hypnosis and hypnotism into a distinct and respectable profession. Dr. Damon has spent a half century amassing a membership of around thousand hypnotists and has being a leading force in setting meaningful and professional standards and ethics. The leading force behind providing an opportunity for professional hypnotists to affiliate with the AFLCIL the hypnotist union and he’s established two professional publications as well as a consumer magazine of hypnosis. The profession publications being The Hypno-Gram and the Journal of Hypnotism and the consumer publication is the Hypnosis Today Magazine


As the president of the NGH he ensures the holding of the annual conference for the NGH members every year and this is but a partial list of accomplishments in Hypnotism that he has attained. He has also been a success in the entertainment industry and gosh, I could just go on and on, on the internet looking for information about Dr. Damon, he’s accomplished all this and hypnotists around the world are greatly in his debt – especially and including myself. The development of hypnotism as a distinct profession did not happen on its own and the credit belongs primarily to the doc – as I call him, Dr. Dwight Damon. I’ve heard it said, rightly so that Dr. Dwight Damon is the founding father of hypnosis as a distinct profession.

Welcome Doc to the Meet the Pros Free Seminar Program. Thanks for taking the time for the call and be in the seminar, I bet things are really busy for you now at NGH headquarters.

Dr. Damon: They are but I’m still writing, I mean that was a good introduction, thank you. A very kind introduction Cal and I’m not the only founder – I’m one of the founders of The Guild. We were, a group of men back then, the funny thing is – way back then there weren’t any women that were interested in our profession and so really it was a bunch of men in Boston, Massachusetts that decided The Journal.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Rexford L. North. And, there are some of us that are still active in The Guild, Maurice Kershaw up in Canada; Dr. John Hughes from out in Las Vegas and Arnold Levison; come to mind the rest of our little group have sadly gone on hypnosis convention in the sky, you might say?

Cal: How did you happen to, I’m kind of a chronological systematic kind of guy and I wondered if you could give the students in here and the audience, a background on how you got into hypnotism in the first place?

Dr. Damon: Sure I’ll be glad to. Originally when I was growing up, my parents owned a theatrical agency and I got to meet all sorts of different entertainers and I was intrigued with magic, as a lot of young people are, when they get their first magic set for Christmas and so forth. But I had the privilege of meeting the professionals that were well known in the field. So I just gravitated to that and when I was 12 or 13 years old I was working professionally as a magician and doing all right and it didn’t hurt having my family booking acts at the entertainment agency, they certainly took care of things and also introduced me to a lot more agents in the Boston area and of course I still needed the education as they didn’t want me just to go into show business.

I was attending college in Boston and this was a while ago, and I was on my way to a Rush meeting for a Phi Alpha Tau fraternity and I was walking along and I saw a little poster it said ‘Learn Genuine Hypnotism, Hypnotize Yourself and Others’. I thought ‘genuine hypnotism’ and I had purchase a book a couple of years before, where I was in Christian Academy and this was Leitner’s book on Hypnotism. And I had read the book early and used the book as my guide in trying to hypnotize other students and faculty members and I was successful to a small degree.

I really did not understand that you could not learn from a book and I’m still of the opinion you can’t learn from distance learning videos and so forth. I want hands on training. But when I saw this poster it was a free lecture demonstration and it just happen to be on the way to this particular place I was going. So I went and there was a gentleman who presented a lecture demonstration actually showed us how to hypnotize other people gave a little talk and mentioned he was starting a course in Boston. Back in those days the entire course of instructions was ten lessons and the cost was $50 and $50 was a lot more money than it is now. I called home and talk to my dad and told him I wanted to take an extracurricular course and he said ‘What is it?’ and I said ‘Well it’s just one of these psychology things and he said ‘No, what is it?’ he knew me better than I thought and I said ‘It’s a course in hypnotism’ and he thought well that would go well with what I had done with the magic…

Cal: You were thinking more of the lines of doing stage hypnosis?

Dr. Damon: Yes, and he said ok and provided me with the $50.00 and I took the course. And then we came out of the 10 lessons, when you graduate you are confident and competent and that’s the line I used with our certified instructors – I want them to turn out graduates who are confident and competent. When we finish this course with Dr. North, we could hypnotize people, because we have been doing it. The head of psychiatry, at Mass General was in the course with me and there were a few other older gentlemen that were profession people of various types. They weren’t interested in the stage magic, stage hypnotism, but there were three of us that were. So it became part of my repertoire and then I don’t know I just seem to hit it off with Dr. North and I was attending college in Boston and the first thing, you know I was working at the Hypnotism Center and we had quite a large center which also included an apartment and so the next thing you know, I was working and living there and had decided that was more exciting than going to college.



Dr. Damon: I was doing that and that’s when we got in doing the Journal of Hypnotism and The Guild. Back in those days there wasn’t anything of that type and Harry Arons, who was a very well known name in New Jersey, publisher and teacher in the field, said: you know, a club like that isn’t going ever go and a magazine – you’re wasting postage money. But he did let us borrow his mailing list combined with ours and it was success. He stayed with us for a while as an associated editor and wrote a regular column, but just like anything else, pretty soon he was sorry he had given us the list. When he saw it was going to be a success so he spun off and he spun off and started American Association of Ethical to Advance Ethical Hypnosis (AEH). He had a very good idea; he said well I’m only going to teach licensed health professionals, he later expanded that, at the same time, there were other people doing just strictly that type of instruction. But at The Hypnotism Center in Boston, we taught anybody at all that was interested. In the early days of the Guild, 95% of us were either stage hypnotists or just people who were interested, you might want to say hobbyists, they were interested in hypnotism and maybe 5% were, or could be considered professional hypnotherapists.

Cal: Dr. Damon can you give the audience an idea of when that was?  Was it around 1950? 1951?

Dr. Damon: Exactly ’49, ’50 in that range, but staying away from that. Of course I was very young, I was about 5 years old then (laughs). But yes it was that long ago 57 years to be exact. In 1950 we started talking about forming The Guild. We didn’t know what we were going to call it but forming an organization at that time. We formally did in it the spring of 1951, and we had already been holding regular meetings in Boston and that was Chapter Number One. Chapter Number Two was in New York City and then it just grew from there. Through the years it grew and then Dr. North disappeared mysteriously and we still to this day are not sure about what happened to him, we’ve heard all sorts of rumors and stories and so forth and those of us, who were really active at the time – we had gone on to other things, we had families to raise and we were either in college or studying professions or businesses and The Guild just sort of putted along we stayed in touch. But we didn’t really experience any growth.

Want me to keep going?

Cal: You’ve got me hypnotized here, I’m just at Chapter two, and I’m just hanging on ever word…

Dr. Damon: Chapter two, when I went out Iowa, after being in the service and being in the service was great being a stage hypnotists because everywhere I went I didn’t need to have any props and anywhere our ship went in, I was always asked to come over to the NCO club or The Officers Clubs and do a show and I even got paid for it – which was unusual. Also did USO shows where there were centers and they knew I was around. So it was really good – I kept my hand in. In boot camp we were out in the afternoon, physically education drills were used, they think of all these things you can do to beat each other up, build team effort, that type of thing…

Cal: Yes…

Dr. Damon: Somebody came out and said the chaplain wanted to see Damon.  Usually that meant there was someone in the family that had died or something. So in went over and the chaplain said ‘I saw the show last night’, we did a talent show in the big hanger there and of course, I did hypnotism and he says ‘I saw the show last night, are you related to Dwight Damon in The National Guild and the Journal of Hypnotism? and I said ‘I am Dwight Damon’ and he said ‘you’re Dwight Damon? You have edited some of my stuff’ and he told me his name and sure enough I had.

Cal: Wow.

Dr. Damon: Well I thought, this is certainly fortuitous and he said ‘I tell you what, you shouldn’t be out there getting beat up and all that and that physically education stuff. You could come here every afternoon and we could talk hypnotism’. And I thought that’s ok with me. And so then I was appointed chaplain assistant and that’s the only thing I’ve assisted in and then he said ‘you know if you want to work with people in the office here, you can do that in the evening, I’ll let you use my office. The only catch is, I want to be here so I can see what you do’. And ‘I said sure that’s fine too.’ So we did we had several cases, we had one of the physical education tests you have to pass – you have to climb a 50 foot rope, you know, hand over hand. If you’ve never done that before it’s kind of impossible to learn on the spot, if you didn’t pass that particular test then you went to Ex company and they give you another few weeks to try otherwise you’re out…

Cal: This was some remedial training huh?

Dr. Damon: Yeah, I suppose they figured, you might have to abandon ship or something. I don’t know I’ve never climbed the rope after that. Our company yeoman was at a point where there were going to give him one more chance and he said ‘Why don’t you hypnotize me?’ I said ‘Sure’. So we went over to the chaplains office that evening and I used direct suggestion, you know, ‘You’re going to get up in the morning and the first thing you think about is your going to down climb that rope and you’re going to go right hand over, hand and you’re just no problem if you go up or if you go down’ and I really built it up.

I woke up the next morning and he wanted to go right then, so we appointed a couple of fellows to keep an eye on him because we didn’t want him just going down there when he wasn’t supposed to go. When we got down to the gym for Phys Ed, the Drill Instructor said ‘Ok fatty, you go first’ and he went out, went up the rope, came back down and went up again and the drill instructor got really angry because he thought he’d been kidding all the time he couldn’t climb the rope. Luckily the chaplain was there and he squared everything away for the past. And the Drill Instructor calmed down and the chaplain went to the Base Commander and said that he had a connection with Life Magazine and he would like them to come and do a story about that; the modern East Indian rope trick.



Dr. Damon: Which would have been a great break and the coastguard commander said now, that would be too carnival -istic for the service. So we didn’t get that break. A lot of interesting things happened you make contacts and they are amazing that one person who had sent in articles for The Journal and yes I had edited them, and knew my name and it just worked together. That was the early days for me.

Cal: See I thought I had heard all of your stories. That’s a new one on me. That’s great.

Dr. Damon: That’s a C story.

Cal: Good, that’s a really cool history. I really want to get to asking you about the big idea. I hear you talking about that and I really want to help get the word out on that. What exactly do you mean when you talk about the big idea?

Dr. Damon: Well for years I’ve been saying we have to have a big idea of it, establishing a separate and distinct profession. I had gone after being in the service; I had gone back to college, gone out to Davenport, Iowa, to Chiropractic College to get my doctorate and went into practice. In those days  we I graduated, there were still unlicensed states for chiropractors, maybe 3 or 4 – Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York maybe one other one.

But it was a very tough time even though chiropractic had being very prominently accepted for many, many years it still was a turf war. The physicians did not want us practicing. So I got involved again in publishing just in our state newsletter for our Chiropractic Association. But it gave me a chance to see what was going on in trying to establish the profession.

So, when we decided to bring back The Guild and build it just from a small group of people who were just keeping in touch and not really growing, and we’re now in the age of computers and Elsom Eldridge. He had The Achievement Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. Elsen had been a boyhood friend who learned a lot about magic and hypnotism from me as we were growing up. He took me up to see his Achievement Centre and showed me their computer room and even though I’d been on radio, I didn’t know anything about computers, but we could see the potential. We had lunch and we were talking about, we said ‘Wow’, The Guild could use this to get out to people and so that’s what we did.

The idea was need to establish this as a profession. We don’t just want to be stage hypnotists; we have something to offer the public. I was using hypnosis in my practice as a licensed chiropractor. I wasn’t accepting anybody outside because I had a busy practice but for my regular chiropractic patients, yes fine. ‘Oh you have Agoraphobia? Oh we’ll take care of that while you’re here’.

So it was really kind of fun to be able to use the two. People in town, I was in, saw that neither one I was in tried to kill anybody, so I did get a lot of patients coming in. But they all waited at first. ‘Wow he’s a chiropractor now and a hypnotist and remember, he used to be a magician, so they’re a little bit odd by that.

Our goal is to establish a distinct and separate profession and all of a sudden, I think you were there Cal, in Las Vegas and it dawned on me – we were already there, we had already established this profession, we finally have made it were not just admitting it – just not sure of it.  So that’s when I said: We are now are a profession…

Cal: Right…

Dr. Damon: Now we have to build on it. Now we have to be professional in what we do and how we dress and how we speak and we have to try as many of our people, who are practicing to practice professionally and build the profession. We are recognized now. I will give you an example of why we can say this. There was a convention of psychologists, and a Head of Division Thirty, which is a committee or group that deals with hypnotherapy; Cal, you know about it?

Cal: Yes…

Dr. Damon: The head of that group, well I won’t mention his name, since this is going on the Internet. Well he got up, in New Orleans in their meeting and outlined what we called The Master Plan, to wipe out what they called “Lay Hypnotists”. And believe me it was a master plan.

Unbenounced to him, quite a few people who were attending that meeting- licensed psychologists and psychiatrists and so forth, who were also members of The Guild. It didn’t take me very long to have a recording and a transcript of exactly what he had in mind for us in his master plan.

