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Used Medical Equipment Wanted

used medical equipment wanted
Does anyone know of an online Data Entry job that is legitimate?

I am trying to find an online data entry job that is legitimate and not a scam. I am presently confined to home, and I need to make an income for myself. I do not want to be burden on my family.

I have tried to find information about online surveys, etc., but many of the survey companies charge $49 before they give you access to the companies that do surveys. Meanwhile, many of the survey companies that supposedly pay the better money, only operate in the U.S. The remaining survey companies pay $1 a survey IF you match a “profile”. I decided that I need to find real work.

If anyone knows of a real company that pays cash (preferably using PayPal) for a good data entry operator, or even for medical transcription online, I would really appreciate the help. I can do medical transcription quite well, but the medical transcription companies want people that work at home to have special transcription equipment. Not an option for me at the present because I am strapped for cash.

Sorry, but no. Any company or anyone that charges upfront for an ‘online job’ is a scam artist, no if’s and’s or but’s 🙂 It’s very unfortunate that there are so many unscrupulous people out there, but there certainly are.

Anacortes Police Blotter, June 16, 2010
A 71-year-old man and the animal control officer were both bitten repeatedly while trying to contain a Chihuahua mix dog running loose in the 2300 block of 29th Street around 3:11 p.m. Wednesday, June…

Cpap Hose Management

cpap hose management

How the Right Stop Snoring Device Can Do Wonders

Once you determine why you snore, the correct stop snoring device might be recommended to help you stop.  The positions of your mouth, tongue, chin and neck could contribute toward breathing problems and snoring. A properly customized stop snoring device should assist your anatomy to function properly so you breathe and sleep better.  Using a prescribed medical device is easy and can help you stop snoring so everyone gets a good night’s rest.

Dental Appliances for Snoring

Dental appliances called mandibular advancement splints are used to treat snoring.  The dental appliances slightly advance your lower jaw to pull the tongue forward so you don’t snore. Typically you will consult with a dentist specializing in sleep apnea to develop the mandibular advancement splint.

Dental appliances for snoring are also sold over-the-counter.  If properly fitted, these dental devices can effectively help you stop snoring. Most over-the-counter dental devices are made from EVA polymer much like protective mouth guards worn by athletes.  These dental appliances can be reheated and molded into a comfortable position.

Professionally fitted mandibular advancement splints are designed to properly fit your mouth for optimum performance.  Professionally fitted dental devices usually include an adjustment mechanism to easily decrease or increase the size after fitting.  In the United States, mandibular advancement splints cannot be sold without a prescription from a physician.

Possible side effects from using mandibular advancement splints include gum irritation, gradual movement of teeth, excessive salivation and temporomandibular joint disorder.  Often dental devices are better tolerated than the alternative CPAP machines.

CPAP Machine For Snoring

A CPAP  (continuous positive airway pressure) machine is used to control sleep apnea and related snoring problems.  The CPAP machine is a small device about the size of a shoe box.  The machine keeps your airway open by pumping a controlled stream of air through a hose to a mask you wear over your mouth, nose or both.   

The CPAP system was first developed by Professor Colin Sullivan in 1981 in Sydney, Australia.  The CPAP machine was first used to treat sleep apnea at home.  Now CPAP machines are also used in intensive care units for ventilation.

Sleep apnea sufferers experience narrowed airways with reduced oxygen in the blood causing them to temporarily awaken.  This may happen multiple times during a single night’s sleep.  The CPAP machine stops these occurrences and helps the sufferer experience unobstructed breathing.  

The air pressure and not the air movement prevent the apneas from occurring.  When the mask is placed on your head, it seals to your face so the air does not flow.  Air pressure accomplished the job to promote better breathing and eliminate or reduce accompanying snoring.

CPAP machines deliver air as a titrated pressure, which is the prescribed pressure for treatment of your sleep problem.  A sleep specialist or physicians usually determines the necessary pressure for the CPAP machine to do its job. Patients using CPAP machines appreciate improved sleep and quality of life in as little as one night.  Other patients may notice results after a few nights of using the CPAP machine.

Sleep apnea is a chronic health problem that does not go away.  Ongoing care and treatment is essential to maintain proper CPAP therapy.  Patients need to remain aware of health risks and get continuous motivation and support.  Cognitive behavior therapy and chronic care management help patients continue CPAP therapy for ongoing good health and peaceful sleep.

