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Used Medical Equipment Nj

used medical equipment nj

Insurance Company Q & A

A coupe insurance that many tickets are next to me thief?
I'm in the search for the cheapest car insurance in the State of New Jersey and have at least 5 tickets in the end of five years … What kind of car insurance I am sorry for the best premium … thanx try this http://painintheexhaust.blogspot.com I hope you can support your foot of the …

A couple of weeks to run some B **** in the bet on my motor and the insurance company calls them.
a total loss. I need the blue book value, not that I not screwed by insurance to find win. Can someone help me? It is a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham. I can not find anywhere. ummmm … yeah just …

A detail Texas companies, insurance companies offer Blue Cross Blue Shield strength?
I'm for a list of companies in Texas to use that BCBS Search Texas insurance strength. This type of list does not exist except in the marketing department of BCBSTX. You could rent a flea market survey company for each Company name of a certain size …

A document signed by the head of the insurance company insued services directly to compensate for the doctor?
~ ~ It is an assignment of benefits. ~ ~ If you are a major medical policy, instinctively, that would be assigned to a new provider be. But if you take out additional health insurance, paid directly to you, it is not necessary to assign the benefits …

A Commander of the antagonist of the existing insurance friend of the general public why the Americans are afraid of him?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2oUInTUl? Because if you own a serious illness such as cancer, your survival rate is much, much better contained by the USA. Because the U.S. has many times more large tech diagnosis and other medical equipment pro …

A someone the third degree in the range of insurance and medical history?
In Obama Speech yesterday evening, a point that he would receive it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against, with pre-existing diseases. What impact would enjoy this on us, insurance, costs, and our premiums? They interpret it is …

A man struck the back of my Toyota 4Runner to settle what should I see in the Near his insurance company?
My Truck overturns on the side of THE ROAD and shortly after that the guy was RIGHT in the back of my Truck. My insurance company is stating the TOTAL TRUCK IS LOST DO Who knows how this process will go out? …

An insurance claims I owe them money for a claim on my property, I have no ins.What could start me?
My chimney fell on another car people, I had no Homeowners insurance at the time. You are in a minute send me the bill and are threatening legal action. What is the worst night-case scenario for me? The claim …

An insurance company that I own a plain accident claim against me have sent two checks?
one of the tests me and the workshop was made. I have my car with that firm. But I think they accidentally sent me a check for the same amount of 2600th The man told me, not for money, that one he …

A small stone hit the windshield of my car … should I ask my insurance company fix it?
Could it be worth? Yes, only if you are for Auto Glass-pay "coverage. But if you do not enjoy cover, it is a different story. necessarily use it fixed asap. Your health insurance would pay more for a windsheild to a certain extent as a violation …

A motor insurance Company sent me two check boxes?
I was hit by someone while my car is parked, and it was not my fault. The insurance sent me two checks apart for impossible amount. One was in my with "additional payment" and entitle the other was from The Body Shop and I chose my name contain …

A relative have a lifetime annuity from an insurance company. If the pension for the worst over?
The pension is 20 plus years old, from a large insurance company. Are adjectives payments secure? If they are secured by the cash reserves? How do we keep seen too okay, no company can be safe 'in this environment. Yes, they are required to hold insurance companies to …

A relative received a check from a Insurance company and bank he mistakenly it. He is liable to be sued?
The policy has not found the error. But if they did, would my relatives in trouble with the law? If he himself first? I doubt he will be sued, but once the insurance company …

A derived requests for information about the region: why can not you, or anyone else, start an insurance company and recently billion question?
That seems to the modern liberal train of thought is revolving this issue: CEO's are hoarding profits and all (I'm sure you've heard it before). But one step back, why can nobody …

A truck hit me and the insurance company offers me seem, what a lame agreement can they do this,
It struck me, and to notify the police, said its his fault. I have no insurance so the insurance does my truck engine and says, value the care is $ 1,500, but the wreck is $ 3,700. so that they …

A vessel of tattered and insurance company for me, scratched, wishes The lessor me the deductible on foot
If what you are axiom that your insurance will come with a rental car, you scratched next, while it was in your possession, and the car rental inquiries can damage the deductible on the limousine to pay even …

A very well prepared for insurance Use pretend detector software on their appointment venue in need recitation of the customer.?
Is that illegal? I'm pretty sure that, especially with regard to the Human rights, etc. Do not worry – that sh * t do not work anyway. Sounds good. Where can I get the software. Does it work on TV sound bites. What good …

AARP Insurance?
When it comes to this insurance AARP has supported more Republicans or the Democrats? It's like a big company, but they disturb if they get your name, and they want you to sign up for everything. Any information would be appreciated in the region of your results. AARP has MARKET Insurance created ….

About how much I will use my company by the insurance?
some a # (a) hole just blew a red light and was 1997 Chrysler Sebring Coupe, my LXI. There are about 170,000 miles on the 2.5L V6 and automatic transmission. You can KBB.com Budge, put your car to use the information in the list of questions and From the Blue Book Pro …

About Insurance & Workers Comp luggage?
Can you get in contact next to the Government on the bs Workers comp you through, I injured my wages for slight disc bulge pain and they do not want to fix it you try it, by helping me not physically prevent psychiatric ~ ~ This is a better alternative than surgery. It …

About to recommend insurance, u extends on a pregnant woman on their insurance .. What can insurance company!?
plz help my friends is pregnant and she has no insurance and immediately would they get that, but we do not know if they cover an insurance company that this kind of situation .. plz Minister Sell No private health insurance a. ..

Diligence on long-term insurer financial strength?
Hi, I have long-term care insurance in the vicinity Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company. Just point out that they have found a B-minus financial strength rating. If B-minus "bad"? Are there statistics about the dud rate of B-minus companies over the course, we say, 20-30 years? Who knows how long they have …

Accident glitch the other guy. Should I call my insurance?
I was recently involved contained by an accident involving a mini car. The accident was the leader of the House Guilt. The police gave him a ticket. The Cab Company is insured for granted and have agreed to pay for the damage. My insurance is Geico. I wonder when I …

Accident next to the truck company: Insurance companies will fall to me?
Hi all, I was surrounded by an accident involving in a parking garage, the success is nice to be wrong If the liability. If it is determined by my fault, will my insurance company drop me as a driver or insured The company increased insurance premiums? I know …

Accident payout ratio of insurance.?
Seeking Details of the payment most recent car accident looking for. Yes, I know I can ask my agent, but I want to do this secretly what I view changing Insurance am. So where in the world via the Internet, I can get this information? Call the claims department for your insurance …

Accident, I should not appoint the insurance?
I was in a disaster, do not know who was to blame. their motor han no damage, but I did, but I will not name b / c if it is rising in the idiosyncrasy in my advice. thniking in the appeal not in the hope that they are not calling you will look like this if the bad insurance …

Accidental Death Insurance Claim own time frame to meet any claims?
One person was from an insurance company insured and have an accidental death insurance. Accidents happen 11 months old. Companies are still not paid the damage, and it seems that not even a makeshift Documents for their "investigation" collected. NY Insurance Department (I'm from NY) says that …

Occasionally, insurance company, I don `t know lonely position is Viking, they charged $ 90.00 per year. not sure if that is the nam
this was last year when I saw the info, get pamphlet from choiropractor. Insurance was good for illustrious school sports injuries also.I'm in Minnesota. Two index depends on the home base of the company. Both have A + ratings. Note: Ratings …

Actuarial Science (related to insurance, financial analysis of companies etc) universities?
Dont know what sounthampton in your country, but in the UK, Kent, Watt and LSE Heriott adjectives actuarial science course or things very similar to Yahoo in the search for type actuarial science universities have India, you will return with related links go through them for more details.

Addresses of Indian insurance companies?
Addresses etc. of all Indian Insurance To mention only a few National Insurance Company Ltd (NIC) The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. (OIC), United India Insurance Company Ltd (UIIC) The New India Assurance Company Ltd. (NIAC) and dance to try Yahoo India website for more links to their London Offshore nouns …

Other Insurance Quesion Company, please visit: InsuranceQuotesFAQ.com

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Donated Medical Equipment – NJN News Healthwatch Report

Used Medical Equipment Raleigh Nc

used medical equipment raleigh nc

Raleigh NC Real Estate – The rediscovery of one of the most beautiful cities in the South East

Set aside for the moment any misunderstanding to you have over Raleigh. Look at it again. Like the rest of the country is working hard Raleigh, in order to pull out of recession. It is with its huge arsenal of economic muscle the coming years, give a healthy urban household. But misunderstandings aside, you have the mechanics of the Raleigh business, culture and politics to understand.

Raleigh is divided into seven districts. Downtown is the epicenter, housing, historic houses, boutiques and fine restaurants. It is an attractive Hiking in annual that attracts many visitors for its diverse cultural and regional tastes.

East Raleigh is working as a kind of corridor that connects many of the urban main roads and therefore traffic to flow in and out of the area.

West Raleigh is located on Hillsborough Street and Western Boulevard. It is home many universities, churches and museums. It also serves as a thoroughfare, but many people still call this area home. An array of stately mansions and beautiful Houses south line the streets.

North Raleigh is a growing suburban area with diverse neighborhoods and landmarks. It has a generous Lot of stores, restaurants and schools. Many young families to call this area home, either with parents working conditions in the suburbs or on the road in the city center.

Midtown Raleigh, which are used as part of North Raleigh, is now his own neighborhood, offers many residential and commercial properties. The shopping centers, parks and streets lined with oak trees make it a pleasant place to live and work.

South and Southeast Raleigh to downtown Raleigh are bound to remain, but individual places of historical importance and regional culture. In these areas there are many museums, concert halls and other attractions that are on the Civil War, and various important deadlines in the south of the story.

Raleigh's industrial base includes electrical, medical, electronic and telecommunications equipment, textiles and clothing, Food, paper products and pharmaceuticals. Raleigh is part of the North Carolina Research Triangle, one of the nation's largest and most successful research parks and a major Center in the U.S. for high-tech and biotech research, as well as advanced textile development. The city is a major hub for retail sale eastern North Carolina and a wholesale distribution point for the food industry.

Despite the country's troubled economy maintains a steady Raleigh, healthy lifestyles, celebrates its rich, mountainous environment, and significant contributions to modern business and cultural center with a peaceful way of life and southern charm.

About the Author

Michael Russell writes about a variety of subjects, including real estate, environmentalism, and modern architecture. This article discusses Raleigh and Raleigh real estate. For more information about Raleigh real estate, visit the Real Estate Book.

