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does life always have to be hard for a child with cerebral palsy and his family?

i have a son with cerebral palsy, I try to the very best of my ability to make his life as full as possible, yet, I often wonder what his life will be like when he gets older, he is my hero and I know that someday he will be others as well. I also often wonder if life will get any better for him, me and his little sister, why does everything like a simple things, ie bike, walkers, equipment to help him fully live his life cost so much. And when as a mom, will i be able to find work that will help me to meet his medical needs and pay the bills at the same time??
so many questions, so little answers.

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Can I be billed for durable medical goods several years after service?

My mom has used a Durable Med company to supply her CPAP machine/supplies for several years. The company had billing problems, and figured out they had not been billing insurance company for several years. Now, they are telling my Mom that she is responsible for over 00; they never sent her any bills or statements, and are unable to provide such now. They told her that it is not their responsibility to bill the insurance company. Can they legitimately bill her (first notice) several years after service was performed?

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best place to rent/buy medical equipment in San jose?

I want to rent/buy some medical equipment like invacare lift 9805, hospital bed, etc for my mom in San Jose, CA area.

What are the best places?

I am seeing that most of the places have very high margins of about 30% or more.

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