So we tried to enlist the aid of other groups to help us combating this. I remember calling AEH, the president at that time, Harry Arons, (he is no longer president) and he said ‘Gee, I’d like to help you Dr. Damon, but you know the thing is, I’d have to hold a committee meeting and I’ve got members from all over the country and the good thing about The Guild is I belong to that too, he said, You can make a  decision and you can go for it and by the time you go for it, you’ll probably have everything done. So we said, we’ll do it ourselves and we did. Recently I saw a correspondent to the ad on the Internet; someone sent it to me, in which there is no use trying to get rid of them anymore because they have money, they have power they have the union and they’re pretty well established…

Cal: Oh…

Dr. Damon: So we’re not going to get rid of them, what we need to do is control them though -control them by getting the demands for the types of education. So you see they know, that we are here to stay – they’re recognizing us as a professional entity.

Cal: You know, I have written articles and done talks on completely rejecting the label of “Lay Hypnotists”. If you go into the dictionary, any dictionary you want ‘Lay’ means untrained. And a National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified Hypnotists or Consulting Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists, whatever label they are using has got as much or more training than your average ‘Professional’, Doctor or Psychologists out there, that are practicing hypnosis.

Dr. Damon: There’s nothing that uniquely qualifies any other health professional then being a hypnotists…

Cal: That’s right…

Dr. Damon: I mean they may get a day and then they get a couple of days of discussion of hypnotism and that’s it.

Cal: That’s right.

Dr. Damon: Maurice Kershaw was teaching pre med and pre dental students up in Canada for many, many years. An effective course I believe, An Introduction into Hypnotism, but I don’t know of any place else that do get any type of training. So no, to call us Lay Hypnotists that’s a misnomer. In your dreams, that’s what I say, as far as they’re concerned.

Cal: That’s really the hobby hypnotists…

Dr. Damon:

Yes, …

Cal: I think of them as Lay Hypnotists.

Dr. Damon: And we don’t have as many hobbyists anymore, for some reason, I don’t know, I guess…

Cal: Not in The Guild anyway…

Dr. Damon: No and the other great thing is that mentioned before, it was all men and the really great thing is the influx of women into the field. This is wonderful because women seem to take to being professional hypnotists and consulting hypnotists. Most women have a really good talent for it and I don’t know what the exact percentages of membership in The Guild, but I would say its maybe 50% of more. Probably more…

Cal: Yes probably. You know in most of the helping professions like a few years ago it was documented that in psychology, the shift is really gone to more women in graduated schools for psychology, counseling, social work, then men. So that’s just a natural thing we would see in The Guild.

Dr. Damon: Well it probably sounds sexist just to say they’re better equipped for this, but I think by nature a woman is perhaps, has a unique talent- a naturally born talent. God said Whoa, you’re out there to nurture people and help people and that goes along with what we do.

Cal: Beautiful. Hey let me ask you something Doc. As we are becoming more and more accepted, the chiropractors they start off and over time they establish themselves as a profession and other professionals started referring them. Do you really believe that our profession can become as accepted as other health professions?

Dr. Damon: Yes I do. We have look back and say ‘Hey wait a minute, there wasn’t too many, many years ago that the dentist were cutting hair and pulling teeth in the same chair’. That’s why the barber poles are red and white – signifying the blood for pulling teeth. I don’t know if it was the grandfather or the great-grandfather, probably the great-grandfather in the present Mayo brothers, who was a doctor simply by the fact that he rode around curing people and taking care of people when they were sick, so he began to be called, “Doc Mayo”. If somebody else wanted to learn how to be a doctor in those days, he would ride around with the doc and so they learned how to deliver babies, how to set bones and so forth – and they became a doctor. Then, it was right into the mid 1900’s, early 1900’s; probably 1918 I think it was around that time, when you still could go to night school to be an MD. That wasn’t too long ago and all of them have had to grow as professionals. That’s the same thing we’re doing, were growing and so our educational requirements will grow along with us.

Cal: So what kind of strategies do we have to put in place?  I know we have The Code of Ethics and Standard of…Take it from there…

Dr. Damon: Well we have The Code of Ethics and The Standards of Practice. We have our own professional language which is very necessary. For example, now chiropractors we at a certain period of time we weren’t diagnosing, and we didn’t use that term and what we gave it wasn’t a treatment – we were adjusting the patient. So we have our own language as consulting hypnotists that we want to use. This is manly to keep us out, of … getting into problems with health professional and using terms that could be construed as medical terms that are in the DSM and so we want to be careful not to be using, for psychological language,  for example ‘phobias’.  And, we have all of our new graduates receive this information and Scott Giles has worked very hard to present the different terms that could be used and we are anxious for people to do that. It means the same thing, if a patient comes in to us it’s actually a client, and we don’t necessarily diagnose them, we help them to goal set their problems or their challenges.

We suggest ways to do that, we don’t treat them, we don’t prescribe solutions, we suggest ways for them, because you know we’re very fond of saying: Well all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Well if that’s the case we’re acting as guides to help that person, to help achieve the self hypnotic state to change whatever they want to change. This is what we have to be careful of, staying within the line, coloring within the lines. And they say why should so be afraid of the other? I know there are some people out there say ‘Oh yeah I should be able to do what I want, we’re constricting ourselves by not doing what we want’. Well I don’t agree with that…

Cal: You know…

Dr. Damon: That’s my opinion…

Cal: Since we’re not diagnosing, we’re not saying, see a diagnose has only one purpose and that is to determine treatment and in order to do that, they have to say ‘Hey here’s something that wrong with you medically’ and since we’re not saying there’s something wrong with you medically then, I’ve been persuaded over the years to move away from the term therapists. Because this term therapists means there’s something wrong with you and you need therapy. Really we’re more of an Educator or a Consultant is that right?

Dr. Damon: That’s really why I like the term Consulting Hypnotists and I know at first, it’s very hard for people to accept this line when I introduced it to the convention a couple of years ago. But Consulting Hypnotists, it’s not infringing on anybody, there’s nobody out there that can say ‘Oh you shouldn’t be using that’ and just last year up in Ontario, Canada the psychotherapist to pass legislation from people from being hypnotherapists. And the hypnotherapists didn’t want to give up the right to be a hypnotherapists but, it looked like there were going to be laws passed, so we had to ask the union and Scot Giles jumped on his white horse to go to battle again and we had a lot of help from the OPEIU, which is the mother union we belong to and The Nation Federation of Hypnotists, which is our union, and the only union is chartered to cover the entire country and Canada. They were able to put a damper on all of this by getting lobbyist to work on it for us.

Cal: Just for a second, how can hypnotist learn more, I’m a member of the union, how can hypnotists learn more about the union? Is there a website? Is there a link on The Guild’s website?

Dr. Damon: Yes, well the best way is, you see now you’re getting into the internet stuff and you know me. I told you I was a radio operator and you said I was a radio operator, well that was back in the days of Marconi, we didn’t have all the Internet and so forth. We were just discovering how to send messages by wireless, but we do have, and while we’re talking I’m just going to look for union address. They can contact the union and the union secretary will be glad to do it.


Yes, yes.

Dr. Damon: I have it right here now. Her email address – and this is Sharon Morris, who is our secretary treasurer, is hypnounionsec@aol.com and she is secretary treasurer for National Federation of Hypnotists, Local 104 OPEIU AFL CIL CLC –how’s that for a mouthful?

Cal: That’s like alphabet soup there!

Dr. Damon: But hypnounionsec@aol.com or they can call her on 603-424-2136 and Sharon will be glad to send information out about the union. The more people we can get in the union the better, because the union and believe me I have to give credit where credit is due, and they have come through. I think up in Canada probably $15,000 dollars or more, we had to spend for a lobbyist up there, a professional lobbyist up there and they had come through for us and backing us up financially and so they do stick with us. And being a union member is really good, because you can use the union the union bug or little logo they have you’re a union member and union people like to trade with the union members, and we have some of our consulting hypnotists who have set up workshops, group seminars, for stress/smoking/weight through union health plans. Union health plans pay for it. So you can get your money back easily by just using a little imagination.

Cal: Beautiful and by the way, I’m working with Scot Giles to do a talk just like this on Meet the Pros. He’s going to be talking about Christianity and Hypnosis, and he’s a Reverend and real Reverend.

Dr. Damon: A real one?

Cal: A real one. Not of them Postcard, Mail Order Reverends’.

Dr. Damon: he doesn’t have to do all of this because he is a licensed counselor as well as a Real Minister. He doesn’t have to do all the things he does for our profession, he can practice anyway, he’s licensed and Lord doesn’t pertain to him as he pertains to other hypnotists. So the thing is that he does this, he doesn’t get paid for doing it.

He does it because he believes in what we’re doing and he certainly deserves a lot of credit and when I call him the Killer or the Avenging Angel, is only because he just gets up and really gets his hackles up when somebody tries to do us harm. That’s the kind of people you need. We are very fortunate that I have people such as yourself, Cal. I mean I can go through a list and all they have to do is go through our advisory board list and they can see people who are there to work without compensation. I mean they’re all volunteers; and the President’s Cabinet, I have people I can count on to give me good backup and good information and good feedback –that’s very important.

Cal: You know that’s something I think is so powerful in what you’ve done in putting together. The National Guild of Hypnotists is putting a team of leaders together and I’m honored to serve on the Advisory Board and also the Ethics Committee and just to be a part of this big dream that is un-folding before us.

Dr. Damon: Well and that’s it, we have people on the industry, people on The Board Certification Committee, we’re doing that because we believe in what we’re doing. At the same time I know there is sometimes the feeling of the Good Ole Boys running everything. If it weren’t the Good Ole Boys, as they refer to us, maybe not you Cal, but to me. If it wasn’t for the Good Ole Boys, we wouldn’t be where we are today because we didn’t give up, we kept going and we believe that.

At the same time we have a lot of people coming up in the field, we have a younger generation, and I don’t want to mention names, because I might miss people, but I will give you one example. John Weiry down in Pittsburg, he has a good friend down there, I can’t remember his name, so I shouldn’t have mentioned John. But anyway these young fellows and they’re young by comparison, are eager and they’re out working for the profession and these are people that we need, that we need, especially the younger ones coming in, because we’re not all going to be here forever. And we want to see the drive that we’ve established continue and I’m looking on my staff here and The Guild to have younger generations coming up. For example: my executive director and people say: well you believe in nepotism, yes I do. My daughter is executive director of The Guild, Melody and she grew up in the field of Hypnotism. She grew up knowing what we could do with it, how it could be used as a powerful tool for your family and as well as helping other people – So somebody who has that much knowledge and experience, why not?

So I’m very, very fortunate that I have staff that’s young and interested in the internet and they can come and fix my computer when it doesn’t work right and tell me what I’m doing wrong; to get on the internet to see Cal Banyan’s websites and so forth and that’s what we need and on the other hand we do need the people that had the years of experience because they are the ones that are still steering us in the right direction.

Cal: I’ve always been happy to working with the office there at The Guild. Melody’s always been really, really helpful for us and just really part of the team. Let me ask something, how about as we reach out to all hypnotists everywhere, how can all hypnotists help to build this profession?

Dr. Damon: By being professional…

Cal: There you go…

Dr. Damon: I mean it’s very, very simple. Get away from the things that are going to, I mean, you’re talking to a fellow who was a show man all his life and so when I say, get away from the showmanship it’s kind of hard for me to say that. But if we’re going to be professional and recognize that then we’ve got to get away from the image we have, I think we mentioned that on my next editorial on The Journal of Hypnotism, and we got to get away from that brand, of the pendulum of the –I always get this wrong and don’t mean to when I say the barking dog and sometimes I say clicking chicken but it’s supposed to be clacking duck syndrome. You know that image, I never can remove. I tell you the truth, I don’t know if it’s a duck or a chicken because I have never in all my years experience, ever seen anybody do this on stage or show or anything.

Cal: Now are saying we should put an end to stage hypnotism here or what?

Dr. Damon: That we should what?

Cal: That we should put an end to all stage hypnotism or what?

Dr. Damon: No we can’t do that. I mean let’s face it, The Guild was formed by stage hypnotists and it would never happen anyway, you won’t get rid of it. It’s fun for people and if it’s done right. There are people doing X-rated and R-rated shows, we should get rid of them because those shows are an embarrassment. But on the other hand, I recall a client coming in to me one time, when I was still seeing clients and he was a young man, college age and one of my standards questions that I fear most on the intake: ‘Have you ever been hypnotized before?’ No, ‘have you ever seen anyone hypnotized before?’ ‘Oh yea, I’ve seen so and so at the nightclub last week’ and he says that’s what made me think about coming to you because he was going to take the Bar Exam and he wife has taken it and passed and he had failed and he was going to take it again and so he was a little worried about it, he needed some help. He thought well hypnotism could help. And I said well, I knew the hypnotist he had seen, I said ‘What did you think of the show?’ He said ‘Well it was disgusting, yeah it was funny, but he did he have to be that disgusting…

Cal: Right…

Dr. Damon: That particular hypnotist, I have to admit he gets the laughs, he gets the jobs, but it’s really degrading to the people who participate in the show.