About the Author

Jack Heverford is a nutrition specialist and medical researcher who has helped many people get rid of their snoring problems permenantly. To learn more about the benefits of effective stop snoring devices please check out the Silent Sleep Method. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in eliminating chronic snoring for good..

Cpap Wikipedia

cpap wikipedia

Sleep Apnea and Oximeter

Apnea, or ‘Apnoea‘, is a technical term for suspension of breathing. An apnea event is defined as a breath cessation for a minimum of 10 minutes, with a neurological arousal and/or a blood oxygen desaturation of three to four or greater. Sleep apnea is a breath disorder during sleep which may cause serious consequences such as heart failure.

There are three types of sleep apnea are central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea and complex sleep apnea (the combination of the two types). Central sleep apnea is caused by the imbalance of brain respiratory control center, while obstructive sleep apnea is caused by the obstruction of airway by decreased muscle tone or increased soft tissue around the airway (e.g. obesity or aging). Obstructive sleep apnea makes up about 84% of sleep apnea cases; the complex sleep apnea makes up about 15% and the central sleep apnea makes up 0.4%. [1]

The symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea commonly include loud snoring, restless sleep, and sleepiness during the daytime. The treatment of this type of sleep apnea is usually the use of breathing treatments, such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Other habits that contribute to symptoms of sleep apnea is smoking, drinking alcohol, or losing large amounts of weight.

Due to the drop of oxygen level and increase of carbon dioxide level during sleep, hypoxia and hypercapnia are usually the results of central sleep apnea. Consequently, hypoxia and hypercapnia have effects on human body and could result in more serious health issues, angina, arrhythmias, heart attacks or at worst sudden death. [2]

Diagnostic tests of sleep apnea include home oximetry or polysomnograph readings in a sleep clinic. Oximeters that measures blood oxygen levels are a necessary device to measure normal stats in a person’s body while their asleep. According to the results of a study published in the Jan. 15 issue of the American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine.

“The practical purpose of diagnostic assessment in most cases of obstructive sleep apnea is to predict which patients have symptoms that will improve on treatment. Portable monitors record primarily oxygen saturation, can be used at home without supervision, and are cheaper [than polysomnography].”

OctiveTech oximeters offer a flexible and affordable way for sleep apnea sufferers and their doctors to monitor their blood saturation during sleep. We especially recommend the handhelds that alarm at a certain low blood oxygen concentration.

[1] Mayo Clinic Discovers New Type Of Sleep Apnea, ScienceDaily, 2006
[2] Sleep apnea, Wikipedia

The information on this website aims to provide customers with relevant knowledge regarding our products. Under no circumstances should the information be used for therapeutic purposes. Customers must consult their doctors for the correct use of these information and products. ClinicalGuard.com is not responsible for any losses or accidents caused by the use of information on this website.

About the Author

Resmed Cpap Parts

resmed cpap parts

Why You Should Invest in Resmed Supplies

Resmed supplies are truly a worthwhile investment. From resmed masks to monitoring devices, these units help counter sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders. Whether you suffer from these ailments, or know someone who does, resmed supplies are designed to produce lasting results. Although therapy is available, it can be a costly investment if not followed properly. The perfect way to eradicate sleep disorders is by purchasing physical units that can assist you. From resmed CPAP machines to humidifiers, tackle your sleeping and breathing issues with these first class units.

Resmed supplies are highly utilized and available online. There are countless websites that specialize in this equipment and accessories. However, you’ll need to perform an intricate search to select the proper items. Like all medical equipment, you should also seek professional guidance before using them. The CPAP machines and supplies are available at discounted rates. This is a cost-effective solution for all your sleep and breathing disorders. From asthma to stress patients, investing in resmed supplies is a great way to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Simply follow the directions to restore proper breathing and sleeping habits.

Resmed supplies can also be found in medical instrument stores. From nasal pillows to air purifiers, there is a wide array of products on the market. If your unit fails, a wide selection of replacement parts is also available. Make sure to request a manufacturer’s warranty with every unit you purchase. This will ensure your investment, while enabling you to implement these devices in a productive way. For more information visit to our site  at http://www.us-med.com


About the Author

Helene J. Glasper,born on October 21, 1978,living in New York. She writes articles to educate thousands of people to learn how to exercise properly so that they can improve their life styles and well-being.

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Cpap Users

cpap users
cpap users.How do you cool the air on hot nights?
I tied an ice pack on the humidifier condensation formed . I sucked water

You can remove the reservoir (if yours has one) and just have it blowing air. My husband does this when it’s humid.