Used Medical Equipment Los Angeles

used medical equipment los angeles

Local Firefighters an Important Part of Los Angeles Community and Government

The Los Angeles Fire Department is also known as the Los Angeles City Fire Department in order to distinguish it from the County Fire Department. It is the department that gives fire protection and emergency medical services for the city of L.A.

The department has it origins in the year 1871. In September of that year, the Los Angeles County Engine Company No. 1 was organized by the County Clerk. It was a volunteer firefighting force with a fire engine and a hose jumper. The equipment was hand-drawn to fires. In the spring of 1874, the fire company requested of the Los Angeles City Council to purchase horses to pull the engine. The council responded in the negative and the fire company disbursed.

Soon after that L.A. acquired its first hook-and-ladder truck, which proved to be too cumbersome and was not well adapted to the needs of the city. The truck was sold to the city of Wilmington, and in 1876, another hook-and-ladder was purchased, serving in the city until 1881.

In 1877, the original horses were acquired for the city fire department. The agency would continue to use horses for its firefighting duties for almost fifty years, phasing out the last horse powered equipment in 1921.

When the Los Angeles Fire Department was established in 1886, it had 4 fire stations, two steam fire engines, two hose reels, a hose wagon, an aerial ladder truck, thirty-one paid firefighters, 24 reserves and 11 horses to protect 30 square miles and a population of approximately 50,000.

By 1900, the agency had grown to 18 stations with 123 full-time paid firefighters and 80 horses. The city installed over 190 fire-alarm boxes allowing citizens to sound the alarm if a fire was seen. More than 650 fire hydrants were placed throughout the city, providing firefighters access to a reliable water source.

In 1911 the agency had 32 stations. In this year, the last of the fire houses specifically designed for horses were constructed.

Today, the fire agency has nearly 3,600 personnel operating out of 106 stations who offer fire prevention, emergency medical care, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster assistance, and community service to a resident population of more than 4 million, living in 471 square miles.

About the Author

Matt Paolini is a estate planning writer for CityBook, the family-safe Los Angeles yellow pages online, which carries an extensive directory on Los Angeles justice courts.

Eldercare Channel: Los Angeles Medical Equipment, Mobility Aids, & Oxygen

Used Medical Equipment Colorado

used medical equipment colorado
used medical equipment colorado

Los Angeles Laser Eye Surgery – What You Need to Know

Los Angeles laser eye surgery, the Centre for eye treatment and treatment for the local population, been suffering from simple diseases of the eye to extreme cases of partial or total blindness, nerve damage, destruction and other harmful visual Diseases. The Los Angeles laser eye surgery center has several branches throughout the city and adjacent areas along California. It has so much to the people Eye diseases and have contributed to their healing and care given.

The technology behind the laser eye surgery center is the development in the field of physics, Engineering and medical applications are returned. has used the laser for eye surgery, the ability, all superficial and deep organ disease be treated in terms of ophthalmic health of the patient. Most so-called specialist eye clinics has capacity in terms of eye surgery in extreme Cases which can not be treated because of lack of equipment is limited, and specialists. In fact, emergencies such as blindness may be caused by vibration or cut Accidents that are not allowed. The Los Angeles laser eye surgery center has room for everything. It was given awards and certificates of hospital assessment Institutions such as government institutions and the ICJ or the International Joint Committee. This goes to show that this institution may in eye health care as a worldwide be a leader and admit in a position with an ophthalmological defect.

Los Angeles laser eye surgery has set the standard for the local eye health care, since it is the best program in terms of their technical capability and personal services, which made the patients and clients. Celebrities and politicians have their Gratitude and interest in the Los Angeles laser eye surgery again expressed, if they contract an eye disease.

The eye is very institution of its Historically, patients who are healing properly recommended. Most hospitals in the area and surrounding areas have emulated their business and medical procedures. Los Angeles Laser Eye Surgery Center is considered a leader in the medical treatment eye throughout California. Medical schools around the country has to create affiliations and training areas with the Los Angeles laser eye surgery center for their students who seek to adopt in the field of ophthalmology. Many experts, the difference in the eye and won critical acclaim of around the world have been noted in the Los Angeles trained laser eye surgery center. The experience they had in the investigation of innovative means of laser surgery has to prepare enormous, how much with the various problems they have encountered.

The latest has been developed in medicine and surgery of the eye in Los Angeles laser eye surgery center since it has so much given to eye patients. To develop a special institution for eye doctors in the field of laser surgery train just for this institution to contribute more Development and progress. Many patients have been treated, that their life is better and even to the point that there were a bridge to their future Progress has been made.

About the Author

Curious about laser eye surgery? We are the SOURCE for safe and inexpensive laser eye surgery, go to http://www.lasereyesurgeryaid.com/ today!

Broomfield Enterprise upcoming events – 10 June Upcoming events in and around Broomfield

Used Medical Equipment Nashville

used medical equipment nashville
used medical equipment nashville

Main areas of study at Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville

Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, one of the 26 technology centers in 1963, is founded. The technology center is distinguished by offering technical training in various fields.

Types of degrees

The Tennessee Technology Center Nashville is a public institution, is a 2-year degree programs as their main offerings. In addition, the technology center also offers less-than-one Year and less-than-four-year degree programs. Here are the lists of courses offered by the technology center, classified on the basis of their duration.

Less than one year

Skin Care Specialist: The course prepares the skin to become licensed individuals care specialists and beauticians.

Technician: Various courses help individuals to become technicians in aircraft power plants, body collision and repair technology, automotive mechanics technology, dental technology and drafting and design technology.

Other Courses: Other, less-than-one-year courses at the available technology center:

* Business Office Automation
* Child Care and Support Services Management
* Medical Laboratory Science
* Cosmetology
* Electrical and Electronic Equipment Installation and Repair
* Vocational nurse training
* Machine Shop Technology
* Management Information Systems
* Welding Technology

Less Than Two Year

Several less than two years, programs at the Technology Center:

* Child Care and Support Services Management: It prepares individuals for the provision and management of child care facilities.
* Cosmetology: It prepares people to be licensed cosmetologists.
* Prosthetics: It prepares the individual experts been in the dental anatomy and other dental procedures.
* Electric power transmission and Installation: The course prepares individuals to become experts for installation of residential and commercial electrical systems become.
* Vocational training nurse: the program helps a nursing assistant skills of the to mediate the individual.
* Pharmacy Technician: The program teaches skills related to production of pharmaceuticals and the supply of assistance for patients.

Less than four years

Some of the most important programs at the Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville, with a duration of less than four years are:

* Aircraft Power Plant Engineering
* Auto Collision and Repair Technology
* Design and Design Technology
* Air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance technology
* Management Information Systems

Students interested in one of the classes at the Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville also on the admission procedure and student aid by the Centre to learn with the help of an online college directory.

About the Author

The Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville offers Peel Grants and other types of federal aids to the students interested in joining the center. Obtain more details on this from the informative university directory available online at the State University website. You can find some useful articles by educational expert Michael Russell.

Angeion Corporation Awarded National Contract by Broadlane SAINT PAUL, Minn. —- Angeion Corporation announced that it has won Broadlane a three-year contract with – the leading, end-to-end expense management resource for healthcare providers – for his MedGraphics cardiorespiratory ® diagnostic systems, including related supplies and services.

More Info on medical durable equipment

Home Medical Equipment Market Size

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home medical equipment market size

Telemedicine Market Shares, Strategies, And Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 To 2016-Aarkstore Enterprise

The 2010 study has 669 pages, 205 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the healthcare providers worldwide move to more cost efficient healthcare modalities leveraging telemedicine. Vendors are building out localized direct physician based services organizations, distribution partnerships, and e-commerce sites that support a telemedicine brand in every region.

Telemedicine is more cost efficient than nursing home or hospital care, every patient would rather stay at home if possible. As new telemedicine equipment and services proliferate in the U.S. and worldwide, more and more vital signs based healthcare delivery is being implemented.

Healthcare delivery systems are moving towards a quantum shift in care delivery. Technology provides a way to sense and monitor heart disease, inflammation, infection, cancer, diabetic condition, and chronic condition status using technology. This represents a quantum shift in care diagnosis. The old methods of verbal description that the physician rarely listens to and in person visual inspection are becoming less important. The monitoring technologies and blood work are being used in combination with imaging and telemetrics to provide a real time, continuous evaluation of patient condition.

This leads to care delivery by the numbers.

Few people describe themselves as old or sick—regardless of their age or health. We are moving toward care delivery by the numbers in combination with physical examination in person or over the HD TV. HD TV gives a quick, vivid image of where a person hurts and what they look like. The new sensor technology gives physicians visibility inside a person that is not available from a simple verbal description.

Telemedicine can supplement information available from a physical examination by making care delivery a available. Telemedicine is able to supplement traditional care. Telemedicine is extending monitoring into wellness tracking. The ability to visualize patient condition through blood work, monitors, sensors, imaging, and biometrics changes everything.

It is labor that is costly, not the imaging or the monitors. The automated process needs to be leveraged to reduce the labor costs by 90%, leveraging technology to provide consistent care. The systems need to be automated to the point where the patients and their families can provide accurate diagnostic information to the clinician, who by definition is the decision maker, not the care provider. The telemedicine is able to address the need to decrease labor costs.

Labor costs need to be removed from every step of the diagnostic process. The imaging machines need to be automated more. The sensing devices need to be able to take readings and send them to the automated patient record without human intervention.

New telemedicine devices do just this. Inflammation can be detected using a handheld biometric device. Cardiac symptoms can be detected automatically, just by placing a device in the proper position, no buttons to push, no screens to navigate.

In this context it has formalized a vision of the evolution of healthcare economic models. It is looking towards the transformation of the healthcare delivery systems in response to increasing responsibility of systems administrators to deliver quality care efficiently. C‐healthcare 2020® looks toward cost containment trends. These are playing out in the context of industry and professional efforts to improve the quality of care delivery:

1. Leverage automated process in the same way other industries have. Leverage cloud computing and System z mainframe computing to lower care delivery costs while improving the quality by quantum amounts.

2. Consolidate health care delivery systems in a manner that is able to achieve effective, efficient communication between caregivers.

3. Stop rewarding hospitals and physicians for over delivery of care and change. Move to care delivery systems that allow treatment of patients by the numbers combined with intelligent caring care. This is particularly true with the high cost profit center emergency room, get those costs way down.

4. Support the extended health care delivery systems that support healthy behaviors, including the acupuncture practitioners, chiropractors, and sports clubs.

5. Support Telemedicine and specialized intelligent support systems that permit leaving people in their own homes even if they cannot take care of every aspect of their life. Help old people take out the trash, sand the driveway when it snows, clean up the junk, help with the simple stuff that seems overwhelming to old people.