Cal: You can be a performer and still be very professional and represent the field well, isn’t that right?

Dr. Damon: Oh absolutely, We have a lot of hypnotists, like Jerry Valley he does a very good show, Tommy Vee, Ormond McGill did a very good professional show. We have so many of them and that’s the type we still honor the stage hypnotists in our convention. We have three performances on Friday night and it’s a chance for people to have some fun and some laughs and we look for the one, and we would never has someone who would embarrass the profession and we just had people we know or top professionals.

Cal: You know what; this is a good time to kind of segue into what is next. You know I have been a member of The NGH since 1996 and I have never ever missed a convention. When I was new, I was going just to gobble up the information I can and now I’m privileged to teach there and give workshops and why don’t you tell everyone about the convention and why this year it’s so special? Its 21! It’s grown up, right? Every year is special right?

Dr. Damon: Yes. Its 21 years and the convention is the world’s largest and friendliest and there’s no getting around it, somebody who had not been to our convention – it is really the world largest. We have anywhere between 1500 – 1700 people attending and it is the friendliest. Everybody is friendly. You can go and approach anybody and even the big names like Cal Banyan…

Cal: Oh…

Dr. Damon: And he’ll stop and talk with you. I like to talk to people and lately I have found people don’t come up to talk to me as much, I don’t know, maybe I don’t look that friendly or something. This year at the convention I’m going to see how many people I shake hands with and get to know. When we had fewer than a thousand members and just myself here in the office and Melody working in my chiropractic office also, and so I answered the phone not only for my chiropractic patients, but also member of The Guild and we had a few hundred numbers, so I get to know everybody. This year we are going to honor any of our members who have been members for 20 years or more. It’s close to a hundred members…



Dr. Damon: So that’s a long time to be a member of The Guild. We have something like 200 workshops and seminars and we have a wonderful member faculty, maybe its 200 member faculty, I don’t know. All of our convention work is done out of fine Florida office, Elsen Eldridge and Jean are down there, do all of the work. They know all of the figures, so I just sit here, and keep them going. With 200 seminars and 170 different speakers, that’s the thing. I will get the numbers right after a while. Now you see why I wasn’t a CCA.

Cal: I was just reading the other day and there is 181 workshops included in the price of a convention and you guys have just released a downloadable version of the convention catalogue and I’ve got it on www.calbanyan.com if anyone wants to download and look at all that’s going on…

Dr. Damon: Well that’s great and if they’re not a member of The Guild, and they don’t go o the internet to www.calbanyan.com and they want a hard copy of this beautiful catalogue, they can contact us and we’ll send them one. They’ve just come off the press and they’ll be in the mail either today or Monday…

Cal: Hard copy? That’s so last century…

Dr. Damon: Oh no, no, no. Now you sound like some of my staff. They say why don’t you just put it on the internet. Cal, I do not like to read a book on my computer; I do not like to print out a lot of loose sheets to print out a catalogue; I like to hold it in my hand to take it with me, if I go down to the coffee shop I want to take it with me; If I’m on a plane, I want it with me and we had this discussion today, about how much money it costs to put on The Journal and The Hypno-Gram and our video, DVD library catalogue and our resource guide. We have this all on the internet too, but it is nice to have it with you and so you know you’re of the generation, we just look at it on the computer…

Cal: You know what; I want to have it both ways. I want to have it on the computer and I want to have it because I still have every Journal I’ve ever received in the mail and every Hypno-Gram and I collect them and they become resource I can grab and take with me. I’m not one way or the other I think that’s it’s great that you involved in this century and providing the internet and still giving out hard copies.

Dr. Damon: We trying to do both. We’re trying to keep up with technology at the same time we’re trying to keep up with the segment of the population and would like to have the hard copy as well. The Guild has accomplished a lot of firsts; I mean there’s no getting around it. I mean we established the profession. We are the first ones that really had size of require continuing education because we figure eventually when we’re recognized as a profession and licensed they’re going to say: oh you got to have continuing education, every profession has to. We are the first to really establishing a quo curriculum certified instructors, we’re the first to have a video rent library, I don’t think anybody else has that; I think somebody else has it by now.

We print two magazines, we have the consumer magazine, I think we were the first to get profession liability insurance – maybe not but I know it took me 3 or 4 years to find a company who would insure everybody. We are the only union, the hypnotist union that is chartered for all states.  We have just done some many things that we just been so fortunate. We have people work and do all this and believe in the fact we can really be a recognized profession and I hope this is going to happen, well I know it will happen, in my lifetime. I want to see it happen, where we’re really when accepted and all these things people say ‘we need more education, we need college education’ those things will come along later. Right now we have what we have and we can build on what we have and some day they’ll say ‘I want to be a consulting hypnotist – well I think I’m going to go to Perdu and get my degree there. So people don’t need to go out and buy a college degree so they have a title and I don’t think that’s necessary, what you need to do be good what you do and people aren’t that much impressed a doctor a professor or whatever you do or all the initials behind your name. That doesn’t matter, the results are what matter.

Cal: The best credential you can have, is having helped the mother, father, sister, brother, cousin or friend.

Dr. Damon:

That’s right…

Cal: That’s right…

Dr. Damon. Helping ordinary everyday people with ordinary everyday problems, is what I like to say.

Cal: That’s right. That’s right.

Dr. Damon: I mean we don’t have to have miracles. That’s miracle enough. When you go to hospital, and I’ve had this before, and you have someone who is dying of cancer and they have them on the direct drip -I.V, just to sedate them and try to keep them comfortable and you have them conditioned so you can use hypnosis with them and get them out of the pain for a while and the morphine is touching it, I mean that is an accomplishment and I know that this can be done. Because I’ve been there and done it and I’ve done it with love ones…

Cal: And it really adds to quality of life in those last months or weeks, because you can really reduce the amount of medication necessary to control the pain. Is that right?

Dr. Damon: Yes that’s right and it doesn’t have to be, it’s not going to cure the cancer, but if you can help alleviate the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy, what a wonderful thing you can do. That’s why we had some many nurses getting into the field. We have an awful lot of nurses…

Cal: In the field of Psychology, which is my background, there is a thing called Diathesis Stress Hypothesis and that says stress of different forms can contribute to many illnesses, so it’s not out of the question at all that doing hypnosis work to remove stress, can help the other things the doctor is doing and help the body heal itself. Is that right?

Dr. Damon: Absolutely. I recall going into the hospital, my first wife was dying of cancer and I was there. I used to come home for maybe four hours of sleep after midnight and I remember going back in, one morning and the Chargers, came and said, I’m so glad you’re back Doctor. I don’t know what it is you do, because we need to do whatever the thing you do, because the morphine isn’t doing Lois any good and she said We’re so glad you’re back. I’m sure they understand eventually, what we are doing and this is it. They say wow this is good.

We had Maggie, we had a sign in her room, Everyday and in every way, and I’m getting better and better Hurray! And I got a kick out of it because she had a little Dominican and she had relax and redactors come in and as sick as she was, she’d say as everyday and in every way, I’m getting better and better and they’d smile and one of the nurses on the oncology floor said ‘Can we use that?’ I said ‘Oh yeah, of course you can, I didn’t come up with this saying’. I said ‘Want me to run off some on the computer bring them to you? She said ‘I wish you would.’ So you know…

Cal: There’s a story like that or more with every hypnotists that’s out there working and helping people. That’s really what it’s all about.

Dr. Damon: What a wonderful tool we have. Not just helping other people but our families. I’ve tried out personal experiences for Hypnosis Today, which is a good magazine. I hope you agree with me on that, I think It’s a good magazine for the general public because it covers, because it has a story of a hospital in  Florida; It has famous child birth in Iran, all sorts of wonderful stories. Hypnosis in Iraq, Hypnosis in Botswana, you know any person can read this and say there’s something to this. Not just getting people and making them bark like dogs…

Cal: Yes it’s also a great little door opener when you go see your doctor, leave it. Other professionals…

Dr. Damon: I’m sure you know who Johnny Appleseed’s is, he went around the country planting apple trees around the country, it started here in New England by the way. We do that constantly, if we’re going to hospital for anything, we go drop them off in every waiting room. The doctors’ offices, the dentist offices and libraries love to have a supply. I go to a drycleaner, who I gave one to each one of the girls working there and they said can you leave a few for other customers. I said absolutely.

When we went to do Solid Gold this year at the Tuscany in Las Vegas, to the clerk checking us in, and one of the other ones looked at us said ‘Can I have one too?’ Well after I get through all six people across the front of the counter all had them, I said don’t read them now – they’re all reading – I don’t want you all to get fired you know and they did they enjoyed it. They asked for more for so and so, they enjoyed the stories and they enjoy what we do.

Cal: How can people get a copy of it?

Dr. Damon: Contact The Guild, we happen to have a few thousand, no they can purchase some, they are very reasonably priced and we’ve left a nice space on the outside back cover.  Where you can take a video label, that’s the size and print it up on your computer and you can get a free ad, so when you pass it out, the people inside who paid for their ad, get exposure from all over the world and you get exposure for purchasing them in bulk and its $4.95 a magazine and you can buy a quality for a dollar a piece. That’s pretty cheap advertising really.

Cal: Hey, if I could just change the topic a little bit  if I can because I’d like to offer the chance for some questions and answers would that be ok for you?

Dr. Damon: Well yeah, you’ve already gone over your 45minutes, is that ok with you?

Cal: You know what? I tend to go over an hour anyway.

Dr. Damon: Good I’m having fun.

Cal: Let’s see I have an email sent in, from Linda and she’s from one of our Yahoo! Groups and she says: Thank you Cal, for offering to do this, I’m not available for the call. My question for Dr. Damon is, all of us actually she says, is about the impact the ailing economy may have on our profession, perhaps the larger more economically sound areas won’t feel it but I have to believe that the more rural areas will feel it. I live in Maine, which is really ailing. Not only do I live in Maine I live in a really rural area. What are your feelings around how to deal with doctor?

Dr. Damon: Well I live in New Hampshire and we are neighbors with Maine. See I believe the media are driving this thing, I believe they are giving negative suggestions to the public; they are creating this economic problem. They would lay off if they started giving positive suggestions, I think we could turn it around. The government would say: Hey things are getting better, so then they would help out but I mentioned in one of my columns, it may be one upcoming or one already ran, in the Hypno-Gram about different people I’ve spoken to that said they noticed that things, for example like Jacobs ______ , specialized in smoking sensation, I think it was in the last Hypno-Gram. He told me he was down in Brooklyn, New York. He does his own advertising, and he works right out of his apartment and he has a fantastic clientele because he’s built a wonderful reputation not because he just for smoking, but for everything, but he’s best known for smoking. He says a lot of times now he getting people coming in, they says You know well I like to smoke and I don’t want to give it up, but I can’t afford it anymore , so they’d rather pay this onetime fee to stop smoking and save the money of buying a packet a day. I don’t know how much cigarettes cost but, I imagine it’s plenty by now. You know I found John Dubesky down in Florida and again he’s been seeing people who want to get a better positive attitude; you know he’s down there with a lot of retirees. And he’s says they are getting worried and have started coming to him – a lot of people. Mc Issics said people you know are concerned and getting mental stress about their bills and mortgages and so forth and they just want some stress reduction, so you know, there is some work there. Being in the wilds of Maine, you might have to adjust your prices a little bit, but why not, and don’t forget – Maine you can always barter. That’s the way to keep things going. And get the family haircuts done because the barber wants to stop smoking and he’ll tell other people ‘Yes I went to Linda’, was it Linda…

Cal: Yes that’ll be Linda…

Dr. Damon: …’and she went to Linda and she stopped me from smoking. Wow, she could help you George’ and bartering is a good system and when times are tough, when people think times are tough then they really are…

Cal: That’s right. What we remember is people buy solutions, and listen to what the people are complaining about and then hypnosis could be a viable alternative. For example, I was in an establishment the other day, and they said so Cal what do you do? I’m a hypnotist and that’s all you got to do and they’ll start asking you can you help me with this? Can you help me with that? and this fellow happens to be a sale manager for a car dealership, and he asks can you help my people sell more, Sure that’s easy it happens all the time and I gave him some stories about what I’d done with clients and he’s excited…

Dr. Damon: That’s good. I did the same thing I went out and bought a new car….

Cal: Good for you…

Dr. Damon: I went out and made one salesman very happy…

Cal: Good. What I’d like to do now is open the line up and see if anyone else has a question. In order to do you just have to hit *6, you can un-mute yourself and you can ask a question to Dr. Damon.

Maybe everyone left, because we talked too long…

Dr. Damon: They all went home, that’s it. That’s alright, we had a good time. They can tune in later. Well do you have any other questions?

Cal: Well yes I just have one that came in on a SMS type thing here and they want to know…

Dr. Damon: A SMS type…

Cal: One of these things, like a little message come up on my computer and stuff, and the listener wants to know: where is the convention at?