Support groups
FamilyLaLeche League of Hutchinson/Reno County, mother-to-mother, encouragement and information on b …

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What is the best CPAP Mask Out There today?

Hello, I’d like to know what is the best over-all CPAP mask that is sold on the market today?

hello i am a DME supplier and the one that goes out to most patients and the one that I prefer the most is called “profile lite ” by resperonics its got a blue gel filling and feels very comfortable many patients love it as do i.

Findings Suggest Optimal Dose And Delivery Mode For Premature Infants Needing Oxygen
A national study involving a UT Southwestern Medical Center neonatologist provides new insight into how much oxygen preterm infants should receive as well as the optimal way to deliver it to them. Researchers at UT Southwestern and 19 other academic medical centers found that the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which blows air through an infant’s nostrils to gently inflate the …

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Cpap Hose Support

cpap hose support

The Ultimate CPAP Pillow

Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that causes the patient to stop breathing for short periods throughout the night. It keeps the patient from getting a good night sleep but it also has more serious repercussions. It has been estimated that 104 people die each day from sleep apnea related cardiovascular disease. It is also estimated that there are 18 million sleep apnea sufferers in the United States and only 10 – 15% are even diagnosed. Even more significant is that those who comply with their treatment may only be 40% of those who were prescribed treatment.

Admittedly, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is difficult to get used to. It requires the sleep apnea patient to wear a mask while sleeping that provides a pressurized airflow. Pillows are often a hindrance to using the mask for the CPAP sufferer. The problem is not as significant when sleeping on one’s back but many people prefer to sleep on their sides. This is difficult with a normal bed pillow and a CPAP machine. The pillow will often push against the mask of the CPAP aparatus putting pressure on the mask and face of the wearer. This will cause discomfort but more importantly it can break the seal of the mask making treatment ineffective.

A new patent pending pillow to help eliminate these problems for CPAP users is now available. The designer of this pillow is a CPAP user himself so he is very aware of the issues and problems associated with sleeping with the CPAP mask. He knows the difficulty of getting used to the CPAP machine and he determined to eliminate more complications from rectangular pillows placed on the CPAP wearer.

Key in this specially designed CPAP pillow is the strategic shape to eliminate the pressure on the mask from the pillow when sleeping on one’s side while wearing a CPAP mask. This pillow is contoured in the shape of a butterfly to effectively eliminate pressure caused by a rectangular pillow. The Psyche Pillow is an attractive pillow unlike other CPAP pillows that are scooped out rectangular pillows. The neck support is also an important design feature. Whether the user is sleeping on her side or her back, proper neck support is important in comfort and in providing clear air passageways for breathing.

The pillow is made from a very high quality, American memory foam. Cheaper memory foam from overseas did not meet the quality, longevity and comfort standards like quality foam made in the United States. The inventor strongly supports products made in the U.S. Therefore he has used high quality materials made in the U.S.

CPAP users are also concerned about managing the hose connected to the CPAP mask. A hose that gets tangled or flops around at night is a bother to the apnea sufferer and to his or her partner. Therefore this pillow was designed to hold the hose securely enough not to get tangled or to be a nuisance but it holds the hose loosely enough for the sleeper to move comfortably.

Finally the pillow was designed with an advanced quilted wicking material to minimize heat and perspiration on warm nights while remaining warm and comfortable on cool nights. This pillow also by design helps to manage the body temperature and perspiration of the sleepers face.

If you or someone you love is a CPAP user, you know or need to know the importance of following through with CPAP treatment. There are serious health problems associated with untreated sleep apnea which can shorten the life of the sufferer and diminish his or her quality of life as well. The designer of the Psyche CPAP Pillow decided that something as simple as a pillow should not stand in the way of effective treatment. This pillow is already getting outstanding praise. See what others are saying, purchase this pillow or learn more about it at the website below.

About the Author

Tim Lehmann writes about high quality products to enhance the lives of others. See more about the Psyche
CPAP Pillow
by clicking the preceding link or click here
Psyche CPAP Pillow

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Cpap Osa

cpap osa
If you OSA is 10 hours awake enough to be?