6. Reward families for providing care support to extended family members, these do not need to be financial rewards in every instance, maybe they are special recognition banquets and letters of commendation.

7. Implement systems that stimulate and reward patients for exercising and taking care of themselves in every way.

8. Implement computer assisted coding in a manner that allows automated transcription of physician and clinician notes into the electronic patient record; utilize the clinician notes, blood work, and diagnostic test results to provide tracking and reminding of conditions that need follow‐up after a specified length of time.

9. Use patient systems that are efficient.

10. Implement telemedicine.

Challenged with declining reimbursements, a nursing shortage and low productivity even as new agencies open, there has been significant industry consolidation. Automated process brought by Telemedicine information systems addresses management team issues. Existing providers need to improve overall operations to address these issues.

Several new studies provide large‐scale, independent, quantified proof of the value of healthcare information technology have. Users can utilize the scheduling notes to alert other staff of patient preferences or supplies needed in the home. Maestro intuitive process flow provides users with many reminders, including when a patient is out of orders, when a supervisory visit is required, or when a procedure needs to be completed during a visit.

Telemedicine Information systems are a significant part of the home care delivery systems. Software leverages the efficiency of clinical process in ways that have never become possible before. The system leverages virtually all the administrative and financial information needed to run a successful home care company. Information can be gathered right from the charts.

The significance of SOA integration and networking systems for telemedicine is not yet realized in Telemedicine information systems. However, as patients move from one care venue to another, the patient record is going to need to move with them. Thus telemedicine begins to play a significant role in care delivery. The hand-held, computer-based system guides home care clinicians through the entire patient care process. Clinicians can use structured record guides.

The systems automate reporting. The market opportunity for the Telemedicine information services providers is to enable consolidation of the 35,000 small agencies worldwide into a few large services providers. These few services providers then become customers for the Telemedicine information services systems. Telemedicine information systems will be enhanced by partnerships with IBM to leverage information analytics systems.

Without health, nothing else is very important. People with means choose to spend whatever they need to protect and promote their health. Statistics on total expenditures vs. value of those expenditures are meaningless unless they break out the impact on different population segments.

You often see statements from US analysts that say as President Obama did in In his speech to the American Medical Association:
“we are spending over $2 trillion a year on health care — almost 50 percent more per person than the next most costly nation. And yet, as I think many of you are aware, for all of this spending, more of our citizens are uninsured, the quality of our care is often lower, and we aren’t any healthier. In fact, citizens in some countries that spend substantially less than we do are actually living longer than people in other countries.”

What the Obama statement misses is that some portion of the population is healthier. The US healthcare delivery system is superior to any. To say that not everyone is treated is not the same as saying that the system does not treat many people very well. Telemedicine is poised to make health care delivery better and spread that superior health care delivery system to a greater proportion of the population.

Perhaps if analysts looked at that portion of the population that is spending more on healthcare, it is possible to detect that those people have better quality of life and live longer, they are spending for themselves, not for everyone. So, that portion of the population that cannot afford good health care is creating a statistical offset that misleads analysts.

In fact, the US healthcare system is the envy of the world, for those who can afford the best quality care delivery, and for those people who see a doctor, and do what their doctors recommend, the US healthcare delivery system is the best. Telemedicine is rolling out in this context, facilitating the delivery of healthcare more frequently than has been possible before and creating a move toward wellness care delivery that supplements disease treatment.

Worldwide telemedicine markets at $7 billion in 2009 are expected to reach $24 billion by 2016. The total healthcare spending worldwide is 8.4 trillion. Telemedicine has the promise of delivering care more adequately to rich and poor people. Healthcare spending is anticipated to continue to rise as a percent of total expenditures because as people become more industrialized and have more disposable income, healthcare is a central aspect of expenditures.

This is the 427th report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are a priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and
proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so it looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

Report Methodology

This is the 427th report in a series of primary market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the Internet, computer, software, telephone equipment, health equipment, and energy. Automated process and significant growth potential are a priorities in topic selection. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

The primary research is conducted by talking to customers, distributors and companies. The survey data is not enough to make accurate assessment of market size, so WinterGreen Research looks at the value of shipments and the average price to achieve market assessments. Our track record in achieving accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. We are known for being able to develop accurate market shares and projections. This is our specialty.

The analyst process is concentrated on getting good market numbers. This process involves looking at the markets from several different perspectives, including vendor shipments. The interview process is an essential aspect as well. We do have a lot of granular analysis of the different shipments by vendor in the study and addenda prepared after the study was published if that is appropriate.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participant in the segment. Installed base analysis and unit analysis is based on interviews and an information search. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, opinion leaders, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share.

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Table of Contents :


Telemedicine Systems Market Driving Forces ES-1
Telemedicine Market Shares ES-3
Telemedicine Market Forecasts ES-4
Xtend / BioHarp UNI US. ES-6
Healthcare Reform Vision and Strategy ES-7

1.1 Telemedicine Definition 1-1
1.1.1 Telemedicine Benefits 1-3
1.1.2 50 Different Medical Subspecialties Have
Successfully Used Telemedicine 1-6
1.1.3 Telemedicine Reimbursement Fee Structure 1-8

1.2 Healthcare IT Support for Telemedicine in Asia 1-9
1.2.1 Healthcare IT in Australia 1-10
1.2.2 Telemedicine for the Internet 1-11
1.3 Technologies To Support Telemedicine Approaches 1-11
1.3.1 WinterGreen Research Healthcare Reform
Vision and Strategy 1-12
1.4 Home Health Care 1-16
1.4.1 Home Health Quality Care 1-19
1.4.2 Medicare 1-26
1.4.3 Medicaid 1-26
1.5 Home Care Services Payors 1-30
1.5.1 Self-pay 1-31
1.5.2 Public Third-party Payors: Medicare 1-31
1.5.3 Public Third-party Payors: Medicaid 1-32
1.5.4 Public Third-party Payors: Older Americans Act (OAA) 1-33
1.5.5 Veterans Administration 1-34
1.5.6 Social Services Block Grant Programs 1-34
1.5.7 Community Organizations 1-34
1.5.8 Private Third-party Payors 1-35
1.6 Types of Home Care Agencies 1-35
1.6.1 Nursing care 1-36
1.6.2 Physical therapy 1-37
1.6.3 Occupational therapy 1-37
1.6.4 Speech therapy 1-37
1.6.5 Social workers 1-37
1.6.6 Home Health Aides/Home Care Aides 1-38
1.6.7 Homemaker/Attendant Care 1-38
1.6.8 Volunteers 1-38
1.6.9 Others 1-38
1.7 Telemedicine Information System Software Market Shifts 1-39
1.7.1 Characteristics Particular To The Telemedicine
Information System Market 1-42
1.7.2 Implementation Depends On Documentation Of
Each Discipline Needs 1-43
1.7.3 Home Care Services Billing Issues 1-43
1.7.4 Prospective Payment System (PPS) 1-45
1.7.5 Managed Care Requirements 1-45
1.7.6 Oasis Home Health Agencies 1-48
1.8 Need For Automation Of Home Care Companies 1-48
1.9 Telemedicine Information Technology Industry 1-50
1.9.1 History Of Low Investment In Healthcare
Information Technology 1-52
1.9.2 Market Driving Forces For Worldwide
Telemedicine Information Systems 1-53
1.9.3 Treatment Trends 1-53
1.9.4 Home Healthcare Delivery Industry 1-55
1.9.5 Competition Forms Basis Of U.S. Medical
Care Services Delivery 1-55
1.9.6 Science And Medical Technology 1-56
1.10 Benefits Of Home Care 1-57
1.10.1 Home Health Saves Medicare Billions 1-59
1.11 Demographic Trends Driving Home Care 1-61
1.11.1 Mainstreaming Of People With Disabilities 1-61
1.11.2 Recovery And Active Lifestyles Of Disabled
Portion of the Population 1-62

1.12 Healthcare Equipment Industry 1-63
1.12.1 Reimbursement Drives Healthcare Equipment Industry 1-64
1.12.2 Home Medical Equipment Industry Segments 1-65
1.13 Marketing Globally 1-67
1.13.1 U.S. Healthcare Delivery Industry 1-69
1.13.2 Competition Forms Basis Of U.S. Medical
Care Services Delivery 1-70
1.13.3 European Telemedicine Market Trends 1-71
1.14 Hospital and Home Care Services Billing Issues 1-72
1.14.1 Managed Care Requirements 1-74
1.15 Market Drivers For Healthcare Cost Containment 1-77
1.15.1 Managed Care Organization Impact 1-78
1.15.2 Reasons Home Health Care Has Gained
Wide-Spread Acceptance 1-78
1.15.3 Managed Care Change In The Healthcare Industry 1-79
1.15.4 Telemedicine For People With Long Term Disabilities 1-79
1.15.5 Health Care Cost Containment Trends 1-80
1.15.6 Medicare Reimbursement Guide for Power
Wheelchair Drive Control Systems 1-80
1.15.7 Managed Care Organization Impact 1-81
1.16 Reasons Home Health Care Has Gained
Wide-Spread Acceptance 1-81
1.16.1 Managed Care Change In The Healthcare Industry 1-82
1.16.2 Telemedicine For People With Long Term Disabilities 1-82
1.17 Worldwide Telemedicine Information Systems
Market Distribution 1-83
1.17.1 Delivery Of Non-Acute Health Care 1-83
1.17.2 Leveraging Distribution Channels 1-84
1.17.3 Worldwide Telemedicine Information Systems
Market Positioning 1-84
1.18 Increased Need For Information Technology 1-86
1.18.1 Medical Error 1-87
1.19 Shortcomings Of Traditional Healthcare
Information Systems 1-88
1.19.1 Telemedicine Information Systems Market Strategy 1-89
1.19.2 Integrated Healthcare Information Technology Solutions 1-90
1.19.3 Flexible Product-Delivery Options 1-90
1.19.4 Leveraging Existing Customer Base 1-91
1.20 Telemedicine Information Systems Market Trends 1-92
1.20.1 Clinician Support For Spending Less Time At The
Desktop And More Time Taking Care Of Patients 1-94

2.1 Telemedicine Systems Market Driving Forces 2-1
2.1.1 Telemedicine Healthcare Landscape 2-3
2.1.2 Telemonitoring Systems Market Driving Forces 2-4
2.2 Telemedicine Market Shares 2-5
2.3 Telemedicine Equipment Market Shares 2-9

