Used Medical Equipment In Georgia

used medical equipment in georgia
used medical equipment in georgia

Caregivers: Get reimbursed for providing your Home Care Services!

Many of us are happy Mom her doctor's appointments, administering medication, and check in when the need arises, without a second thought. But with millions of faithful care for children aging parents out of pocket, a small financial relief is welcome. Few carers are aware that you will get paid – so small the amount may be – for Mom Care and Home Care Services . Offer Due to the long working hours were, however, some adult children caregivers forced to leave her full-time jobs or even scale back their hours on the Clock output, resulting in a significantly reduced cash flow. Fortunately, if a caregiver to follow is a significant financial burden, there are programs which refund Home Care can relieve some of the burden. However, note that you have to be patient when applying for these programs – Ensure that your application, the practice is up-to-date and all necessary facilities are included before you send it to delay any longer than necessary.

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI)

Long term care insurance, which functions as a compensation program pays only the insured the amount that has contracted from the start, and regardless of home care services, are received, pay only the stated amount.

LTCI, the nursing home, home care, adult day care services cover, Facilities for assisted Living and hospice offers, payments to in-home caregivers, although the declaration must be in home care and / or home care services coverage. In some cases requires LTCI that carers complete a basic training program on Home Care Services and / or care for older patients. Although almost all qualified LTCI contracts, interim targets and long-term custodial home care services, not rely on this type of insurance to be your only Fall-back when it comes to pay in-home health care. Although for the clarification, you should contact your LTCI companies directly for details of their Family caregiver reimbursement policies as well as what is necessary to qualify themselves.

Medicaid cash and counseling program

A state-administered Medicaid program is fulfilled only for low-income individuals and families, certain federal and state law requirements. In other words, if It limits on income and resources apply for Medicaid relief is a good idea, but you must be able to meet specific eligibility criteria. Persons over 65th Age with low incomes and resources will be immediately eligible and those who are terminally ill or living in a nursing home.

Fortunately, if the person you care for is entitled to either or is currently with Medicaid, you may be able to receive direct payments from the cash and counseling program although it is only for family caregivers in selected states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Iceland, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia. In some cases, the person you care for may have high incomes, without him or her from the Medicaid program, some states like Georgia, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Oregon, have made for this oversight and offer similar programs to care Nationals (1).

Medicaid recognizes that family caregivers often are the top suppliers for mum or dad, a check directly to the recipient to report for the Home Care services, when this amount depends on various assessments of the general needs and the average cost for in-home health care for that particular condition. This money can be used by caregivers in order supplies, buy medical equipment, or even, in order for ADL (activities to pay the daily living). To find out if your loved one is eligible or for more information about the cash and counseling program, please call the National Program Office at 617-552-2809.

Making the arrangement with Mama Official

Since money is involved, it is recommended that that caregivers set up some kind of short, typed contract, the terms of the care situation in depth, including the contours of the wage rate and the frequency of job and home care services to be provided, and how various expenses are reimbursed (if applicable). Rent one Lawyer or legal professional, the whole family involved to help caregivers create a legal document that prevents sensitive situations arise.

It is also important to note that this payment is considered income by the government, so that all carers have their profits each year a report as to taxable income. Although the money received for the provision of home care services is negligible, it will help offset many costs associated with the provision of connected by mom (or dad) with a loving, stable and comfortable home.



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Jill Gilbert is the President and CEO of Gilbert Guide, a website and comprehensive housing guide dedicated to solving the challenges of aging for parents and families and developing a working senior care plan. Jill brings extensive business experience to Gilbert Guide, authoring “Leading by Example,” a monthly column in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, the chief industry publication for long-term care providers. She is currently working on a new book, Gilbert Guide to Senior Housing (Penguin/Alpha Books, 2009), and has been interviewed for a CBS News special, was a key presenter at the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association’s annual conference, and was recently interviewed on San Francisco TalkBack. Jill has been quoted in numerous publications, including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Dallas Morning News. For more information on quality senior care services, please visit

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