Dr. Damon: I’m glad that person asked because it’s no secret at all, its Marlborough, Massachusetts. It’s The Royal Plaza Hotel and Conference Center, and right now we have sold out all the rooms, however, just at the end of the driveway, probably just a short walk down at the trade building, its just a little further, there is a hotel, we have shuttle service to 4 or 5 other hotels right nearby. When I mean shuttle service, this is a professional shuttle service that runs regularly all day and right up to the last things that are going up on to the evening, so people are at other motels nearby, who are by the way, giving the same rate for hotel rooms, that we have for hotel rooms, I’m not going to quote a price because I’m unsure on those things, they let me know but I forget. I think it’s under $100, maybe $90-something, maybe its $103, buy anyways they are very reasonable, the hotels are respecting that same rate, because we have a large crowd coming from Marlborough, Massachusetts. If they are coming from any distance, they can fly in through Boston and take a shuttle from Boston and fly into Providence, rent a car, take a shuttle; they can come into Hartford and rent a car or take a shuttle. So it’s easy to get to and there are plenty of motels and plenty of places to eat. Just off ground, sometimes people want to get away from the hotel for a little while, you don’t need a car because there an adjacent shopping centre with 3-4 restaurants, I think you’ve been over there for meetings or stuff…

Cal: Yes…

Dr. Damon: A Steakhouse or whatever it is and so it’s just a wonderful facility.

Cal: It’s worked out really good for us and I want to remind the 5-PATHers out there and all the Banyan Grads, that on Thursday night before the convention we have annual reunion and awards ceremony that we recognize 5-PATHers that are contributing to the profession and to the growth of 5-PATH® and 7-Path™. So make sure you get in there a day early.

To everybody else listening I want to tell them about the workshops I will be doing. There’s going to be an advanced hypnosis for weight loss workshop, go beyond the script for maximum results and also I’m doing insider secrets to a thriving practice where I talk about the star model and getting multiple streams of income so that if you’re not making as much money as you want, you can make more money and if you want to go from part time to full time – I’m going to show you how to do that. Dr. Damon, why don’t you wrap it up?

Dr. Damon: Ok well I will and by the way thank you for your contribution to our student kits, of your information about the star method and it’s a valuable addition to our training materials. I just want to tell people, I hope they will, what they should do is use their ESP incentive plan, you see the government is giving them and use that and split with your husband or your wife and use your half to come to the convention…

Cal: Great idea…

Dr. Damon: You’d be real glad that you did and I would like to have as many people as possible come to the convention. Come over and introduce themselves – I’d like to meet people, I like to know who they are and where they’re from and you know we can just say hello, if they have questions they can ask me, I’m there and I’m available. I want to thank you Cal, for having me on your show on your program and it’s been really fun and I hope we’ve given a lot of information to folks out there.

Cal: I think we really did. Thank you Dr. Damon. Thank you for your leadership in the profession. Thank you for being on the show, thanks everybody for coming in who’s listening live right now and also to everyone who’s downloading this on www.hypnosis.org or www.calbanyan.com. I’d like to invite all our listeners to visit all of my main websites: www.hypnosis.org ; www.calbanyan.com and www.hypnosiscenter.com.

That’s it this is Cal Banyan, signing off!

About the Author

I first became interested in hypnosis as a child, when listening to my grandmother tell me stories about her brother, my Uncle Ward who was a hypnotist. That turned out to be the beginning of a lifelong interest in psychology, philosophy and theology, which has resulted in my professional career in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH. OOB

Pediatricians find link between cumulative hardships and health in low-income young children
( Boston University Medical Center ) Pediatric researchers from Boston Medical Center have found that the cumulative effects of crowded and unstable housing and uncertain supplies of food and heat act together to decrease the chances of normal growth and development and good physical health among infants and toddlers. The findings, which appear in the April 12 online issue of the journal …

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home medical supplies indiana

Is there in your state to accept Medicaid for assisted living?

Before individual state governments pass much needed legislation, many organizations assisted living were to pay only private situations. Fortunately for many older Americans with housing dilemmas Medicaid programs have taken a lot of slack waiver is that Medicare does not. Providing funds for placement in assisted living and a range of other helpful services helps Medicaid for lower income, older People receive the care they need.

All states accept funds from Medicaid waiver programs for placement in a nursing home, which usually more expensive than assisted living facilities are. While many states do not accept funds from Medicaid waiver program for assisted living, those who in the whole to do country and offer many options for aging Americans need help with activities of daily living. After searching high and low to find a general overview on states that the Medicaid Waiver Program was providing care homes tend not to exist, but my research is your gain.

Medicaid Waiver Programs State Line-Up

As of release, there is no definitive list, the outlines of states with Medicaid-waiver programs for assisted living facilities. At best, the government (via the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services)) created an online list of all Medicaid waiver programs (1, which means visitors have to spend time finding the desired information. Although I firmly agree that the exemption from Medicaid programs outlined, can certain obstacles must be in place to secure a Medicaid-covered bed in an assisted living facility. Be aware that some states may offer the program as an experiment, followed by limited participation quotas, or are only the introduction of the program for state residents. As always, make sure eligibility requirements with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

i. Arkansas – older or disabled people of the program participants are carefully created with adult living, assisted Housing, medication and support and advice to the death.

ii. As of 2003, California began – California provides Medicaid-waiver programs for aged individuals.

iii. Delaware – Program participants with Alzheimer's, dementia, physical disabilities who need assistance, or with the activities of daily living (ADL) with funds for assisted living facilities provided.

iv. Florida – There are quite a few waiver Medicaid programs for the state of Florida, including a general waiver for all persons aged 65 years or older and persons with Alzheimer's and dementia; case management services; assisted living, incontinence care of frail, elderly and disabled people aged 60 or older, and a home-and community-based waiver of the psychiatric Seniors offers services in certain areas of the state.

– Many assisted living on the State of Iowa v. to accept money from Medicaid waiver programs, But the number of residents in a facility with the help of these resources is limited.

vi. Indiana – older or disabled people are provided nutrition with case management, transportation, assisted living, medical equipment, assemble, home delivered meals, supplements, and much more. The state also offers a targeted assisted living waiver program that focuses on social and therapeutic recreation programming.

vii. Maryland – Program participants judged and come into consideration if offered services are either home or placement in a facility for assisted living.

viii. Mississippi – Include waiver of Medicaid programs in this state who require assisted living services due to disability, Alzheimer's disease and dementia and people aged 65 and older adults need residential care.

IX. Missouri – program participants age 65 and older need assisted living services are eligible.

x. Nebraska – persons aged 65 years or older, the medical and health care evaluations, participate in will agree to come, for home & garden or in a facility for assisted living (2) places.

XI. New Jersey – As part of the enlarged community options waiver (3), individuals can either stay at home to receive services or assistive equipment are placed in an assisted living.

XII. Ohio – The Ohio Department of Aging is responsible for determining the eligibility of applicants for the waiver, assessment of disability, Prospects and financial assets for the correct placement in assisted living.

XIII. Rhode Iceland – Aged and disabled people are equipped with management services for assisted living, case, and specialized medical equipment.

xiv. Vermont – Eligible Medicaid recipients are run, provided care with assisted living services under Choices for Care, 1115 Long-Care Medicaid Waiver, as well as a number of other options.

XV. Virginia – The state Medicaid waiver programs apply only to persons with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, who require the services provided by assisted living. Depending on medical conditions may be age limits in force.

XVI. Washington – The waiver program provides for the elderly and disabled residents of the assisted Living.

XVII. West Virginia – aged and disabled program participants are provided with adult residential care and assisted living services.

In addition, some states Details on limitations and eligibility that can link information only waiver available for download by the respective state Medicaid.

What the look of the future

Governments determine the eligibility on income, low-income seniors give the opportunity to a care facility, be placed to monitor their needs and daily activities. With the baby boomers retire, as we speak, and in the coming Years we will see growth in the number of Medicaid-eligible assisted living facilities in other states? Perhaps the thirty-three other states or then the incredible benefits for both seniors and the Company will be realized in general.


1st http://www.cms.hhs.gov/MedicaidStWaivProgDemoPGI/MWDL/list.asp?intNumPerPage=all&submit=Go
2nd http://www.nenaaa.com/finding-care/aged-medicaid/
3rd http://www.state.nj.us/health/senior/go.shtml

About the Author

Jill Gilbert is the President and CEO of Gilbert Guide, a senior care website that offers a comprehensive senior housing guide along with valuable tools and resources on caring for aging loved ones. She authors the monthly “Leading by Example” column in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, the chief industry publication for long-term care providers and is currently working on a new book, Gilbert Guide to Senior Housing (Penguin/Alpha Books, 2009). Jill has been quoted in numerous publications, including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Dallas Morning News. Gilbert Guide, the leading source of senior care and aging information on the Internet, was founded on the concept that quality matters, and its primary goal is to educate consumers on a breadth of senior care issues. To learn more about finding the right senior care provider, please visit www.GilbertGuide.com.

The time is short, but help is available not panic. No matter what your reason for leaving your tax return until the last minute, there is no need for fear. Letting intimidate the annual ritual could lead you to your mistake, delaying the repayment or even cost money.

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How to help someone with Parkinson's Disease Thrive

Exercise helps in the management of Parkinson's disease

Regular exercise, along with physical and occupational therapy can help someone to maximize fitness, agility and the ability to continue their daily routines after they with Parkinson's disease diagnosed. Helping their function at the optimum level can now offset some of the physical limitations that may develop later.

First You want to help her to understand why exercise is important. Then you can focus on ways to help her work the best type of activity into their lives.

Exercise is important for Parkinson's management. At a time when someone with Parkinson feels comfortable as it is loss of control over their world, one of the best Things they can do for yourself is, exercise, experts say the movement disorder. Not only that regular physical activity, workouts and lift the mood, release stress and tune up the heart, they can also power, agility and endurance to build and improve posture.

A new British pooled analysis that the results of several studies found that various interventions; physical functioning, health-related quality of life increased strength, balance and walking speed in Parkinson's patients. And some of the research on mice with Parkinson's disease-like symptoms even hints that the brain to exercise, to improve the supply of dopamine, the chemical missing in Parkinson's patients.

Physical therapy, exercise helps Parkinson's patients

Even if the person with Parkinso's is a couch potato, it is never too late to benefit from the exercise. To get started, they should first discuss with their doctor whether they preclude any health problems that certain types of activities could have.

Get Workout pointer from a physiotherapist. It is important for the benefit of rehabilitative care to the scheme as the physical therapy in early Parkinson's disease, rather than waiting until problems occur, says Julie Carter, Associate Director of the Parkinson Center of Oregon in Portland.

The person with Parkinson's can ask your neurologist for a referral to a PT to help her plan for a moderate Training program. It is preferable to consult someone familiar Parkinson's disease and not just see a trainer at the gym. People with Parkinson's disease often develop a stooped posture, in which their spine and shoulder muscles – Together with other major muscle groups in the arms and legs – flex forward. Strengthening of the large extensor muscles, like the back Shoulder muscles can, to compensate for this work, but the average personal trainer can not see that the importance of Parkinson's patients, says Carter.

Based on an assessment of the patient's physical condition and their personal goals, the PT-design a targeted program of strengthening, stretching, balance, or aerobic fitness exercises. Your family members can make on their own or work on it safe with a gym trainer (make that the trainer does not To change the program without the consent of PT).

Stretching is the key. Since Parkinson's patients tend to be stiff and lose the ability to rotate the fuselage, Flexibility exercises to improve mobility of crucial importance. In Portland, Carter Center set up classes in Pilates, a low-impact exercise system that focusing on breathing and turning, expansion and bending of the spine. Pilates or stretching can make a basic routine, "a big difference in functional how are people in the course of time, "says Carter." You can only see that they are visible in a position to make bigger steps, they can achieve better they can do better. "

Similarly, gentle yoga techniques extend from stretching, breathing, relaxation and extend the spine and the large Muscle groups, says physical therapist Marilyn Basham of the Parkinson's Institute and Clinic in Sunnyvale, California. "If the spine straight, breathing comes easier to swallow facilitate, conversation is easier, "she says.

Trouble Shooting problems with movement Parkinson

When Parkinson's patients have difficulty in walking, balance, pain, or activities such as dressing or in and out of bed, the PT can offer her gait and mobility, and a series of treatments and coping strategies to analyze. For tripping and falling problems, the PT put them with a supportive device such as a walking stick or walker. Ideally, the PT or Occupational Therapist (OT) make a house call and give tips to improve the safety of their living situation.
The PT may also treat slowness of movement. Parkinson's disease typically affect the automatic processes in the brain allow that to move a person without thinking about it. A technique to help the patient, say, stand up from sitting in a chair to teach her to think consciously about each step of the move in advance. It's also worth asking whether the person has to have the disease because it slows down more sedentary, leading to muscular weakness. If so, the solution is to try to walk more, according to Basham.