2.3.1 Honeywell LifeStream Web-Based
Health Information Patient Care 2-11
2.3.2 Honeywell HomMed 2-12
2.3.3 Contec Medical Group PM50 NIBP/Spo2 Patient Monitor 2-12
2.4 Telemedicine Components and Modules Market Shares 2-15
2.4.1 Intel Research 2-16
2.4.2 AMD Global Telemedicine 2-17
2.5 Medical Imaging Telemedicine Market Shares 2-18
2.5.1 GE Digital Image Archive Telemedicine Inside a Facility 2-20
2.5.2 Philips Raytel Imaging Network 2-21
2.6 Telemedicine Software and (SaaS) Worldwide 2-23
2.6.1 McKesson Telehealth Advisor 2-24
2.6.2 McKesson Telehealth Improves Patient
Communication and Self-Management 2-25
2.6.3 McKesson Telehealth Delivers Quality Care at a Lower Cost 2-26
2.6.4 Bosch Veterans Administration Success 2-26
2.6.5 Bosch Health Hero Network Health Buddy
Project Expanded by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 2-27
2.6.6 GenerationOne 2-29
2.7 Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Market Shares 2-30
2.7.1 Cardiocom Telemonitoring Systems 2-31
2.7.2 Cardiocom Omnivisor™ 2-32
2.7.3 Aerotel Medical Systems 2-32
2.7.4 Aerotel Medical Systems Mobile-CliniQ™ –
Affordable Personal Mobile Health Solution 2-33
2.7.5 MedApps 2-33
2.8 Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Market Shares 2-35
2.8.1 Cardionet 2-36
2.8.2 Philips-Raytel 2-37
2.8.3 Lifewatch 2-38
2.8.4 LifeWatch Services Arrhythmia Monitoring 2-38
2.8.5 LifeStar ACT Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry 2-39
2.9 Telemedicine Networking and SOA Market Shares 2-40
2.9.1 IBM SOA Telemedicine Integration Foundation Systems 2-41
2.9.2 IBM Financing Makes the System z More Efficient 2-42
2.9.3 IBM System z 10x More Efficient Than Distributed Servers 2-42
2.9.4 Cisco HealthPresence 2-43
2.9.5 Hewlett Packard (HP) / 3Com Corporation Telemedicine 2-44
2.9.6 HP / 3Com Corporation 2-44
2.10 Telemedicine Opportunity 2-45
2.11 Telemedicine Market Segment Analysis 2-47
2.12 Telemedicine Market Forecasts 2-51
2.1 Telemedicine Equipment Market Forecasts 2-52
2.2 Telemedicine Electronic Components and
Modules Worldwide Market Forecasts 2-55
2.3 Medical Imaging Telemedicine Market Forecasts 2-56
2.4 Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Market Forecasts 2-58
2.4.1 Wireless Mobile Health Monitoring 2-58
2.5 Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Market Forecasts 2-60
2.6 Telemedicine Networks Market Forecasts 2-61
2.7 Telemedicine Applications Software and
Software as a Service SaaS Worldwide Market Forecasts 2-63
2.8 Telemedicine Worldwide Market Segment Forecasts 2-65
2.9 Equipment and Software for Transmission of

Medical Imaging, Telemedicine 2-67
2.9.1 Telehealth 2-68
2.9.2 Telemedical Systems Challenged 2-68
2.10 Telemedicine Regional Segment Analysis 2-71

3.1 Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring 3-1
3.2 CardioNet 3-2
3.3 Philips-Raytel 3-3
3.4 Lifewatch 3-6
3.4.1 LifeWatch Services Arrhythmia Monitoring 3-7
3.4.2 LifeWatch Services NiteWatch Home Sleep
Testing LifeWatch Services 3-9
3.4.3 LifeWatch Services Clinical Expertise 3-10
3.4.4 LifeWatch Services Web Enrollment and Reporting Tools 3-10
3.5 Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring 3-10
3.6 McKesson Telehealth Advisor 3-11
3.6.1 McKesson Telehealth Improves Patient
Communication and Self-Management 3-11
3.6.2 McKesson Telehealth Delivers Quality Care at a Lower Cost 3-12
3.7 Meditech Telemanagement Process In-Home Device 3-13
3.7.1 Meditech Telemonitoring And Telehealth For
Home Health Agencies 3-17
3.8 Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Solutions 3-20
3.8.1 Bosch Tele-Health Systems Empower Patients 3-21
3.8.2 Bosch Health Hero Network 3-21
3.8.3 Bosch ViTelNet Range Of Services 3-21
3.8.4 U.S. Telehealth: Bosch acquires ViTel Net 3-22
3.9 Aerotel Medical Systems 3-23
3.9.1 Aerotel BP-Tel™ Transtelephonic Blood Pressure Monitor 3-23
3.9.2 Aerotel Tele-CliniQ™ 3-27
3.9.3 Aerotel Medical Systems Mobile-CliniQ™ –
Affordable Personal Mobile Health Solution 3-33
3.9.4 Aerotel Medical Systems Connect-Cell™ –
Cellular-Based Telemedicine Data Hub 3-33
3.10 Cardiocom Telemonitoring Systems 3-34
3.10.1 Cardiocom Omnivisor™ 3-35
3.10.2 Cardiocom Commander 3-37
3.10.3 Cardiocom Telescale® 3-37
3.10.4 Cardiocom Thin-Link® 3-38
3.10.5 CardiocomGlucoCom 3-38
3.10.6 Cardiocom Telemonitoring Tools 3-39
3.10.7 Cardiocom Integrated System For Communication 3-40
3.10.8 Cardiocom Telemonitoring Systems 3-44
3.10.9 Cardiocom Detailed, Objective Reports 3-45
3.10.10 Cardiocom .NET Installation and Maintenance 3-47
3.10.11 Cardiocom System 3-48

3.10.13 Cardiocom Commander Data Management System 3-49
3.10.14 Cardiocom • Blood Pressure • Glucometer •
Peak Flow • Medical Scale • Pulse Oximeter 3-50
3.10.15 Cardiocom Telescale® 3-52
3.10.16 Cardiocom Cardio-Plan™ 3-54
3.10.17 Cardiocom Respiratory-Plan™ 3-57
3.11 Santrax Telemedicine Information Systems Telphony
Solutions 3-59
3.11.1 Santrax Delivered Through The Web 3-65
3.12 AHL Telemedicine Solutions 3-69
3.12.1 AHL Telemedicine services 3-71
3.12.2 AHL Telemedicine Benefits 3-74
3.12.3 AHL Cardiostation 3-75
3.12.4 AHL Heartrak Smart Products 3-76
3.12.5 AHL Heartrak – Post-Event Cardiac Monitoring 3-77
3.13 Honeywell LifeStream Web-Based Health Information
Patient Care 3-80
3.13.1 Honeywell HomMed Interface Options 3-81
3.13.2 Honeywell LifeStream View Securely Accesses And
Tracks Patient Information In Real Time 3-82
3.13.3 Honeywell LifeStream Target Markets 3-82
3.13.4 Honeywell Products, Software & Peripherals 3-83
3.13.5 Honeywell Sentry Telehealth Monitor – Total Solution 3-83
3.13.6 Honeywell Genesis Telehealth Monitor – Targeted Solution 3-85
3.13.7 Honeywell Central Station – Diagnostic
Software for Managing Patient Care 3-87
3.13.8 Honeywell Genesis Telemonitor – Targeted Solution 3-87
3.13.9 Honeywell Central Station Diagnostic Software for
Managing Patient Care 3-90
3.13.10 Honeywell Medical Devices 3-92
3.13.11 Honeywell Health Center Kiosks 3-92
3.13.12 Honeywell HomMed Promoting Healthy Environments 3-95
3.14 Sajix 3-96
3.15 GenerationOne 3-97
3.15.1 GenerationOne Mobile Health Solution 24/7 Support 3-99
3.16 Telemedicine Networks 3-99
3.17 Cisco 3-100
3.17.1 Cisco HealthPresence 3-100
3.18 Hewlett-Packard / 3Com Corporation 3-102
3.19 IBM 3-105
3.20 Bosch / Health Hero® Network Deployments with
Medicare, VA 3-108
3.20.1 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Extending And Expanding Bosch Health Hero Network
Health Buddy Project 3-109
3.21 Aruba Networks Wireless Solution: WiFi Wireless LANs 3-113
3.21.1 Aruba Networks Wireless Solution 3-116
3.21.2 Aruba Wireless Network Real-Time
Surveillance Of The Patient Bedside 3-117
3.22 Cardiopulmonary Bernoulli Enterprise
Management System 3-118
3.23 Telemedicine Equipment Worldwide 3-118
3.24 Contec Medical Group PM50 NIBP/Spo2 Patient Monitor 3-118

3.25 Mednet Healthcare Technologies Heartrak Smart 3-124
3.25.1 Mednet Healthcare Technologies Heartrak – Post-
Event Cardiac Monitoring 3-125
3.25.2 Mednet Healthcare Technologies Heartrak 1000 3-125
3.25.3 Mednet Healthcare Technologies HeartView P-12/8 3-126
3.25.4 Mednet Healthcare Technologies HeartOne™ 3-127
3.26 Cardionet 3-128
3.26.1 CardioNet MCOT 3-128
3.26.2 CardioNet Event Monitoring 3-129
3.26.3 CardioNet Looping Multi-Event Monitor 3-132
3.26.4 CardioNet Non-Looping Chest Plate Event Monitor 3-133
3.26.5 CardioNet Holter Monitor 3-135
3.27 XTend Medical Telemedicine 3-137
3.27.1 XTend Pharmacy 3-139
3.27.2 Xtend / BioHarp UNI US. 3-140
3.28 LifeStar ACT Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry 3-141
3.28.1 LifeStar ACT Products 3-141
3.28.2 LifeStar ACT Ex 3-142
3.29 GenesisHealthTechnologies HealthPia 3-144
3.29.1 GenesisHealthTechnologies HealthPia Glucose
Meter (GlucoPack™) 3-145
3.29.2 GenesisHealthTechnologies BP Cuff 3-150
3.29.3 GenesisHealthTechnologies HealthPia Thermo Weight Scale 3-150
3.29.4 GenesisHealthTechnologies Glucose Information
And Testing Security 3-150
3.30 IgeaCare Igeacom300Systems Nurse Call Devices 3-152
3.30.1 IgeaCare Igeacom500 Systems 3-153
3.30.2 IgeaCare Igeacom700 Systems 3-156
3.31 LifeSync Wireless Lead System 3-158
3.31.1 LifeSync Wireless ECG System 3-163
3.32 SHL Telemedicine Ltd. CARDIOSEN’C™ 3-167
3.32.1 SHL Telemeidicine CARDIOBEEPER12/12™ 3-169
3.32.2 SHL Telemedicine CARDIOPOCKET™ 3-172
3.32.3 SHL Telemedicine TELEMARKER™ Transtelephonic
Cardiac Blood Testing Device 3-172
3.32.4 SHL Telemedicine TELEPRESS™ 3-175
3.33 MedApps 3-177
3.33.1 MedApps Wireless Mobile Health Monitoring 3-179
3.33.2 MedApps Wireless Health Monitoring 3-180
3.33.3 MedApps Mobile Wireless Health Monitoring System 3-184
3.33.4 MedApps HealthPAL 3-185
3.33.5 MedApps HealthCOM 3-186
3.33.6 MedApps HealthLINK – 3-190
3.33.7 MedPAL Medication Compliance 3-191
3.34 Apollo Products / Solutions 3-191
3.35 Heart Imaging Technologies 3-192
3.36 Telemedicine Electronic Components and
Modules Worldwide 3-193
3.37 Intel Telemedicine Research and Innovation 3-194
3.37.1 Intel Telemedicine Technologies And Research
Ecosystem 3-194
3.37.2 Intel Ethnographic Research In Healthcare 3-195
3.37.3 Intel Healthcare Research Global Understanding 3-196
3.37.4 Intel Healthcare Research Focus 3-197
3.37.5 Intel Research Portfolio Evidence-Based Innovation 3-199

