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does life always have to be hard for a child with cerebral palsy and his family?

i have a son with cerebral palsy, I try to the very best of my ability to make his life as full as possible, yet, I often wonder what his life will be like when he gets older, he is my hero and I know that someday he will be others as well. I also often wonder if life will get any better for him, me and his little sister, why does everything like a simple things, ie bike, walkers, equipment to help him fully live his life cost so much. And when as a mom, will i be able to find work that will help me to meet his medical needs and pay the bills at the same time??
so many questions, so little answers.

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How should older people (60+) hike up long, fairly steep inclines?

I belong to a weekly walking group of older folks, mostly over sixty and a few over seventy. We walk in an area with some pretty big hills and some moderately steep terrain. Two of the most fit members say “the best way to take a hill is to just keep going at a steady, but slower, pace” and we want to know whether that is really the best advice for older folks, most of whom are probably about average in physical fitness, for our age. Since the group tries to stay together, the faster walkers often get to set the pace, although they can be slowed down when someone asks. Since some of us get really bushed trying to keep going up some of those hills, we are wondering whether there is something wrong with making regular stops, before someone has to require one. Those who are more fit keep insisting that we should all just keep moving. Does making regular rest stops make the climb harder for those who could make it all the way up without stopping? (Am looking mostly for medical reasons.)

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What is the best way to sell used medical equipment?

We just aquired a bunch of used medical equipment that is in decent condition (grandma passed away). We want to try to sell it to get a few bucks, but I’m not sure about selling on eBay since most items will be difficult to ship (walkers, sling lift, wheel chair, hospital bed, etc.). I have no idea about the value of these items either, so I’m hesitant to list them in the classifides or Craigslist. Any other ideas?

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Low Cost Medical Suppliers of Wheeled Bariatric Walkers

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