Slowness, stiffness or Gang problems with nonmotor Parkinson symptoms such as depression and apathy, can SAP a patient's motivation levels. You or other family members could try their Join walks on a flat track. Start with 5 – to 10-minute trips and build it up to 30 minutes, at least three times per five weeks, says Basham. Keep in mind that walking can require their full concentration on one foot before the other. Trying to run simultaneously in a conversation can their taxes, and if so, suggest you to chitchat to a break.

Alternative Exercises for Parkinson's patients

Other options are dance workout, water resistance exercise and tai chi, the ancient Chinese practice, the flowing movements, posture, balance, stresses, and meditation. Check with a local medical center or movement disorders clinic to see whether it offers this type of education for Parkinson's patients or the elderly.

Also highly recommended is a ten-lesson practice schedule of theater arts coach John argue, author of the Parkinson's Disease and the Art of Moving. His book and the accompanying video to teach Parkinson's patients targeted thinking move by the actions and talk.
The most important thing is find for your family safe activities that she enjoys doing. If you no joy because it is not likely to think they do.

Additional Resources:

The National Parkinson Foundation's free booklet, Parkinson's disease: Fitness Counts
A video or DVD of Motivating Moves 24 seats right exercises for people with Parkinson's disease, co-produced by the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and available for purchase online.
Occupational therapy helps Parkinson's patients independently at home

OTs also provide solutions in Parkinson's disease hampered the many small jobs daily to cook food, bathing and using the toilet and eat. These licensed practitioners to ask, "What does the person have to do do want and need to do to be able to get his daily activities, his life and maintain his lifestyle? "Says Nancy Lowenstein, an OT at Boston University. The OT (occupational therapist) offers strategies and adaptive equipment – from extra-long shoehorn to navigate to the dishes with built-up, easy-grip handles – activities more easily and safely.

If the physiotherapist writes a stroller, for example, the OT could visit your family member's home to find out how they will use it, while Clothes from the closet. With each problem at hand, says Lowenstein, could advise the OT, the change in the way they do not work or the changes in the home environment. If she has problems around the implementation of items in the kitchen, because a trembling, she could with a small rolling cart to move them instead. The risk of slipping in the shower or bath could be reduced by the addition of grab bars, seat of a bathtub or both.

If possible, you or other family members should go to the first physical therapy and occupational therapy visits with her. The understanding of the challenges that it faces, it becomes easier, the type of support and give patience that she needs from you. You can remind them of the OT or PT's techniques and are part of the solution.

For example, says Lowenstein, Stiffness and slowness when open it to make a challenge to your family in a box of cereal, you can buy a container that simply to open and the transfer of the grain in it. Or if she has difficulty bending down to reach the kitchen shelf pots and pans on the floor, you could beat them in one convenient location.

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Helping someone with Parkinson’s Disease

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Natural Disasters: Home Security For Everything From Earthquakes To Hurricanes

While a lot of the focus on protecting one’s home tends towards keeping robbers out, there are other factors that can cause serious problems. The biggest, by far, is Mother Nature herself. No matter where you are in the country, there is some sort of inclement weather that can do serious damage. Those living in the southeastern states of Louisiana and Florida have hurricanes, most of the southwest and northeast has blizzards, and California has the uncertainty of earthquakes. And the middle of the country? Well, they don’t call it “Tornado Alley” for nothing.

So when considering your home’s safety, don’t just think about locking doors and windows and setting that home alarm system before heading off on vacation. Remember that there are other factors that can make or break your comfort and peace of mind. Here are the most effective tips for dealing with natural disasters.

No matter if you’re dealing with heavy winds or unrelenting snow, the most important part of preparing for any sort of inclement weather or natural disaster is having enough supplies to survive for at least three days. This means fresh water, nonperishable food–and a can opener so that you can actually eat it–and simple medical supplies. If any members of your family require prescription medicines, keep an extra bottle around the house for dire situations. If you have enough supplies to get by after or during serious weather, you and your family will have a lot less trouble.

Another factor in your home security during a natural disaster, no matter what kind, is the damage that objects around your house can do if weather really picks up. For these reasons, it is crucial to remove things like patio furniture and dead branches and keep them somewhere that they cannot get flung around. Whether it’s in the middle of high winds of a hurricane or tornado or the sudden movement that an earthquake causes, making sure there are less objects to end up flying through your plate glass windows can make the entire experience less stressful.

When dealing with a natural disaster, you will most likely want to have your car ready to go for when the weather clears. This means keeping it away from trees, where heavy branches could render it impossible to move, and it also means making sure that you have a full tank of gas and safety provisions in the car, too. Don’t venture out of your house in your car during any sort of natural disaster until you are absolutely certain that the weather is gone. It does wonders for your home security to keep a battery-powered radio around, so that even if the power is out, you can still get updates on the weather and the situation.

While most of this advice can be applied to everything from mudslides to tornados, it is also very important to pay attention to your community and special notices for preparedness classes about the disasters most likely to strike your area. Whether it is local grocery stores offering up hurricane kits in Florida or your local gas station in Massachusetts posting a sign that recommends keeping extra antifreeze and an ice scraper in the car for blizzard season, heeding local warnings can be a step in the right direction towards making sure that you, your family, and your home stay safe, no matter what the weather conditions are supposed to be.

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During the stress of a disaster, adt can make things easier. And always remember, when evacuating your house, be sure to set the alarm system.

Thursday April 22, 2010 Brattleboro’s Selectboard needs to be recycled Editor of the Reformer: It’s most unfortunate that in the Brattleboro Town Charter there are no provisions for removal of elected town officials by the recall initiative process.

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Creating a safe room in your house

You are interested in creating a safe space? While a full-fledged built-room safe can be expensive and difficult process by any of the existing rooms of your house into something, serve essentially the same function is actually quite easy to do. With a few supplies and a good plan, you can use an existing room in your house as a functional, safe space for emergency situations.

Choosing Your Room

One of the first things that comes with the choice of a safe room, which room you want to use. Look for a place in the interior of your home, quickly and easily everyone can reach the house. Often the best option is either a bath or walk-in closet. If you do not have a cabin available, look for a bathroom closet or outside either with or without windows and a small window to work with.

Making It Safe

To turn your room into a safe room, The first thing to do, your door with one who has a solid core is to be replaced. A cheap door which is easy to see through kick will not be able to protect you and your family is still far from everything. The installation of a solid core doors have children young enough that, in the lock can be a hazard. In this case, you get the best Lock you find that can be unlocked from both sides with your key, in the case of a child emergency.


The most important thing for all safe space to have is a way to communicate with the authorities in case of an emergency. A mobile phone is good as long as you ensure that it is always charged that work and a signal received within the space. If you know how something like a CB or Amateur radio is a good choice. If your room has power outlets, make sure keep the power cord or charger for whatever you are available as well as with. If not, an extra battery is always a good idea.

Other Equipment

If your room is not running, are with water, make sure to store one gallon of water per person. Make sure no first-aid supplies Your family must be accessible in the Panic Room, and hold at least one day of all major drugs available when it is not already in a medicine cabinet stored in the room. Items such as a battery powered radio and flashlight, plus extra batteries may be great to have in an emergency, such as books and something for everyone to keep a conversation through the long wait.

The Government proposes to keep duct tape and plastic on hand to seal vents and windows in Event of a chemical weapons attack as well as. When you land you seal the room, keep in mind that only in a locked room for about 5 hours per square foot before the air will remain dangerous. Normally the wind will blow away any potential threat long before the time passed.

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Jones remembered past five years at Fort Meade Leader reporter Barbara My name is Barbara Phillips Jones and I am proud to say that I was about 10 years divided,

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North Carolina Parade of Lake Homes, Lake Hickory, NC

Come Experience North Carolina Lake Living

Parade of Lake Homes – Saturday, March 28th, 2009

To get a true sense of what lake living is like here, you are cordially invited to an exclusive Tour of Custom Homes at Lake Hickory, North Carolina on Saturday March 28th.

It will be a fun and relaxing weekend! Come and view beautiful homes, explore the area, and join us for a boat cruise around the lake. This is the best way to experience North Carolina Lake Living!

RSVP at 800-517-5899. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photos and Views of Parade of Lake Homes – Providence Home Builders has joined an elite list of builders by becoming a Certified Green Professional (CGP) Builder, one of the first in North Carolina! This is just a sample – make your reservation today to see much, much more!

Welcome to Hickory North Carolina! Hickory is located an hour northwest of Charlotte in the Blue Ridge Mountains, an hour east of Asheville, 1.5 hours from Winston-Salem/Greensboro area, 2.5 hours from Raleigh, and 45 minutes from Blowing Rock and Boone. Reader’s Digest called Hickory “One of the 10 best places in America to raise a family”, and Google’s East Coast Operation Center here is now open and hiring!

We’ll also have a list of available lots to build your own dream home, available lake homes, and custom floor plans.

Note from an owner “….a lot of things about life are uncertain – economic times, political times and many others but there is one thing that is definitely certain. That’s how fast our kids are growing up. This place is like a magnet to attract our kids and future grandkids. We are so happy to get involved now!”

The Key is Thinking With Clarity In This Uncertain Time

Given the current economic landscape, many folks today are trying to navigate through all the economic malaise that has caused stock prices to drop significantly over the past 5+ months. Once again, scandal has hit both Wall Street and Washington and many people we talk to feel both entities are out of touch with Main Street. It is important not to get caught up in the hype of it all but to look at the facts so you can make good choices now for your financial future going forward. Let’s look at what these are and by doing so, hopefully you can make good choices and perhaps use this volatile time to take advantage of abnormal pricing in this current real estate market.

Now that real estate has seen a correction in pricing, is this the right time for you to purchase? Let’s examine what we do know…

Interest rates are at historic lows – If your credit is good and purchasing property is financially within your means, this is an excellent time to borrow money at very attractive rates.

There is a large supply of good quality real estate in the marketplace – as well as not so good real estate! Due to the downturn in the economy, many who own properties are being forced to sell their prized second home as they can no longer afford it due to the downturn in the economy. There are also those that purchased property as an investment and some of these investors have walked away from these lots and homes and their obligation to pay on them. Due to this, there are some excellent buys in both desirable and less desirable properties.

There are excellent values in the current market if you know how to find them – and they are not only short sales and foreclosures. NClakefront.com Realty concentrates on real estate in North Carolina – specifically lake property. These areas are off anywhere from 10% to 50%. If you were looking at a particular city or a specific property or development before the downturn, you have got to like where prices are at now! Add to that, developers and sellers are motivated to work with a qualified buyer so the concessions and conditions they are offering to the buyer are generous in this market.

Investors feel at a loss to get accurate information on their stock holdings and some will turn to investments they have more ‘control’ over – such as real estate. Due to this, investable funds will once again turn to real estate as people are frustrated with the unpredictability and inequity of the stock market. This includes corporate executive excessive compensation and the scandal of mismanagement of funds by both corporations and money managers who were managing the accounts of many investors. Real estate is an investment, regardless of the current value; that can be enjoyed while owned. Take the second home that a couple has purchased for their entire family to enjoy. Even in a downturn, that home can represent a place where memories are made, family gatherings are held and traditions established. These are attributes that have nothing to do with money. As assets such as stocks and real estate return in value, people who have been jarred by owning blue chip stocks for safety, income and moderate conservative returns may decide to re allocate some of their funds to a hard asset such as real estate.

Baby Boomers, 78 million of them, started to retire at the age of 62 in 2008 and this waive has just begun. These retirees will consider whether or not to relocate now that they can. Let’s do the numbers…half of the Baby Boomers polled say they will relocate 3 hours or more away from their primary home at retirement. That is 39 million people. Let’s cut that number in half to be conservative and that is still 20 million people. That right there is a lot of real estate activity! It is estimated that 43% of retirees will choose the Southeast United States for their retirement location so this area of the U.S. will noticeably feel the migration pattern of this demographic shift. Most importantly, per Live South Magazine, North Carolina recently passed Florida as the most popular place in the southeast to retire.

Taxes and weather; these two factors despite the economic landscape, are continuing to fuel peoples’ decision to move southward at retirement. Folks can’t afford or justify the taxes they are paying living in northern cities. Add to that, the winters are harsh. A dear friend of mine said, “You know you are a northerner when you describe the seasons where you live as winter, almost winter, still winter and not winter”. So true! People have grown tired of the rigors of the cold and snow and when they talk to their friends who have moved southward upon retirement and hear of the gentler climate that affords them the lifestyle to be outdoors and lead a more active lifestyle, it is just too alluring not to join them and hang up their snow boots and discard their snow shovels once and for all.

Current home values have fallen and there are those that want to wait for their home to appreciate in value before they sell. Hindsight is always 20/20. What would have been the best financial move for folks who knew they wanted to retire was to sell their home a few years ago while the market was up, even if they had to go into temporary housing before they relocated down south. Then as the market dropped, they could have bought now on the tail end of the downturn. For folks that say they want to wait for their home to go up in value, they need to be aware that chances are if their home price appreciates (especially in the north), so will the real estate where they are heading. In the meantime, while they wait, they aren’t getting on with their lives and they will continue to pay the high taxes and will endure further frigid winters where they are.