3.37.6 Intel Acquires Wind River Systems 3-207
3.37.7 Intel Bringing Vital Information To The Point Of Care 3-208
3.37.8 Intel Innovation For Healthcare 3-209
3.37.9 Intel® Health Guide Personal Health System 3-209
3.37.10 Intel® Health Guide 3-210
3.38 AMD Global Telemedicine 3-210
3.38.1 AMD Telemedicine In The Access Model 3-212
3.38.2 AMD Primary Care Telemedicine 3-213
3.38.3 AMD Global Telemedicine 3-214
3.38.4 AMD Cutting Edge Cardiology Applications 3-216
3.39 Authentidate Holding Secure Health Information
Exchange And Workflow Management 3-223
3.40 Equipment and Software for Transmission of
Medical Imaging, Telemedicine 3-225
3.41 Philips / Raytel Imaging Network 3-226
3.42 GE Digital Image Archive Telemedicine
Inside a Facility 3-229
3.42.1 GE Centricity RIS/PACS Integrated Solutions 3-230
3.42.2 GE PACS eHealth 3-232
3.42.3 GE Central databank Supports Remote Care Delivery 3-232
3.43 Telemedicine for Public Health Agencies 3-233
3.44 Voxiva HealthConnect Suite Of Interactive
Mobile Health Information Services 3-233
3.44.1 Voxiva HealthWatch 3-234
3.44.2 Voxiva Disease Reporting 3-235
3.44.3 Voxiva HealthWatch Database Mining 3-236
3.44.4 Voxiva HealthWatch Outbreak Detection and Analysis 3-236
3.44.5 Voxiva HealthWatch Alerts on Health Events 3-236
3.44.6 Voxiva Case Investigation 3-236
3.44.7 Voxiva Outbreak Management 3-237
3.44.8 Voxiva Platform Solutions 3-237
3.45 Rivulet Communications Medical Video 3-240
3.45.1 Rivulet’s Advanced Multimedia Telemedicine Solution 3-240
3.46 Pelham Sloane Mobile And Home Based Telemedicine 3-242

4.1 Telemedicine Product Lifecycle Accelerating 4-1
4.1.1 Personal Computer Based Systems Provide
Significant Advantages 4-1
4.1.2 Telemedicine Establishes Professional
Relationships, Builds Referral Patterns 4-2
4.1.3 Machine-to-Machine Sensing 4-3
4.2 Bosch Studies 600 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Patients – 4-4
4.2.1 Better Care For Hypertensive Patients 4-5
4.2.2 Accurate Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement in the
Critically Ill patient 4-5
4.2.3 Automated Blood Pressure Device Calibration Method 4-7
4.3 Patient Assessment 4-8

4.3.1 Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement 4-8
4.3.2 Accuracy And Clinical Validation Of The SunTech 247 4-9
4.3.3 Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement 4-10
4.3.4 Evidence-Based Innovation 4-10
4.4 Intel Telemedicine Cultivating Collaborations 4-13
4.4.1 Technology Research for Independent Living 4-13
4.4.2 Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Commons 4-13
4.4.3 Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) 4-14
4.4.4 Everyday Technologies in Alzheimer Care (ETAC) 4-14
4.4.5 Oregon Center for Aging and Tech (ORCATECH) 4-14
4.5 People-Centered Research 4-14
4.5.1 Technology Innovation Starts With People 4-17
4.6 Disease Conditions and Medical Care Categories 4-18
4.6.1 Diabetes 4-18
4.6.2 Chronic Care 4-18
4.6.3 Cardiac Care 4-19
4.6.4 Cardiology 4-21
4.6.5 Oncology 4-22
4.6.6 Women’s health 4-22
4.6.7 Regulatory Requirements 4-23
4.6.8 Atrial Fibrillation 4-23
4.6.9 Atrial Fibrillation Printout 4-25
4.6.10 Increased Risk of Stroke 4-26
4.7 Real Time Locating System (RTLS) 4-26
4.8 Technological Trends 4-28
4.8.1 Thin Film Lithium And Lithium Ion Batteries 4-28
4.8.2 Thin Film Battery Market Driving Forces 4-29
4.9 Thin Film Solid-State Battery Construction 4-30
4.10 Science And Medical Technology 4-31
4.10.1 Physical Therapy 4-32
4.10.2 Treatment Trends 4-32

5.1 Aerotel Medical Systems 5-1
5.1.1 Aerotel Medical Systems / Tadiran LifeCare 5-2
5.1.2 Aerotel Medical Systems Mobile-CliniQ™ –
Affordable Personal Mobile Health Solution 5-3
5.1.3 Aerotel Medical Systems Connect-Cell™ –
Cellular-Based Telemedicine Data Hub 5-3
5.2 AMD Global Telemedicine 5-4
5.2.1 AMD Global Telemedicine Director of Clinical training 5-5
5.3 American Heartcare Limited AHL 5-5
5.4 Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation 5-6
5.5 Authentidate Holding 5-8
5.6 Bosch Group 5-10
5.6.1 Bosch Group / Health Hero Network 5-10
5.6.2 Bosch Group / ViTel Net 5-11
5.6.3 Bosch / ViTelNet Range Of Services 5-11
5.6.4 Bosch Group Charitable Ownership 5-12

5.6.5 Bosch Group Healthcare 5-13
5.6.6 Bosch Health Hero Network 5-13
5.6.7 Bosch Group Sales Revenue 5-14
5.6.8 Bosch Automotive Technology sales 5-15
5.6.9 Bosch Industrial Technology Sales 5-16
5.6.10 Bosch Consumer Goods and Building Technology Sales 5-18
5.7 Cardiocom 5-19
5.7.1 Cardiocom Telemonitoring System 5-20
5.7.2 Cardiocom Telemonitoring Used By Major Managed Care Organizations 5-21
5.8 Cardionet 5-22
5.8.1 CardioNet Positioning 5-26
5.8.2 CardioNet Acquisition—PDSHeart, Inc. 5-30
5.9 Cincom Systems 5-30
5.10 Cisco 5-34
5.10.1 Cisco Strategy and Focus Areas 5-34
5.11 Contec 5-37
5.11.1 Contec Medical Group 5-38
5.12 EHTEL eHealth 5-44
5.12.1 EHTEL Structure 5-45
5.13 GE 5-45
5.13.1 General Electric Revenues 5-47
5.13.2 GE Healthcare 5-47
5.14 GenerationOne 5-49
5.14.1 GenerationOne Mobile Collaborative Care Solution 5-50
5.14.2 GenerationOne / FireFly Mobile 5-52
5.14.3 GenesisHealthTechnologies / HealthPia 5-53
5.15 HeartIT 5-54
5.16 Hewlett-Packard / 3Com 5-55
5.16.1 HP Full Year Fiscal 2009 5-55
5.16.2 Hewlett Packard (HP) / 3Com Corporation 5-57
5.16.3 3Com Corporation 5-58
5.16.4 3Com Healthcare Customers 5-59
5.17 Honeywell 5-60
5.18 IBM 5-62
5.18.1 IBM Business Partnering Strategy 5-63
5.18.2 IBM Strategic Priorities 5-64
5.18.3 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA 5-66
5.18.4 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients 5-66
5.18.5 IBM Business Model 5-67
5.18.6 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture 5-68
5.18.7 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of
Social Networking And Collaboration Services 5-70
5.18.8 IBM Revenue 5-71
5.18.9 IBM Q1 2009 Revenue 5-78
5.18.10 IBM Q2 2009 Revenue 5-79
5.18.11 IBM Software Capabilities 5-80
5.18.12 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities 5-82
5.18.13 IBM Worldwide Organizations 5-83
5.18.14 IBM Integrated Supply Chain 5-83
5.18.15 IBM Security 5-84
5.18.16 Financing Makes the IBM System z More Efficient 5-87
5.19 IgeaCare Solutions 5-89
5.19.1 IgeaCare Telephony Based Communication Systems 5-90
5.20 Intel 5-91
5.20.1 Intel Operating Segments 5-92