I could not with the CPAP I Provigil and Dexedrine

OSA cause high blood pressure, increased pressure to drive drowsy increased accidents. I wish I would have my OSA treated earlier. I know, I feel wonderful. CPAP takes Months tolerated. There are things that try as a ramp, heated moisture, and finally BIPAP masks dfferent. BiPAP is more comfortable. Visit www.sleepnet.com for their message boards and online support group. Try a support group. Find someone who is successful at xpap therapy for helpful hints. That was the best I 've ever done. BiPAP saved my life. Yours sincerely,

SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Mask for OSA Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients

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Home Medical Equipment Of Texas

home medical equipment of texas

The Evolving Faces of Diagnostic Medical Centers and Spas

A doctor visit is a scary event for many people. Hospitals and clinics are almost always white deleted to convey, cleanliness and efficiency. Moreover, the prospect to undergo diagnostic tests on machinery and needles. Indeed, most medical facilities inhospitable places.

This is probably the reason why diagnostic centers and clinics are re-inventing itself to more attractive for patients. On the other hand, the traditionally non-medical facilities such as wellness centers and spas are also trying to credibility in a time when consumers are more health to attract experienced and demand more scientific-based health services.

Many diagnostic centers have shaped their institutions' official Names include the term "wellness". Wellness is a word of many alternative medicine whereas spas related conjures images of well-being and relaxation. The Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women of Pacific Medical Center (PacMed), the Diagnostic and Wellness Center at Harbor-UCLA and the Women's Diagnostic and Wellness Center of Coral Springs Medical Center in Florida are examples of this trend. Even the renowned Cleveland Clinic Florida has its Health and Wellness Center.

Many hospitals are redesigning their institutions to make them less sterile and more relaxed. PacMed's Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women in Seattle describes his Setting as "spa-like", with indoor decor in warm, soft colors and furniture and equipment you would not normally in a normal clinic setting to be found. But despite the spa atmosphere has this unique Wellness Center, all state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic equipment and first-class medical personnel necessary to perform diagnostic tests. "Our goal is to make the experience better for the health care and to encourage people to take a proactive approach to wellness" to change, according to a spokeswoman PacMed Center. The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center in Coral Springs Medical Center in Coral Springs in Florida, calls his approach "home-like" to eliminate, is connected to the impersonal atmosphere, with many diagnostic centers.

Spas on the other hand, have used the term "medical spas" or medispas to stress ", has to be medical and health benefits for their services. In the same way, trying to keep pace with the alternative medicine technique. While traditional acupuncture used manual stimulation, acupuncture and use of new technology centers for the stimulation by electrical pulses and lasers to heat and moxibustion.

While many hospitals are generalists, meaning they provide diagnostic, screening and check ups for nearly almost all health conditions, many the modern "wellness" oriented clinics specialize in certain types of diseases. Below are some examples of these so-called boutique diagnostic Facilities and their services.

PacMed's Diagnostic & Wellness Center provides diagnostic services specifically for the health of women. These tests, usually part of annual medical check-ups, can any of the following:

(1) Digital mammography, which is specially useful in screening patients with dense breast tissue.

(2) Diagnostic ultrasound which is useful as a supplement for further evaluation of an abnormal mammogram.

(3) Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), are re-check for breast cancer especially in women at high risk.

to (4) biopsies suspicious structures by the above-mentioned imaging systems detected to confirm.

(5) DEXA bone scan checks for bone health. As women age, they are a higher risk for developing osteopenia and osteoporosis.

(6) therapeutic massage, either as part of postoperative rehabilitation programs or simply a relaxing massage to relax the stress of exams.

The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center in Coral Springs Medical Center in Coral Springs, Florida offers similar services for breast cancer to bone densitometry testing. It also offers training and fitness programs, lectures, fitness classes, support groups count, nutrition, massage therapy, maternal classes, cholesterol and diabetes screening, weight management and healing arts classes.

The diagnosis and Wellness Center at Harbor-UCLA specializing in cardiovascular screening. The center utilizes state-of-art computerized tomography (CT) scanning and imaging technology to the next "Wellness-scans carried out", including heart scan, lung scan, body scan, scan, abdominal aorta, virtual colonoscopy, bone density and carotid QCT scans.

The Winmar Diagnostics Sleep Wellness Center in Fargo, North Dakota specializing in sleep diagnostics. Basically, services for hospitals, clinics and medical practices for test and diagnosis of sleep disorders. It also features a free standing sleep center, sleep lab and a complete state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff in the field of sleep medicine.

Wellness scans are the specialty of many centers, including the Medical City Dallas Hospital in North Texas. But what is a wellness scan? A spa-Scan is a non-invasive CT-Test from the clavicle to the pelvis and contains the heart, lungs and abdomen. The designated areas are sampled in the stomach, the kidneys, liver, Gall bladder, aorta, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, spleen, and certain other pelvic organs.