The real estate areas that will recover the best in this downturn are where two things are present; job growth and housing demand. Look to see where jobs are being created. Where employment is strong, that is where housing will lead out of this setback (Google and Williams Sonoma recently opened operations centers in our area). Where migration patterns are directing is where housing will recover the fastest. I know very few folks out of the 78 million Baby Boomers who are moving northward at retirement. Most folks I know are moving southward whether it is to Eastern Tennessee, the Carolinas or to Florida or anything in between. These cities and regions will see real estate demand increase which will positively affect pricing. Second, where jobs are being created and some of these jobs may be second careers for retirees, this too will positively affect pricing.

Bottom line – People need to think through this life step and:

1. Write out their goals of what they want to find;
2. Which community amenities are important;
3. What can they realistically afford;
4. And identify the “must have” city conveniences.

REMEMBER to purchase a property, whether it is a home or a lot in a community that has amenities complete and operational. In this market where concessions are being given on the best properties out there, why would you do otherwise? Do not buy in a start up community that has proposed amenities as there is too much risk in this economy. Buy into a community that has finished all their amenities or the bulk of the amenities are complete. If amenities are not important to you, then purchase in a community that has basic amenities where properties are generally less expensive. Do your homework or call upon NClakefront.com Realty who does this due diligence for our clients.

Get to know the area you are considering purchasing in. Learn about the tax structure of the state of which you are looking to relocate to. Know what is taxed and what is not. Find out about the medical care available through the local hospitals. Know about airport access, university opportunities, locations of restaurants and shopping centers, volunteerism and activities the area is known for. Your agent at NClakefront.com Realty has reports covering topics such as this and would be happy to furnish upon request.

The Parade of Homes on March 28th is an excellent opportunity for you to ‘try on’ the property for size for a weekend. There is a special Weekend Discovery Package on March 28th too – call for details. While you are here, meet others who live in the community, take a leisure cruise on the lake aboard our boat, get to know the area and envision living here and enjoying the North Carolina Lake Lifestyle.

In an economic storm such as this, the silver lining is opportunity. Know the facts, know your financial budget and have a plan. This is a time to see the forest through the trees and make smart decisions now that will lay a good foundation for you and your family going into the next decade.

RSVP at 800-517-5899. We look forward to talking with you today!

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Matt Lahtela – Director of Sales and Marketing at NClakefront Realty. NClakefront Realty is one of the largest sales and marketing companies focusing on North Carolina Lake Properties, and continues to grow everyday.

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home medical supplies phoenix

Covert War on Rock by Alex Constantine Summary


(Re: What is the "BE in power" have done for decades, the musicians and not all have survived. These include mind-control and surveillance and murder by alleged CIA and FBI and other forces of destruction, civil rights activists and other people in the AWAKE WORLD OF MUSIC comments, questions, feedback and inquiries are welcome)
Operation Chaos …. a draft outline found among the papers of the late Mae Brussells political scientist, provided the framework and inspiration for the study.

The decision to write, it was made ten years ago, and since that time the author has collected relevant material on this goal, often at the suggestion of friends who contribute a piece of the puzzle, including Will Robinson and Marilyn Colman and had Brussells sprouts, David X. Patrick Fourmy, editor of the Wind systems, Al Marcellienme, John Judge, Lewe Lee-Lee, Cynthia Ford, Lynn Moss-Sharman, Adam Parfray, Bennett Theissen, Matty, DasGoat, Virginia McCullough, Dick Farley, Cynthia Richards, the late Sharon White, Andrew and David, MIHRA, Linda Minor, and CTRL-researcher, Vicky – Michael Guerra Putinism, Melissa Darpino, and its librarians Research Library at UCLA and the Los Angeles Public Library system.

The author would also like Elliot Mintz, spokesman Bob Dylan and Yoko Ono to thank, reggae archivist Roger Steffans and Realist editor Paul Krassner for the roles they have played admirably described in opposing some of the unimaginable acts in this volume .. …… Alex Constantine, Author

Chapter 1 A Killing Field for the heat
Chapter 2 The Machine …. the CIA and the Mob
Chapter 3 Para political Stars In The Dope Show
Chapter 4 The Death Of Cass Elliot (The Mamas and the Papas), and other Restless Youth
Chapter 5 Brian Jones .. The Rolling Stones
Chapter 6 The End Of Rock Festival
Chapter 7 Jimi Hendrix., Political persecution and murder
Chapter 8 Fragrance Of Chaos Jim Morrison
Chapter 9 Joan Baez, Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan Etc.
Chapter 10th Who Killed The Kennedys and Sal Mineo
Chapter 11 Project Walrus, John Lennon
Chapter 12 The death of Marley and Tosh
Chapter 13 Volume war Sons Of Chaos
Chapter 14th False God Syndrome

The Corporate Media harbors hundreds of CIA propagandist and fawning loyalists, the revelations about the domestic political Murders are uncomfortable and wander around with little comment. The Agency and organized crime have been over thirty years, in a program to silence committed to bringing popular musicians whose influence subverts the cynical thought control tactics of American government and media.

This book is an attempt to that evidence to the historical record back.

Assassination Politics of the Vietnam War.

Former CIA chief Richard, Director of Operation Chaos …
the expansive domestic surveillance and Covert Ops Network in American history. The intelligence sectors response to the anti-war and civil rights movement, ran covert killings and programs.
The Nixon administration was on a foundation of political murder.
The CIA had compiled a thick concordia of lethal methods.
The project began with an anonymous, undated memo on assassination by "natural causes." Knock Off key people the heavily censored document stated, "How to knock off key guys, natural causes, a memo released ..
A body without hope, if the cause of death and autopsy, completed by the chemical analysis is determined left
Two bodies under such circumstances to the left to simulate accidental death
3 Body in such circumstances to the left to simulate Accidental suicide
4 Body and residue left over from the natural diseases caused simulate.

2nd April 1977 Washington Post reported, that the Agency experimented in exotic poisons.


In 1967 a subversive form of music has been merged with the politics in San Francisco.
Sun destabilization tactics were summarized in a leaked memo excerpt:
"You will see how corrupt" draw attention to their habits, and all possible embarrassment.
Send article for the newspaper showing their depravity.
Use misinformation to confuse and corrupt.
Provoke target groups into Rivalry, the death would result. "

For the first time since it is the creation of the warfare state by the Dulles brothers, Hoover, MacArthur, Kissinger, Nixon, etc.'s built was threatened by an increasingly militant segment of society.
The FBI is the challenge.
On 30 July 1994 reveal intelligence files on Leonard Bernstein, the Bureau spent countless hours examining his links with the associations to a Communist subversive.
FBI agent Jane Moore said, the FBI saw the strength and power of the idea of socialism, saw they represent a very real threat to our profit-motivated corporate state and had said, dressed in total covert war against not only the revolutionaries denim, but all progressive forces
The offices had tactics in order to cut down or burn them before they realized their potential.
At the federal level, the CIA. was already pursuing similar objectives under the code name Operation Chaos.
Targets of Chaos
Blank Panther Movement (Geronimo Pratt for 27 years in prison. For murders he did not commit. He was also a target of COINTELPRO, the FBI counter-surveillance program)
Politically active hippies were also targets.
Many underground papers were out of business if they were put out by advertisers that have been put under pressure by the FBI were.
From 1967 to 1972 the company collected 13 000 files, 300,000 of the individuals and organizations.
The CIA's Directorate of Operations created an index 7 million names.


THE MACHINE CIA and influences on the MOB ROCK INDUSTRY ….

The Mafia was to be claimed for the covert war against the counterculture. In the mid-60's Chaos officials and the mob both eyes to the rise of political rock music. The CIA saw it as a long-haired communists cry for revolution and the end of the Vietnam War. The mafia wanted more constrictive financial control over the music industry. Top 40, the reigning broadcast format in America owes its existence to the CIA and mafia-Combo. Drugs would enter the equation, plus youth and LSD were with the politics of heroin and drug LSD only one contribution that the American agency to the Culture has made.

The National Security Council was patterned after Hitler's Security Council, and its competence has been monitored for the CIA by dictate of the NSA of 1947.


Books were burned, bookshops closed down, offices and social centers were broken in, Artists, writers, musicians and countless hippies got dragged to court., Up to allegations of corruption, obscenity answer trumped, drug abuse, and everything that could silence their voices. LSD appeared on the streets, as if on cue, to destroy students descent. More drugs in federally sponsored studies Behavior modification (translated using mind-control) also found their way to the society at large. STP was created by Dow Chemical Co. in 1964 as incapacitating agents emergency rooms of the CIA was smothered in San Francisco with freaking hipsters. Conducted an animal tranquilizer PCP, also for the hippies of the CIA. The mob opened production laboratories and move a meticulously organized network of traffickers black market drugs ..

have infiltrated a CIA agent who claims the covert LSD network provided a clue when the amount of human and Asbury guinea pig farm. A dozen years before in the same city, had George Hunter White and his colleagues A CIA "safe house" set and began testing hallucinogenic drugs on unsuspecting citizens. Now suddenly there was a neighborhood with young people ready and willing eat experimental chemicals were packed. Charles Manson and Timothy Leary arrived in San Francisco, and each had a keen interest in Mind-Control.

Dulles mentioned in his communication that the agency was testing drugs on groups of people. CIA personnel with the drug dealers .. mixed-monitoring stations were set up under them Louis J West, was Jack Ruby's shrink, Dr. Jose Delgado headed West, author of Physical Control of the Mind and Ross Addey, a veteran of Operation Paperclip (NS record in CIA and NASA and others, where), Dr. Margaret Singer created the False Memory Syndrome CIA. All participated in the study of LSD as a politically destabilizing weapon. A CIA memo on behalf of the drug as a potential new agent for unconscious warfare. In 1967, as chaos was created by CIA White House to life. Timothy Leary, from the Army for wrongful conduct, hurled left experimenting with LSD on prisoners for the CIA in NY, and moved the clothes of the designated LSD prelate media. He later admitted to the time that some powerful People in Washington know that drug research have promoted. Leary was constantly surrounded by ops of intelligent agents.

The death of Cass Elliot (the Mamas and the Papas) and other troubled youth

After Mae Brussells, researchers, in the year 1968 were received orders to proceed to neutralize part of the company. including those restless youth. Until 1969, the SSS (Special Services Division of the FBI), combined with the Justice Department and the CIA's Operation Chaos.

Sun Manson Murders, etc. Manson joined the Process Church, a Satanist church, which also worships Lucifer and Jehovah. It was (is) big in Hollywood at the time. (Manson clearly a mind-controlled dupe).

An FBI report on Cass Elliot marked urgent States visited her a fundraiser in Hollywood, for peace and justice. Cass had political ambitions and was a Senator, maybe in 20 years or so. An underground paper called The Realist proposed Cass was the target of political foul. The editor Paul Krassner said, "I think she was could have killed. She knew a lot about the incredible criminal connections between Hollywood and Washington and Las Vegas.

THE MURDER IN THE HOUSE OF POOH Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.

The fusion of music and politics made the stones an enemy of the state. They were invaders and drug set-ups and Busts Jagger said as "This is a protest against the system, resulting from the war power-mad politicians and patriots, we must end all these mindless men seats of power, and replace them with real people, people of compassion. "The stones have been harassed and stalked always paranoid.

A strange design Team came to the house of Brian Jones, to restore the former home of AA Milne, author of Pooh books. They muscled their way into his private life, and had a strange Power over Brian. One worker, Thorogood made a deathbed confession that he was drowned Wilson The telltale signs of cover-up by the authorities are unmistakable. He was of drugs at the time. His death was not caused by a life of abuse has been alleged, he was murdered.


Five months later, a music festival happened near San Francisco and was murderous. The band would be forever overshadowed by the surreal violence be ..

Editor of Rolling Stone, Jan Wenner, put the band Rolling Stones in connection with Melvin Belli, lawyer of California well-heeled conservative base, whose eulogy at his funeral was "a man of law against the chaos of life, a man of CHAOS to the law of life." He was one of the most trusted CIA Court Room Miracle. Belli chose the Altamount for the Stones concert. It had to draw all the charm of a grave yard, and not fit to 300,000 people.! Ralph Sonny Barger of the Hells Angels was hired to keep the peace, (one informant hit-man who was hired by the FBI to kill labor activist Cesar Chavez, but was instead on an old Fee arrested.) Hells Angels are represented in 18 countries now export biggest crime family. Who in 1969 suspected the Hells Angels was a death squad in employment political agencies? (A refreshing break from the status quo?)

At Stone concert of the Hells Angels beat the youth too excited to get to see Jagger and Leary, a 18-year-old girl was put to death because he allegedly a gun, stabbed to death by the Hells Angels. It ended in three deaths and many wounded ..