5.20.2 Intel / Wind River 5-93
5.20.3 Intel Silicon Innovation 5-94
5.21 LifeSync Corp. 5-96
5.22 Lifewatch 5-98
5.22.1 LifeWatch Revenue 5-102
5.23 MedApps, Inc. 5-103
5.23.1 MedApps Personal Health Device 5-105
5.23.2 MedApps Receives FDA Clearance on a
New Way to Bring Cost-Effective Remote Health Monitoring 5-105
5.23.3 MedApps Innovative Solutions 5-106
5.24 Mednet Healthcare Technologies 5-107
5.25 NuPhysicia LLC 5-107
5.25.1 NuPhysicia Telemedicine Programs 5-108
5.26 OCS 5-108
5.27 Philips 5-109
5.27.1 Philips Healthcare 5-110
5.27.2 Philips Key Revenue Data 5-112
5.28 Pelham Sloane 5-113
5.29 Polycom 5-113
5.29.1 Polycom Telemedicine Products and Services: 5-114
5.29.2 Polycom And AMD Global Telemedicine Delivers
Integrated Visual And Voice Telehealth Capability To Clinicians 5-115
5.30 ProInfoNet 5-117
5.30.1 New England Telehealth Consortium 5-117
5.30.2 ProInfoNet Web development And Market Research 5-121
5.31 Rivulet 5-121
5.31.1 Rivulet Telemedicine 5-123
5.32 SHL Telemedicine Ltd. 5-124
5.33 Siemens 5-126
5.33.1 Siemens Comprehensive Healthcare 5-126
5.33.2 Siemens Computed Tomography (CT) 5-127
5.33.3 Siemens Combines Imaging Systems And Evaluation
Software And Bundle Them Into A Complete Client-
Server Solution 5-130
5.33.4 Siemens Molecular imaging meets computed tomography 5-130
5.34 Karl Storz Endoscopy-America / Global Care Quest 5-131
5.35 Suntech 5-131
5.35.1 SunTech Medical Development & Acquisition Plans 5-132
5.36 Voxiva 5-134
5.37 Wolters Kluwer Health 5-135
5.37.1 Wolters Kluwer Health 5-136
5.37.2 Wolters Kluwer Health Medi-Span® 5-136
5.37.3 Wolters Kluwer Health Facts & Comparisons® 5-137
5.38 XTend Medical Corporation 5-137
5.38.1 XTend Medical Partners 5-138
5.38.2 XTend Medical Telemedicine Solution 5-138
5.38.3 Xtend / BioHarp UNI US. 5-139
5.38.4 XTend Medical Business Model 5-139
5.38.5 XTend Revenue Model 5-141
5.38.6 XTend / BioHarp 5-143
5.38.7 XTend Medical Purchase Agreement With BioHarp, Korea 5-144
5.38.8 XTend Medical / AmeriChoice 5-145
5.39 Selected Other Telemedicine Companies 5-146
5.39.1 A&D 5-146

5.39.2 AMD 5-146
5.39.3 American TeleCare 5-147
5.39.4 Applied Medical Solutions 5-147
5.39.5 Arinc 5-147
5.39.6 AT&T 5-148
5.39.7 Canon 5-148
5.39.8 Cisco 5-148
5.39.9 Centura Health 5-149
5.39.10 Chorus Call 5-149
5.39.11 Clinidata 5-149
5.39.12 CSI 5-150
5.39.13 Delphi Medical Systems 5-150
5.39.14 e-TelMed 5-151
5.39.15 GlobalMedia 5-151
5.39.16 iMDsoft 5-151
5.39.17 iMetrikus 5-152
5.39.18 Interactive Solutions 5-152
5.39.19 Nonin® Medical 5-153
5.39.20 Polycom 5-153
5.39.21 Qualcomm 5-153
5.39.22 RSA Medical 5-154
5.39.23 SHL Telemedicine 5-154
5.39.24 Sony 5-155
5.39.25 Tandberg 5-155
5.39.26 Telemedicus 5-155
5.39.27 VBrick Systems 5-156
5.39.28 Visicu 5-156
5.39.29 Verizon 5-157
5.39.30 ViTel Net 5-157
5.39.31 Viterion TeleHealthcare 5-158
5.39.32 Wire One Communications 5-158
5.39.33 Zydacron 5-159

Table ES-1 ES-2
Telemedicine Systems Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2 ES-3
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table ES-3 ES-4
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016

Figure 1-1 1-2
How Telemedicine Works.
Figure 1-2 1-3
Usage of Telemedicin

Table 1-3 1-4
Benefits Of Telemedicine
Table 1-3 (Continued) 1-5
Benefits Of Telemedicine
Table 1-4 1-6
Medical Subspecialty Use of Telemedicine
Table 1-4 (Continued) 1-7
Medical Subspecialty Use of Telemedicine
Table 1-5 1-12
Telemedicine Approaches
Table 1-6 1-14
WinterGreen Research Has Formalized A Vision Of The
Evolution Of Healthcare Economic Models
Figure 1-7 1-16
Number of US Telemedicine and Hospice Agencies
Figure 1-8 1-17
US Telemedicine Payment Source
Figure 1-9 1-18
US Telemedicine Patients Receiving Help
Table 1-10 1-19
Home Health Quality of Care Measures
Table 1-10 (Continued) 1-20
Home Health Quality of Care Measures
Table 1-10 (Continued) 1-21
Home Health Quality of Care Measures
Table 1-11 1-21
Senior Telemedicine Assessment
Table 1-11 (Continued) 1-22
Senior Telemedicine Assessment
Table 1-11 (Continued) 1-23
Senior Telemedicine Assessment
Table 1-12 1-23
Medicare Program Payment Conditions
Table 1-13 1-30
Home Care Services Payors
Table 1-14 1-40
Telemedicine Information System Software Characteristics
Table 1-14 (Continued) 1-41
Telemedicine Information System Software Characteristics
Table 1-15 1-42
Market Characteristics For Evaluation of Telemedicine
Information System Software Vendors
Table 1-16 1-44
Home Care Services Billing Issues
Table 1-17 1-46
JCAHO ORYX Requirements
Table 1-17 (Continued) 1-47

Table 1-19 1-50
Home Care Specialty Services Provided
Table 1-20 1-51
Home Market Information System Software Market Segment
Table 1-21 1-54
Factors Relating To Value Of Home Health Care Over
Institutional Care
Table 1-22 1-58
Studies Illustrate Patients Choose Home Care
Table 1-23 1-60
Home Health Savings
Table 1-24 1-63
Home Healthcare Services Target Markets
Table 1-25 1-66
Home Medical Equipment Market Segments
Table 1-27 1-73
Home Care Services Billing Issues
Table 1-28 1-74
Home Care Services Billing Changes Needed
Table 1-29 1-75
JCAHO ORYX Requirements
Table 1-29 (Continued) 1-76
JCAHO ORYX Requirements
Table 1-30 1-85
Worldwide Telemedicine Information Systems
Market Positioning
Table 1-30 (Continued) 1-86
Worldwide Telemedicine Information Systems
Market Positioning
Table 1-31 1-89
Strategies For Offering Technology Solutions To The
Home Healthcare Industry
Table 1-32 1-93
JCAHO ORYX Requirements
Table 1-18 1-49
Home Care Standard Services Provided

Table 2-1 2-2
Telemedicine Systems Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2 2-5
Telemonitoring Systems Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-3 2-6
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Figure 2-4 2-7
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services Worldwide

Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-5 2-8
Categories Of Telemedicine
Figure 2-6 2-9
Telemedicine Equipment Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-7 2-10
Telemedicine Equipment Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-8 2-12
Contec Medical Group Patient Monitors
Table 2-8 (Continued) 2-13
Contec Medical Group Patient Monitors
Table 2-9 2-14
Contec Medical Patient Monitors
Figure 2-10 2-15
Telemedicine Electronic Components and Modules Worldwide
Market Shares, 2009
Figure 2-11 2-16
Telemedicine Electronic Components and Modules Worldwide
Market Shares, 2009
Figure 2-12 2-19
Telemedicine Medical Imaging, Equipment,
Software, and Services Market Shares, Worldwide, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-13 2-20
Telemedicine Medical Imaging,
Equipment, Software, and Services Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-14 2-23
Telemedicine Software and (SaaS) Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-15 2-24
Telemedicine Software and (SaaS) Worldwide
Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-16 2-30
Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Equipment and
Services Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-17 2-31
Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Equipment and
Services Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-18 2-34
MedApps Solutions Benefits
Figure 2-19 2-35
Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Equipment and
Services Market Shares, Worldwide, Dollars, 2009
Table 2-20 2-36
Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Equipment and
Services Market Shares, Worldwide, Dollars, 2009

Figure 2-21 2-40
Telemedicine Services Oriented Architecture
SOA and Networking Worldwide Market Shares, 2009
Figure 2-22 2-41
Telemedicine Services Oriented Architecture
SOA and Networking Worldwide Market Shares, 2009
Table 2-23 2-46
US Chronic Conditions
Table 2-24 2-46
U.S. Patients with One or More Chronic Diseases
Figure 2-25 2-47
Telemedicine Equipment and Services Worldwide
Market Segments, 2009
Table 2-26 2-48
Telemedicine Equipment and Services Worldwide
Market Segments, 2009
Figure 2-27 2-49
Telemedicine Equipment and Services Worldwide
Market Segments, 2016
Figure 2-28 2-50
Telemedicine Equipment and Services Worldwide
Market Segments, 2016
Table 2-29 2-51
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services Market F
orecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Table 2-30 2-52
Telemedicine Equipment and Services Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-31 2-54
Telemedicine Equipment Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-32 2-55
Telemedicine Components and Modules Market
Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-33 2-57
Medical Imaging Telemedicine Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-34 2-59
Mobile Telemedicine Remote Monitoring Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-35 2-61
Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-36 2-62
Telemedicine Networking Market Forecasts, Worldwide,
Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-37 2-64
Telemedicine Applications Software and Software as a
Service SaaS Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Table 2-38 2-65
Telemedicine Software, Equipment, and Services

For More information please contact :


About the Author

Minal H

A preview of school elections in Erie County
Two words describe the state of school budgets that will go before voters in nine days: gloom and doom. Several school districts are proposing tax increases that would have been considered unthinkable even two years ago, while at the same time laying off teachers and other district employees.

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Home Medical Equipment Garden City

home medical equipment garden city

Hip Resurfacing Hospitals Bangalore-Low Cost Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing hospital in Bangalore

Our Associate Hip Resurfacing Hospitals in Bangalore

Our associate hospitals and joint replacement Centers are working in Bangalore are state of the art facilities, equipped with state of art infrastructure and modern technology.

Bangalore, one of the fastest growing Cosmopolitan cities in Asia also holds the status of being in the Silicon Valley of the East. While there are other good reasons to be proud, perhaps the most important housing Some of the high-tech industry in India. Bangalore is also home to some of the leading scientific institutions in India and hospitals.

Blessed with a wonderfully mild climate, gardens and parks, natural lakes and many tourist attractions it is definitely a place worth visiting. In line with its cosmopolitan character of the city of Bangalore is dotted with numerous pubs, restaurants, shopping centers, nightclubs and other establishments as integral in all major cities would find.

Bangalore is a hub for some of the most beautiful and promotion of medical tourism hospitals in southern India. Major medical Tourism Promoting Hospitals are in Bangalore Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Wockhardt Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Manipal Hospital, Airport Road, Bangalore, Narayana Heart Hospital, Bangalore, Spine and Orthopedic Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore, Sagar Hospital, Bangalore, BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore. These hospitals were of national and international hospital accreditation bodies have been accredited and are well equipped to medical and personal care of patients taking International …..

Other points in favor of India are:

  • A peaceful democracy in the last more than 50 years
  • Independent and mature legal system (although the proceedings are very lengthy)
  • A variety of tourist facilities.
  • Fixed medical Treatment package price that is well known in advance …..