Well, a medical procedure that frightens many people, a dental Control. As the name suggests, dental spas provide specifically for the needs of dental patients. The Austin Dental Spa offers general and cosmetic Dentistry. The center uses "only the highest quality materials and the latest technology in a world-class spa setting." By using a "combination of Wellness facilities and personal care ", the Austin Dental Spa makes a visit to the dentist a stress-free, anxiety-free experience.

Day spas are centers, to ensure the in cosmetic treatment to women and men, from hair removal to Botox injections. They are cosmetic centers and usually something with medical to do check-ups and screenings, even though their services may be medically based procedures. There are also spas whose services are more inclined complementary medicine such as yoga, Pilates, massage and aromatherapy.

The newly opened Women's Health Center of the Bond Clinic in Winter Haven, Florida has the features of a diagnostic center and a day spa combined to a true "medical spa" form, a wellness center, medical and cosmetic needs of the patient's expectations. The center sees itself as a "one-stop-shop for the health of women includes gynecology and obstetrics, women's diagnostic services and a Medical Spa. The spa includes a licensed Massage therapist and facial specialist, offering a wide range of services, a relaxing hot stone massage, to different facial treatments. The board-certified Doctors perform cosmetic laser treatments for facial rejuvenation, hair removal, spider veins and broken capillaries, acne, rosacea and age spot removal. Botox injections and other cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and folds are also available.

After Gwen Mayes at Medscape Today "Until a few years ago, Day Spas her "medical" procedures for occasional light chemical peel, Botox injection is limited by visiting a dermatologist, or a post-operative medical Massage from a licensed physical therapist. Today, updated place to stop offering the client with the doctors in the community to one or two days a week, Laser Treatments and advanced aesthetic procedures, the doctors are creating the expansion of their outpatient facilities or existing partnership with Day Spas at a Medical Spa. Both sides have found more formal merger into a lucrative and well-preserved Union be. According to ISPA, the industry generated $ 234,000,000 in sales in 2003. "

The Women's Health Center at the Bond Clinic, the ultimate Hybridization of a cosmetic and a diagnostic center, whose goal is "to the women a place for them both their medical and cosmetic needs met can go a relaxing, soothing and state-of-the-art atmosphere. "

The line between alternative and scientifically-based Medicine has gradually become blurred in recent years, a more holistic approach to medicine has become popular. Thus massage and acupuncture are part of the postoperative Treatment of patients with breast cancer while those who practice yoga and Reike can also go for Botox and liposuction. Spas have become too mainstream and not just pass the time of the rich and famous. The average person can now access to a health resort at any time, without having subjected a membership or a member of recommendation rules.

The term "Medical Spa", is the subject of controversy, as many call themselves medical facilities or medical spas Day Spas, although the services They actually resemble those of a normal offering Day Spa. In many of these centers, a doctor may be present or act as consultants. However, no diagnostic and screening procedures offered. We can expect more bodies to Bond Clinic model in the resulting need for the interests of the patient-consumers, with the names of institutions and the wide range of services they may be mistaken to follow offer protection. To this end, the Medical Spa Society was founded, a national non-profit organization, want to look at the guidelines and standards for the care of medical spas.

developed, in fact, diagnostic centers and medical spas have and always further develop. A word of caution, check with your insurer about the extent of the coverage!

About the Author

The article The Evolving Faces of Diagnostic Centers and Medical Spas may be found in its entirety with references and links on http://HealthWorldNet.com .

Blue Sky Wound Vac

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Best Cpap Equipment

best cpap equipment
How fast is the growth of sleep apnea treatment (mainly via CPAP)?

I’m trying to figure out how many people are buying CPAP systems and masks today and how much this is changing.

I see number like 18M people have OSA (up to 50-60M with some type of sleep issue), and the industry is growing at 8.4%, but what’s driving this? Increase diagnosis & treatment, shift demographics, more marginal suffers seeking treatment, or just newer, more expensive equipment?

Any help would be great. Cited sources would be even better!! Thanks!!

Sleep Apnea effects more than 12 million Americans! More over weight people and diabetics have sleep apnea. It usually effects men over 40 who are over weight. There are 3 types of Sleep Apnea:
1.) Obstructive…soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses and closes during sleep.
2.) Central…The brain fails to signal the muscles to breathe.
3.) Mixed…Combination of both of the
You can learn more on the American Sleep Apnea Association website:
This whole nation is over weight or diabetic so go figure why everyone has sleep apnea!
Being over weight is the norm now.

OptiLife CPAP Mask – Adjustment For Best Fit Instructions

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