A cancer has been planted and grow in the counterculture

JIMI HENDRIX political harassment and murder.

He did not want to die of an overdose, he was not out Dope Fiend control. He was not a junkie.

FBI COUNTELPRO was carried out, to do more than prevent a Communist threat, overtaken by the USA! (Or to control Black Power movement). It was pointed out to obliterate its opposition and ruin the representatives of the people involved in the anti-war movement, Civil Rights Movement and the rock revolution.

Hendrix manager Mike Jeffery, was by his own admission an agent. He often boasted that he had powerful underworld connections. There were many Mafia succeeded "acts." The CIA / Mafia connection had exercised considerable influence in the music industry for decades. Hendrix was in the contract. He felt under the supervision and felt more and more unsafe in New York, his former safe haven. His manager, could have made an arrest Toronto, silenced to Jimi. He preferred to isolate. He had always before a trusting and open person, and now he did not know whom to trust.

He got 10 grand for a 50 Grand Concert. Hendrix said, Jeffrey's friends would get more money from a dead Hendrix than a living one. There was also a possible million-dollar insurance in Jeffrey's name.

Was Hendrix murdered? The official cause of death, death was asphyxiation caused by vomit? The pathologist report left the cause of death to open. Monica Danneman (auditor), had long insisted that Hendrix was murdered. At the time of his own death, she had the media attention to the case in a Letters and sensational court battle brought. Monica's body was found in a fume-filled car near her home in southern England. It was called a suicide.

She had said a lot of death threats, and people who knew her, "do not believe it in the concept of suicide"

The death of lead singer Jim Morrison, the doors.

Two years after the death of Brian Jones, Jim Morrison's corpse in a bathtub in his Apartment in Paris found. Death was attributed to natural causes, possibly heart failure. Morrison's political outbursts drew the FBI. He had said: "I like the idea of throwing on the separation or over the established order." In another interview Manzerek (from the Doors) as a possible Motives for the elimination of the anarchist Lizard King "they all stop Rock and Roll, by the doors were applied. He as the most dangerous, because he wanted to say." We want the world and we want it now. "

FBI harassment made Morrison went mounted afraid that he had an ulcer in the mid-twenties. Paranoia deeply hurt and it was thought he was a marked man. Bob Seymore wrote a book re: Jim "The End and acknowledged" You could say that the CIA and the other Intelligence agencies may have a hand in the deaths of Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison, etc., were just as they were the leaders of the generation of the 60s.

A book "The Bank of America in Louisiana" appeared in 1975, after his death, supposedly written by Morrison. Some say that he survived Paris and lived a life free of celebrities and the FBI. A James Douglas Morrison, claimed to be working as a secret agent for a number of groups, including the CIA and Interpol, and also had ties with various occult groups. This JM2 also claims to be a dead rock star. There are stacks of official looking document, and letters between the agencies, CNN, NBC, and JM2. This claim was seen by the researcher Thomas Lyttle, made the claims have what looks like authentic documents. It seems that hundreds if not thousands of different be files with the name. An autopsy was performed after his death, a probable violation of French law. Pamela Courson, who was with him at the time, died later of an overdose, that some said was a "Hot Shot" or opiate poisoning.

Joan Baez Phil Ochs

Joan Baez survived the chaos of play, they fully understood that political assassinations were their reward for publicly chastising the military-industrial masters are the War. Her close friend Martin Luther King Jr., the worlds most honored civil rights and told her a group of activists before the delivery of his famous speech, how the police had him dumped in the hole, and it was black and he could not see it. She shoved the food in the room, but he would not eat for fear it was poisoned hunger and fear, he got on his knees and prayed, and when he said it was no longer important.

Kings Entourage hide their pain if they knew what he meant. We knew he would die, and he was ready to die, and he was ready for a commitment in Vietnam, etc. He said: "I'm on the mountaintop, and I have the Promised Land seen, and it does not matter any more to make. "

Joan Baez wrote a treatise, and a voice to Sing With (1987) as her childhood and her father a bright young scientists from the Stanford "Albert Baez unleashed the threat of the atom is detected in the early days" He took a job at Cornell University in Ithica, New York (Cornell is the basis of CIA Mind Control experiments and Joan is a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control experiments in order to letters they for Researchers and other survivors have written), a common cover for trauma-based mind control programming. She has a song about it

"I am pay for the protection, smoking out the truth … chasing memories … Nailing down the roof "

Baez entertained no illusions about the CIA, and encouraged State of Siege, film they saw the exposure of the corrupt element in the AID (Agency for International Development, Overseas), the teaching of techniques of assisted Torture techniques in Latin America. We asked for signatures against the use of torture. Torture was more widespread than it since the Middle Ages, so the danger was their common use as government policy. The hands of the U.S. government were anything but clean.

Joan did years of intensive therapy with their inner demons, fears, insomnia, Panic attacks, phobias, fears, etc. confront therapists kept Joan glued together to get me on the next gig, she said.

Joan's father was invited to become the Head of Operations at Cornell, which would bring him into contact with the CIA Human Ecology Foundation, (re: Mind Control Academic Studies) behind the fences the Ivy League universities in the country. Joan said it was classified. She was not buried by chaos, but they lived under his eye and intolerant, it could silence her. A Example is a translation error in the Japanese Re your comments about Vietnam and Nagasaki. The interpreter was threatened and complied with. A year later sales their plates were from all Army PXS and when you banned the draft condemned the Smother's Brothers Hour, she was censored by CBS, cut their comments, and CBS canceled the Brothers soon after. In the same year her then David Harris was sentenced to three years for draft evasion.

Civil rights were incorrectly Communist organizations connected. A common tactic smear.

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan

In 1961, Joan met Baez Bob Dylan. His songs had such blatant political overtones. Bob almost died in 1966 after a motorcycle accident. Joan's brother-in-law Richard Farina had one die few months later in a motorcycle accident. It was suspicious, and happened to his wife, Mimi Farina birthday. He was down on the way back from a promotional party for his book " been so Long It Looks Like Up. "Before his death he had been producing an album performed by Joan, but it was shelved.

Mimi Farina sister of Joan, is an equally talented and politically active woman who sings in prison and will void the hands on the arms, last I heard, and I think Joan's heart is with the poor people (My Note)

After Dylan's accident he went through a political change. He left the gate lyrics broadside on the nerves of the establishment. Mark Edmundson wrote: He was not ruined by drugs. His work combines art and politics and the hardest truth about the world. He is a visionary Skeptics, he loves the promise of America and is much disgusted with his reality.

His songs tell of the murder of Hattie Carroll cane black servant, the death of the boxer Davie Moore, the unbroken chain of injustice. They go into the heart of the decades most recurring concern that in an age of technological progress irreversible moral civilization has failed miserably, that is focused no matter how much international attention to the macro-cosmic affairs, considers the plight of the individual will have.

Five years after the accident, he wrote: "George Jackson", a violent Black Panther leader George on "" Jackson "That was murdered by a prison guard consiciously driven ballad.

Phil Ochs (THE OUT LAW and his brain) and MPD MIND CONTRO

"U.S. agents could not call people by inducing hysteria or excessive emotional reactions, temporary or permanent insanity to destroy, to suggest or promote suicide, erase memory, invent double or triple personalities, which in the interior spirit. "
— Quote from the late Mae Brussells Operation Chaos investigators, etc.

Ochs was a close friend of Bob Dylan, Bob, and thought was the greatest poet of all time. Ochs, Bob, and Farina was on his way Folk singer in the village in the early 1960s. Together with other folk music they dragged away from the migration and storage warehouses Union in direct confrontation with threatening military-industrial complex Eisenhower. Ochs denounced American policy in the "Cops of the World". Song

"And if we your sons Boys have a slain boy chewing gum, we have half the world …." Oh, you can see "? AND the name of our profits is democracy.

He was the last song dissident quote, "the comic and the beauty queen dancing on the stage. The recruits line up like coffins in a cage." Oh, we're in a war we lost before the war began fighting "

Not long before he died, one night after too many drinks, he pulled the CIA director WM. Colby, director of the murderous Phoenix Project in Vietnam. He claimed he put a contract on his life for $ 100,000. "I Colby said he had half a year to live or get out of Vietnam or he is dead. You can kill me, but he is dead, "he said. (He was also sure that Gloria Steinem, editor of the magazine Ms. and famous Feminist is a CIA agent) was the founder of the party Yippee Ochs sang with demonstrators, and appeared as a witness for the trace of the Chicago Seven. His texts have been as inflammatory that he was banned from the air-waves. The FBI does not refrain form will create a large file on him, and the feeling that he was never alone him insecure. He wrote "Take everything I own, take the cock out of my phone and leave my life alone my life alone! He was tarred as a communist and a threat to national security. His Friends said, convinced Ochs, he was going to be murdered. He was driven by the radio black-listing his music and the ongoing monitoring and drink the harassment and be N. issued. He lived in a constant state of paranoia, his vocal cords have been run over by gangsters.

He developed a right-wing pseudo personality called John Train, which he wrote about
(Beth's note: Who made John Train? Was he, like his good friend Joan Baez, a mind-controlled MPD (DID), from abuse and experiments? On the first day of summer 1975 "Phil Ochs was murdered in the Chelsea Hotel by John Train, Ochs said in a recorded interview." For the good of society and the public, "secret," he said, had to be rid of. "He and his personality in song pseudo-fragments pointed to an album never resumed: "Phil Ochs in the controlled Chelse a hotel, there was blood on his clothes, Train Train Train, The Outlaw and his brain. (My Note: I have accounts of cloning since the 50s to read. Many hi-tech knowledge kept secret, even in Jim Keith's book "Secret and Suppressed").

Ochs actually believed now He works for the CIA., writes biographer Marc Elliot. (Ox also referred to NY Cornell Hospital in mysterious lists) "Train hinted that if Ochs was a commercial Success was "you" (CIA) would host his personality .. have killed "Colby and Co. would have been more than happy to have a screw through the Head at this point and share, "said Train, the other person. Ochs committed suicide on April 9, 1976, by hanging. This was the same year the book" The Control of Candy Jones "by Donald Bain. (A study on CIA mind control experiments, Candy was also an MPD created personalities, the covert operations carried out a puppet with an inner Nazi personality. She worked without her knowledge as a CIA op. for 12 years. Your last post-hypnotic command was suicide, by her husband, talk show host Johannes Fog has intervened. (The book is out of print, I have a copy), it is very likely that "John Train was programmed" to kill Philip Ochs the host personality.

Another musician with repressed memories of childhood trauma was Peter Townsend ("Who" guitarist). In 1999 he was one that certain records from rock opera "Tommy" are not fiction, but his life. He filled the gaps from his childhood amnesia.

Who Killed the Kennedys and Sal Mineo (Rebel Without A Cause)

Actor Sal Mineo was put to death in a parking lot after the signing of Sirhan Sirhan in a upcoming movie about JFK play stabbed. (CIA assassination and post-hypnotic programming were the main themes of the film.) Elliot Mintz talk show host for ABC and later Bob Dylan and Lennon's publicist was buried in research with Mineo to kill about JFK. Sirhan was convinced they were innocent. The film has a different opinion and pulled Mineo out of the picture. After he killed the media was revealed in his secret life of bi-sexuality, and the murder was taken as homophobia. Gay bars were close in fear, and Hollywood stars fled behind closed doors.

Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD officer left the department to his CIA-trained Colleagues exposed. He claims, "Sirhan was hypno-programming through hypnosis, drugs and torture by the Rev. Jerry Owen and CIA Mind Control Specialist at Wm Bryan Stable, where he worked for months before the shooting. The LAPD withheld evidence implicating the CIA in shooting. The channels of the intelligence world with fraudsters and murderers swarmed.

Conservative evangelist Billy Graham was President Nixon's celebrated "pastor". Then there was LA gangster corrupt officials and wealthy gambling Czar Mickey Cohen. (The alleged "to be a friend of Sal Mineo) The former hit-man Cohen can be contacted after the press to increase Mineos death, that he gave his Dude was. Cohen was also a close friend of Nixon and his entourage. In 1968 Cohen was the godfather of the West Coast Mafia dominated gaming ops. When Cohen was close to death he opened up to investigative reporter Chuck Ashman, and he said, "Mickey Cohen told me the story of his being off to fake a conversion and paid dose of Christianity Billy Graham's Crusade for NY. Two of Graham's staff had more than $ 10,000, sent to Mickey and his family. "We found the dates and amounts, and also the controls, "said Cashmon.