Advanced Diagnostics and Support Infrastructure – 64 CT, MRI, high-end, neuro-surgical navigation Systems, neuro-physiology and Comprehensive Rehabilitation services Finest quality implants, prosthesis and supplies of international reputation, most of them from overseas Countries are imported ….

Hip Resurfacing procedures in hospitals in Bangalore

Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty is a kind of artificial hip joint replacement of the surface from the arthritic joint, but far less bone than traditional hip replacement. Since the resurfacing less at the hip bone, it may be advantageous for younger patients who are likely to need a second or revision hip replacement surgery as they grow older and wear out the original artificial hip replacement are.

Although resurfacing materials are strong, they are not immune to wear and tear. Surgeons still advise patients to avoid, high-impact activities. Heavy sports require jogging, running, jumping, to stop quickly and down, and cutting are discouraged. Repetitive Strain effects can Resurfacing, increasing the risk of loosening.

Your therapist goal is to Help you maximize strength, weight shift run evenly, normal, and improve your ability to do your activities. If you are well under way, but will stop regularly in the practice of the therapist. Your therapist will be continued to a resource, but one is for you to do exercises as part of an ongoing Program at home …… will

The orthopedic department in our partner hospitals in India is the most costly intensive care, a modern Emergency and state support in the engineering department physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You have found trauma protocols for the care of critically injured patients and principles of Advanced Trauma Life Support and System (ATLS) are used for the rapid and effective treatment of accident victims ….

The Hip Resurfacing list of hospitals in Bangalore is as follows: –

A] Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore, India

Apollo Hospital in Bangalore is the first of its kind in South India and within the chain of Apollo Hospitals with comprehensive state of the art tools under one roof be safe.

The doctors at Apollo Hospital in Bangalore were selected after an extensive process where their commitment and expertise in equal measure is assessed. Most of them have studied, trained or worked abroad to major institutions. The hospital has over 100 consultants around the Clock ….

B] Wockhardt Hospital in Bangalore, India

Wockhardt Hospitals Bangalore is one of the first super-specialty hospital in South Asia for the Accreditation be achieved by Joint Commission International (JCI), USA.

A State of the art 400 bed facility with modern technology and world-class talent Clinical equipped dedicated the full range of cardiac, orthopedic and neuro-sciences, Minimal Access Surgery and Women & child care ….

C] Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India

Manipal Hospital, located on Airport Road, Bangalore a landmark destination for quality and affordable health care. The 600 bed hospital, the first centrally air-conditioned tertiary care is multi superspeciality referral center in Karnataka.

It is India's first hospital to ISO be certified for 9001:2000 Clinical, nursing, diagnostics and related fields. The hospital was declared winner of the prestigious Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2005 ….. in the service category

D] Sparsh Hospital in Bangalore, India

At the core of what Sparsh Hospital is trying to do is to define the new way health care is practiced and maintained historically. This is for Sparsh Hospital, a continuous process. A continuous Process of reinventing our processes and systems to create investment in technology, equipment and medical expertise of the change patient management and care, an institution where all the work here feels like a stakeholder. This results in the channeling of the cumulative efforts into creating an institution that is centered on patient care and well-being, while ensuring affordable best in class medical care and practice. This is the world of Sparsh Hospital …..

E] BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore, India

BGS Global Hospitals is a 500-bed health center multi-specialty care setting offers by global standard Medical technology.

To help maintain and improve life. to give back, the will to live. To the joy back into the living room. These are the principles that the BGS Global team back guarantee patient safety in the rapture. Relentless research, continuous learning and the quality of medical practice to help us to achieve this ….

Please log in: www.indiahospitaltour.com

Send your question: Get a Quote

We Care Core Values

We have a very simple business model that you will always be the center.

After the most elaborate and Industry exclusive patient care and clinical coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you with the smooth and seamless care can ever imagine. With a Ratio of a patient care manager to five patients of our patient care standards are unmatched in the entire subcontinent.

About the Author

Welcome to World Class Treatment and Surgery by We Care Health Services, India.
Contact Us :
www.indiasurgerytour.com ||

E-mail us on : info@indiahospitaltour.com ||

Contact Center Tel. :(+91) 22 28950588 / (+91) 22 28941902 (24 hrs.)

The surgery and medical treatments offered by We Care Health Services at JCI Accredited / ISO Certified Hospitals are vast and varied; ranging from Heart Surgery in India, Cardiology to Cardio Thoracic surgery, Total Knee / Hip / Ankle / Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery in India including ACL reconstruction Surgery to Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India , Spine Surgery in India like Discectomy / Laminectomy Surgery, Cervical Decompression to Anterior / Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery in India, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cancer surgery, Sterotactic Radiotherapy, Autologous / Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery to Breast Cancer treatments, Near relative Kidney Transplant Surgery to Dialysis and Kidney Biopsy, Low Cost Liver Transplants Surgery, Hysterectomy (Vaginal / Abdominal) to Ovarian Cystectomy, Hernia repair Surgery to Cholecystectomy, Advanced Neurosurgery in India, Bariatric surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery in India, Eye Surgery in India, Cornea Transplant, Cataract Surgery to LASIK Eye care Surgery, IVF, ICSI, Egg Donor to Surrogacy, Minimally Invasive surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery to Cochlear Implants, Breast Lift / Tummy Tuck, Face Lift to Low Cost Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Surgery, multi specialty Hospitals in India offering first world treatments with board certified highly qualified medical consultants in attendance at third world prices..

DEA Busts Marijuana Growers, Blames Seattle Garden Suppliers

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Home Medical Equipment Of Texas

home medical equipment of texas

The Evolving Faces of Diagnostic Medical Centers and Spas

A doctor visit is a scary event for many people. Hospitals and clinics are almost always white deleted to convey, cleanliness and efficiency. Moreover, the prospect to undergo diagnostic tests on machinery and needles. Indeed, most medical facilities inhospitable places.

This is probably the reason why diagnostic centers and clinics are re-inventing itself to more attractive for patients. On the other hand, the traditionally non-medical facilities such as wellness centers and spas are also trying to credibility in a time when consumers are more health to attract experienced and demand more scientific-based health services.

Many diagnostic centers have shaped their institutions' official Names include the term "wellness". Wellness is a word of many alternative medicine whereas spas related conjures images of well-being and relaxation. The Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women of Pacific Medical Center (PacMed), the Diagnostic and Wellness Center at Harbor-UCLA and the Women's Diagnostic and Wellness Center of Coral Springs Medical Center in Florida are examples of this trend. Even the renowned Cleveland Clinic Florida has its Health and Wellness Center.

Many hospitals are redesigning their institutions to make them less sterile and more relaxed. PacMed's Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women in Seattle describes his Setting as "spa-like", with indoor decor in warm, soft colors and furniture and equipment you would not normally in a normal clinic setting to be found. But despite the spa atmosphere has this unique Wellness Center, all state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment and first-class medical personnel necessary to perform diagnostic tests. "Our goal is to make the experience better for the health care and to encourage people to take a proactive approach to wellness" to change, according to a spokeswoman PacMed Center. The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center in Coral Springs Medical Center in Coral Springs in Florida, calls his approach "home-like" to eliminate, is connected to the impersonal atmosphere, with many diagnostic centers.

Spas on the other hand, have used the term "medical spas" or medispas to stress ", has to be medical and health benefits for their services. In the same way, trying to keep pace with the alternative medicine technique. While traditional acupuncture used manual stimulation, acupuncture and use of new technology centers for the stimulation by electrical pulses and lasers to heat and moxibustion.

While many hospitals are generalists, meaning they provide diagnostic, screening and check ups for nearly almost all health conditions, many the modern "wellness" oriented clinics specialize in certain types of diseases. Below are some examples of these so-called boutique diagnostic Facilities and their services.

PacMed's Diagnostic & Wellness Center provides diagnostic services specifically for the health of women. These tests, usually part of annual medical check-ups, can any of the following:

(1) Digital mammography, which is specially useful in screening patients with dense breast tissue.

(2) Diagnostic ultrasound which is useful as a supplement for further evaluation of an abnormal mammogram.

(3) Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), are re-check for breast cancer especially in women at high risk.

to (4) biopsies suspicious structures by the above-mentioned imaging systems detected to confirm.

(5) DEXA bone scan checks for bone health. As women age, they are a higher risk for developing osteopenia and osteoporosis.

(6) therapeutic massage, either as part of postoperative rehabilitation programs or simply a relaxing massage to relax the stress of exams.

The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center in Coral Springs Medical Center in Coral Springs, Florida offers similar services for breast cancer to bone densitometry testing. It also offers training and fitness programs, lectures, fitness classes, support groups count, nutrition, massage therapy, maternal classes, cholesterol and diabetes screening, weight management and healing arts classes.

The diagnosis and Wellness Center at Harbor-UCLA specializing in cardiovascular screening. The center utilizes state-of-art computerized tomography (CT) scanning and imaging technology to the next "Wellness-scans carried out", including heart scan, lung scan, body scan, scan, abdominal aorta, virtual colonoscopy, bone density and carotid QCT scans.

The Winmar Diagnostics Sleep Wellness Center in Fargo, North Dakota specializing in sleep diagnostics. Basically, services for hospitals, clinics and medical practices for test and diagnosis of sleep disorders. It also features a free standing sleep center, sleep lab and a complete state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff in the field of sleep medicine.

Wellness scans are the specialty of many centers, including the Medical City Dallas Hospital in North Texas. But what is a wellness scan? A spa-Scan is a non-invasive CT-Test from the clavicle to the pelvis and contains the heart, lungs and abdomen. The designated areas are sampled in the stomach, the kidneys, liver, Gall bladder, aorta, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, spleen, and certain other pelvic organs.

Well, a medical procedure that frightens many people, a dental Control. As the name suggests, dental spas provide specifically for the needs of dental patients. The Austin Dental Spa offers general and cosmetic Dentistry. The center uses "only the highest quality materials and the latest technology in a world-class spa setting." By using a "combination of Wellness facilities and personal care ", the Austin Dental Spa makes a visit to the dentist a stress-free, anxiety-free experience.

Day spas are centers, to ensure the in cosmetic treatment to women and men, from hair removal to Botox injections. They are cosmetic centers and usually something with medical to do check-ups and screenings, even though their services may be medically based procedures. There are also spas whose services are more inclined complementary medicine such as yoga, Pilates, massage and aromatherapy.