Cohen was the first bridge that the killers of Robert Kennedy and Sal Mineo. He was a friend of Carlos Marcello, Mafia boss of David Ferrie, corrupt CIA ran ops. "The investigation by Jim Garrison in the connection of killing of JFK. Cohen was also a pal of Jack Ruby. Cohen was also a friend of Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby's defense. He also controls the Santa Anita racetrack, where Sirhan was busy. Mickey Cohen's circle of friends and his appearance in the Spotlight after killing Mineo raises questions on the Hollywood power broker. Sirhan and Cohen were in the vicinity of Desi Arnez, (Producer) of I Love Lucy. Arnez was an anti-Castro Cuban exiles Leader. In 1966 Sirhan wrote in his notebook that he landed a job at the stables Corona Breeding Farm owned by Desi Arnez, Buddy Ebsen, Dale Robertson, ultra conservatives and TV personalities were familiar with Sirhan. Sirhan was known as an ardent anti-Communist. Lawyer, Russell Parsons, Sirhan lawyer showed no Effort, announced that Sirhan to murder to make in the wrong position to Senator Kennedy, he was shot from behind and Sirhan stood in front of Kennedy.

WALRUS PROJECT .. John Lennon ..

Mark David Chapman chose to plead not guilty because of the direction of his voice .. His lawyer, J.. Marks tapped, the Objection "by reason of insanity". Chapman said: "I can hear their thoughts, I hear them speak, but not from outside, not inside" one of the three psychiatrists in the study examined the possibility of mind control. In 1977 he lost Chapman fundamentalist religion and became a Satanist ..

At 19, 1N 1975 signed Chapman to the YMCA, (International Camp Counselor Program) and has been to Beirut, where he allegedly received instructions in deadly arts at the CIA training camp School of Secrets sent. (It is a well-known "Experiment in Mind Control Unit" for the army in Lebanon.). In 1980 he appeared in New York, and sent a Letter to an Italian address. The Dakota (the residence of Lennon's) was given as the sender address. It was a reference to his "mission" in NY. It was after New York returned, the address is not found in Italy, where he'm for three years in the dead letter sat, and finally delivered at the Dakota. Yoko Ono looked to the letter and left them in their troubled file. found in 1983, Head of Security, Mahoney, the letter. This was the proof of premeditated murder and conspiracy. The letter disappeared and then changed slightly, the post-date was now 1981st The "mission" statement was missing …

Elliot Mintz, a friend of Sal Mineo, was instrumental in the identification of "Project Walrus" as a conspiracy to Lennon. He had Lennon's pal and publicist since 1971, Mintz was reminded that some were of Yoko's bodyguard at that time .. in New York City police officers It is very difficult for a private citizen to legally possess a weapon in New York. The people who turned Officers are required to. So it is a celebrity concert. There were many files with missing content at Yoko's APT. after Lennon was killed. Bugs were planted at the Dakota, and again swept clean would reappear. There have been numerous attempts on Yoko's life. A man was at the airport, who had made a call, that he arrested have come to finish the job and kill Yoko and Sean. There were also calls would say to their bodyguards to kill her. Sean Lennon said, "I fear grew my mother and I wanted to be killed. "

After the murder of John the first to promote the project, the Walrus was ruining his reputation. John knew he wire tapped and was paranoid. After Watergate, he filed an application made for the interception and monitoring as well as some progress. Justice Dept. would never admit the actually carried out and pushed it to listen to other possibilities. After he got his green card he gave the litigation. Lennon overcame his fear from harassment and federal level have been public statements that were anti-republican.

Killing Lennon was only the first step. All he has signified shall be concealed. That was the main objective of the Walrus. His diaries were stolen and returned later with extra messages and changed some entries. Fred Seaman wrote a book about Lennon defamatory. Seaman was the executive of Lennon's archives are, and much was simulated in terms of their bond. He told friends, Ono he would discredit at all costs. The aim was to discredit her to a nervous breakdown and her attempt to drive, just set the public record. The Walrus crew expected huge profits. Dead Lennon's money, the events at the Dakota, began as the film sound "Gas Light" .. (In which a husband his wife mad distortion of reality) Yoko tried to sleep started badly. Yoko One of the assistants, who started plagued by stress packing with a gun at all times. He said: "You do not know how big is this. The people who are these too big to fight." To discredit Lennon and Yoko and the Peace Movement was an important Part of Operation Walrus. (But do not And it will not)

WHAT CHA Gonna Do? .. The Deaths of Marley and Tosh.

Quote: "Vampires Do not Come out to the throat more bite, instead they cause to be more destructive, that shed blood., And the invisible vampires get their meal, "Peter Tosh.

Peter Tosh, as Marley was a very influential civil rights agitator, and like other black activists before him, he was shot down. He died in 1987 at the age of 43 He was upset with the treatment of his people. Tosh went to Trench Town, a live-uncle after whom he was living with her aunt died. It was there he met the young Bob Marley, and taught him play the guitar. You got together with Bunny Wailer and the trio called themselves the Wailin Wailers. They were underpaid strong. Record companies are notorious for pocketing money. (DEM DEM pirates and thieves). Peter Tosh always let his feelings be known. He cared more about the principles and morals than popularity and fame. He said: "They know, I do not support POLITRICKS and games, my duty is to unite the people. "He and Marlew had some struggles, and he left the group and went on his own. Destabalsation tactics were employed, and the political violence and sabotage by the CIA, etc. with pernicious attempts to transform the economy of their country .. Wreck The new weapon and the new threat was destabilization ..

Bob Marley instead of the name Wailer and took on new members. The Peoples National Party asked her to Smile Jamaica to play anything. He agreed.

In Nov. of a death squad came to Marley's house and started shooting. They shot bullets into his manager, and one in his Mrs. Rita's head as she tries to come their five children from the house. They survived. The last bullet increased Marley's breast below his heart and buried deep in his arm. Marley would sing "Ambush in the night, with the aim all guns at me." This did not stop them performing at the Smile Jamaica concert .. ("War"): "Until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that now, more than our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique, in subhuman bondage, overthrown completely destroyed … War is everywhere ……

Carl Colby, son of Wm CIA Director Colby came to the concert and gave themselves as a crew and got behind the stage, where he was a gift Marley was a pair of boots. Former Black Panther Lee Lew-Lee was started near Marley and he thinks Marley's cancer with the boots, he said, there was a connection of copper wire attached to the boots, which hurt his foot when he tried them on and had to be removed .. (It would have been treated chemically with a carcinogenic toxin. Marley later broke his toe and found out it was cancer, it spread. He did not trust main-stream medicine and went on to lead. He knew he was dying in 1977 and a compressed life of music in a few years

was something of a Caribbean CIA pogrom under way on Kissinger and Co. There was emphasis on psychological Ops. the arson was, Banks Murder disturbance of the now democratic-socialist rule Manley. Political violence has been fueled and supplied arsenal of weapons. This was especially hard drugs, the Rastafarian movement and marijuana financed disturbed. They wanted to legalize it. Their chosen weapon in the Rasta movement was freedom of expression and they were crucified for them. Tosh was blown up and almost beaten to death and it made his music more vengeful .. And the CIA's secret police tailed him through everything. Grotesque human rights violations were commonplace. Marley She had found a brain tumor. He sang "These songs of freedom is all I ever had to emancipate themselves from mental slavery." He was observed rubbing his his forehead and grimacing during execution. A woman says "Hidden lasers lights were fixed above the stage and out of his brain" Fellow burned
Rasta's heard about an alternative doctor in Jamaica, Marley advised to speak to a doctor Josef Issels, a holistic therapist in a Bavarian Immuno Village. He left. The Dr. said, "I hear you are one of the most dangerous black men in the world." Issels medical career not keep under control, during the second World War, he had hand in hand with Dr. Mengele (Angel of Death worked) in research in Poland, the Auschwitz camp. The Wailers found this after his death.

Issels told Bob he could cure him, and did sadistic procedures that left him in agony. After the visit, said the Wailor's: "He kills Bob" He has also cut off his dreadlocks. He was in the hands of the doctor, the accomplice of Mengele in horrible medical experiments were against what they describe as "sub human" had. His mother said: "He was starving and wasting away, and he would fall into fits of trembling, etc" Marley weighed £ 82 on the day of his death. 11th May 1980th (HIS music lives on)

Peter Tosh were the bloodshed and hypocrisy of the death squad justice in the Third World, he was unbearable with the hidden Evil possessed. Until 1987, the year of the murder Tosh Jamaican musicians were censored by the dominant policy. Witnesses and friends insist his murder was a political hit. You were convinced, Tosh was for his statements that killed human rights, Black liberation and the legalization of marijuana. Tosh threw a small party at home when Mike Robertson, a local radio host opened the door. Leppo were Leppan, an old buddy from Trenchtown days came in. Behind him, two clean-cut looking stranger, a professional killer, passed them on to speak to Tosh at gunpoint. Shots were fired and three people were dead.

Shortly thereafter, the NY City apartment of Tosh was kicked and broken, (Such as the consequences of Hendrix's death). Two out of three of the murderers remain at large Tosh. One man was hit, said a police officer to be (of course Leppan was convicted.)

Chapter 13 Volume war Sons of chaos.

Rap artist Tupac Shakur was shot himself at a stop light in Las Vegas in 1996. It will be re-clear: The police strategy of disinformation, ignoring of the witnesses, and the presence of undercover investigators from LA and NY in the murder of rapper Notorious BIG

This suggests pointed out that both rappers of shock troops were murdered under the sanction of the federal officers. Tupac's father said: "It was clear to me form day that police in Las Vegas had never kill interest in solving the case of my sons ..".. It was said: "We deal extensively with COINTELPRO (FBI) issues. We worked much about the political prisoners and the black liberation movement over the years. This form Tupac into the person he was. The family operated the "Centre for Black Survival You had a youth group called "The New African Panthers" and Tupac was the chairman of this. "

The agony of the rap industry was in March 1997 by the killing of 24 yr tightened. old Brooklyn rapper Notorious BIG in LA This happened after he had not attended the annual "Soul Train" Music Awards, with a unidentified shooter. Tupac's father said in a letter (excerpt): "We know, Brother, Biggie that a part of an industry under attack from the highest form of government officials had been. "" They have targeted Tupac, Sister Souljah and ICET. Ice Cube, just to name a few. This is supposedly due to the contents of the texts. "IF" this was the case, why Devil Worshippers (music artist) is not driven you too ?????( openly worship the devil in a so-called God-fearing country.) your Texts preach chaos, destruction. The death of parents, and even the government, while our loved ones wanted rapper, to explain their pain and to identify from where they came with the hope of a better tomorrow, if everything ended fairly.

We believe that history has shown that the murders of black people (young and old), can have profound effects to bend those who refuse, have been targeted by the government at the highest level.

What we need to understand, That our warriors are needed when it was on good contradiction that the CIA were principal importers of Crack and cocaine in the Hood "is", with blatantly racist drug laws, set into motion tactics of genocide to destroy or lock away our brothers and sisters, or the rest of their lives.

Look for the game that is played on / against us! Search for truth! Do not look at it shot, but why? Not by the media, never genuine concern for our well-being has shown to be deceived. DR Mutulu Shakur

Mutulu Shakur's conviction that his secret police killed her adopted son and Notorious BIG is proving to be increasingly accessible.

Chapter 14 False God Syndrome

Death of Michael HUTCH

…. 1997 —– M. Hutchence was found tethered by his neck to a door frame. He was also an activist who wanted the lion's share of his fortune to Amnesty International and the Green Party. He was at the Ritz-Carleton in Sydney, Australia found. The media concocted scenes of SM, but he was found with a broken hand and lacerations and had hit a bad one. His friends said he was not depressed, and he was against suicide. There were rumors of the "MOB" in its investments may be unknown to him involved. He died penniless due to investments and Trusts and his family had to fight for his money.

He knew, Gianni Versace, famous designer who was gunned down, and was also told Mafia may be involved, although he denied it angrily (A dead bird was mourning the Versace body, found a symbol for a hit-man).

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, and a month before her death at the funeral of Versace. As it happened, another friend of Hutchence Dodi Fayed, someone said to have mob links. Dodi's uncle was arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, Iran-Contra fame.

Dodi and Diana had died in a car accident four months before Hutchence.


Roger Bunn Director of the Music Industry, Human Rights Assoc. (MIHRA), in the U> K> Life in the eye of the animal's corporate music. These are excerpts from letters form Bunn:

Re: M. Hutchens … "so that's it, huh? Death by hanging? Sort of unusual that … also for the music industry. Those Featured Artist wonderful really light up the sky now and then. Perhaps we may want to consider the poor darlings an endangered species? As it reached its peak To achieve it most likely worth more dead than to live on the conglomerates. Think about that next time you go out to buy your conglomerate primitive / folk music, or a well-known film …. Add strength of the cartel's monopoly. The music industry makes more than 120 billion dollars per year. The music industry is no such thing as a real Competition ".

"Music Industry is the richest industry on the planet. By providing the public with a marketing.


When can artists "utility" is a conglomeration of things get a little sticky. (End quote)

My Mark …… this project together, this book has been close to my heart was, because I have many musicians (and WORLD OF FAME have people) up close and from afar. I have seen as THE WORLD OF FAME WORKS And I think it is something the public should KNOW. There are people in the first place and all have the same trials and tribulations that we have (As can be seen from Alex Constantine's book.). ALEX ….. thank you

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