The newly opened Women's Health Center of the Bond Clinic in Winter Haven, Florida has the features of a diagnostic center and a day spa combined to a true "medical spa" form, a wellness center, medical and cosmetic needs of the patient's expectations. The center sees itself as a "one-stop-shop for the health of women includes gynecology and obstetrics, women's diagnostic services and a Medical Spa. The spa includes a licensed Massage therapist and facial specialist, offering a wide range of services, a relaxing hot stone massage, to different facial treatments. The board-certified Doctors perform cosmetic laser treatments for facial rejuvenation, hair removal, spider veins and broken capillaries, acne, rosacea and age spot removal. Botox injections and other cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and folds are also available.

After Gwen Mayes at Medscape Today "Until a few years ago, Day Spas her "medical" procedures for occasional light chemical peel, Botox injection is limited by visiting a dermatologist, or a post-operative medical Massage from a licensed physical therapist. Today, updated place to stop offering the client with the doctors in the community to one or two days a week, Laser Treatments and advanced aesthetic procedures, the doctors are creating the expansion of their outpatient facilities or existing partnership with Day Spas at a Medical Spa. Both sides have found more formal merger into a lucrative and well-preserved Union be. According to ISPA, the industry generated $ 234,000,000 in sales in 2003. "

The Women's Health Center at the Bond Clinic, the ultimate Hybridization of a cosmetic and a diagnostic center, whose goal is "to the women a place for them both their medical and cosmetic needs met can go a relaxing, soothing and state-of-the-art atmosphere. "

The line between alternative and scientifically-based Medicine has gradually become blurred in recent years, a more holistic approach to medicine has become popular. Thus massage and acupuncture are part of the postoperative Treatment of patients with breast cancer while those who practice yoga and Reike can also go for Botox and liposuction. Spas have become too mainstream and not just pass the time of the rich and famous. The average person can now access to a health resort at any time, without having subjected a membership or a member of recommendation rules.

The term "Medical Spa", is the subject of controversy, as many call themselves medical facilities or medical spas Day Spas, although the services They actually resemble those of a normal offering Day Spa. In many of these centers, a doctor may be present or act as consultants. However, no diagnostic and screening procedures offered. We can expect more bodies to Bond Clinic model in the resulting need for the interests of the patient-consumers, with the names of institutions and the wide range of services they may be mistaken to follow offer protection. To this end, the Medical Spa Society was founded, a national non-profit organization, want to look at the guidelines and standards for the care of medical spas.

developed, in fact, diagnostic centers and medical spas have and always further develop. A word of caution, check with your insurer about the extent of the coverage!

About the Author

The article The Evolving Faces of Diagnostic Centers and Medical Spas may be found in its entirety with references and links on http://HealthWorldNet.com .

Blue Sky Wound Vac

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Home Medical Equipment Rental

home medical equipment rental

Mobility with a disability made possible with the hospital at your home!

There is nothing worse than being unable to move about freely for months on end, especially for somebody addicted to sports. When my friend was unfortunately injured during his motor car racing accident, fracturing both his legs and his backbone, he could only stay at home with the least possible physical movement. He was almost a person paralyzed with

Since it was mandatory for us to leave for work every morning, he was left alone at home for the entire day. The only person who he managed to have for company was this depressing nurse. She would come, serve him and then leave. The days were a drag and he complained that he was ‘beginning to forget what the rest of the house looked like’! The situation was sad, and we all felt sorry for him. But how could he be helped? The only way to recover after the operation was to restrict body movement, especially the movement of his legs, since they were badly affected in the accident.

However, it was only after two weeks of staying bed ridden when he had had enough. He could not take it anymore. Although he didn’t have any other option except for staying on the bed for another six months as prescribed by the doctor, the mental trauma was already reaching its peak!  The worst case scenario was whenever he needed the nurse to help him in the bathroom and the toilet. He was losing his head, and it was only the very beginning of the six months of hardship.
Finally we decided that there ought to be a way out. If he had to go on for as long as six months this way, he would definitely start suffering from depression. And who wouldn’t? Six months is a long time to have to stay in bed in the same old position, and having to depend on somebody else for something as basic as the bathroom and toilet. So we started searching the internet to find out if there was any way to save his sanity!

Finally one of us came across this thing called a manual wheelchair. It promised to help him move about easily around the house, however, the problem was that it needed human muscle power to move around, and our friend was quite weak following the surgery. The nurse suggested that we could opt for an electric wheelchair, but the prices were high. Eventually we managed to get a  that could be wheeled around with the use of electricity, at an affordable rental price and representing great value for money. Gradually we learnt about the wheelchair  that could be used to help solve my friend’s bathroom and toilet troubles to a great extent.

Though I would not say that the wheelchair was easy to use during the early phases of recovery, my friend was definitely feeling a lot more liberated and mobile than he had felt in the last few weeks. Also, as his health improved, so did his mobility on the wheelchair. He soon got accustomed to using the remote control, and his trauma subsided! It was amazing how the electric wheelchair could provide mobility aid to somebody who could hardly turn his body from left to right even while sitting upright on it.

The patient handling features were nothing less than excellent. A perfect grip enabled swift movement almost everywhere. The battery had a long life and we could take care of that for him, the rest of the wheelchair control and operation was up to him.
When he could finally walk around a bit, we hired from the same place walking aids in the form of walkers. He used them for another month after he progressed from the ‘electric wheelchair’ phase. These walking aids were very well designed to give strong stability. It hardly took him any time to get accustomed to them, and he was walking around with great ease and comfort. Not a single slip, not a single jerk in the entire three weeks of use! He was using the walkers for the first time in his life, but it felt like he had been on them since his childhood!

The best thing was that in spite of his very high medical and hospital bills, the hiring charges didn’t hurt his pocket. The prices were very reasonable, and the products were excellent. We were also assured that if we had any problems with the equipment we would get immediate assistance as part of their service. However, this need never arose.

To know more about this great concept, check this link www.hospitalathome.com.au. This is the great place where we found a solution to all our, and not forgetting our friend’s, problems. You can find out all you want to know about their products, and also get in direct contact with their friendly staff – who can guide you through understanding the products available and also help you make the best product choice. Here you have all kinds of options to choose from starting from  to access ramp, to trolley to pressure care, to scooters to recliner.
These can be availed for serving the purpose of nursing home / hospital equipments at home and the best part is that they allow Homecare medical equipment hire / rental and sale, as per your requirements. Regardless of whether the person at your home is a person with a minor physical disability or is someone who is permanently disabled, life can be made a lot more enjoyable!

It is amazing how little things become great things when a person is in trouble and more so when he is afflicted with any kind of disease or medical problem. It is very difficult and traumatic for a once healthy person to be confined to a life of limited or zero mobility. It can drive him to a host of mental and emotional problems, thus creating additional new problems. Take care of these little/big things and see them speed up their recovery!

About the Author

Joseph Fonseka has written several articles on various topics. Please see http://www.hospitalathome.com.au for more info.

medical supply rental

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Home Medical Equipment Tucson

home medical equipment tucson

Lose the Weight in 2008

One can have the purest intentions of losing weight but when it comes down to it, sometimes it takes a little – okay, a lot – of help, to not only reach a healthy weight but also adopt a new attitude and lifestyle to help maintain the new you. From economy to luxury, SpaFinder outlines some of the best spas who specialize in weight-management programs:

People who travel frequently for business face some of the biggest challenges in losing weight and/or maintaining an exercise regimen. Canyon Ranch’s 20,000-square-foot spa at Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center is designed to equip business travelers with the same kind of wellness approach that distinguishes the world-famous Canyon Ranch resorts in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts. The comprehensive facility, featuring the latest in exercise and conditioning equipment also features individual and group fitness classes. As one of the largest convention centers on the East Coast, Gaylord Palms is a popular self-contained luxury complex, just a few miles from Walt Disney World. The SpaClub offers a variety of massages, hydrotherapy treatments, facials, and signature experiences created by the spa experts at Canyon Ranch.

The first Canyon Ranch opened in 1979 in Tucson where it since has become an award-winning oasis of health and vitality. In fact, it’s defined all that a destination spa can be. The sprawling campus accommodates about 250 guests who are inspired to make long-term commitment to healthy living and are provided the tools to do so. The spa’s wellness team is made up of doctors, nurses, health practitioners, nutritionists, exercises physiologists, and more. Guests indulge in fun physical activities, such as hiking or bike riding, try a cooking class, or enjoy a great massage.

Canyon Ranch’s second location in Lenox opened in 1989 in charming Western Massachusetts. The unhurried setting, guests learn more about the state of their health and preventative care. With a bike ride down a country lane, guests jumpstart their fitness program, or hike a trail in the beautiful Berkshires. The property is also known for its renowned medical programs.

Located in the historic town of Port Hope, Ontario, The Hillcrest is set in an inviting Victorian mansion, set atop 15 acres of wooded trails overlooking Lake Ontario. Guests are treated to fine dining with an emphasis on organic and naturally-raised ingredients, a private meditation room, fitness facilities, and meandering walking trails. Golfers are invited to book a round at the Port Hope Golf & Country Club, just steps from The Hillcrest. Guests may also stretch their legs with a walk through the town’s well-preserved main street, featuring antique shops and apparel boutiques.

Since its opening in 1940, Rancho La Puerta in Baja, Mexico, has been offering life-changing programs. Just over the border of Mexico, the weather is always warm and dry. Rates include lodging, activities, meals, classes, and programs. Sap services are optional extras. With a focus on fitness, Rancho La Peurta offers more than 75 mind, body, spirit classes, including yoga, Pilates, tai chi, dance, water aerobics, and strength and flexibility training. Organic dining treats guests to revitalizing and sustaining meals. Spa treatments include mineral-essential facials, herbal wraps, healing massages, and more.

In the Midwest, the Heartland Spa is nestled in Illinois farm country, just 90 minutes south of Chicago. Situated around a spring-fed lake, the Heartland Spa focuses on fitness and well-being. Staff assist guests in evaluating their health and making changes that they can take home with them. Specialized programs in nutrition and stress management are just a few of the choices offered to guests. In the three-level fitness center, guests are supervised by staff, or can take on the outdoor adventure course. Although activities are plentiful, guests may choose how much they want to participate or indulge in the luxurious spa treatments.

At Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja, California, most spa treatments are prescribed by Sanoviv physician’s as an element of therapy. The institute was built to be “the hospital of the future,” a place where every detail contributes to the facility’s overall healing project. Many patients come for the four-night Complete Health Assessment, a prerequisite for all treatment programs at the Sanoviv. The assessment is used to detect hidden illnesses or finding the root causes of illneses that have already manifested themselves. Diet and detoxification are used to combat and prevent illness. Included in the program are massage, hydrotherapy, fitness classes, and more. The facility has achieved dramatic results in the treatment of cancer, M.S., Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and obesity, among other autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

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