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Six Super Exercises: Putting the Pieces Together for a powerful part of an Exercise Program

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When you were growing up, we heard adults tell stories about how they wanted them this or that age again, and how great it was back in the day. Now that he be in the fitness business coaching for 7 years now and have seen and used almost every device in environments ranging from my parents back to shop the farm to the original commercial plant, I also had a back back longing for simpler times.

These simpler times for me in 1992 in a small, non-air-conditioned rooms on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University. It was the place where I first cut my teeth learning about strength and conditioning. We were all learn what to do and what not to do, but to be honest, we have no idea. Nevertheless, we have pretty impressive results for a series of "know-nothings." Since that time, much has changed, but still remains the same.

And that's exactly how I came full circle to the development of the Super Six concept. The exercises, which I have been described in the last six months nothing new. They were around well before I wrote about them and they are to long after I'm gone. One thing still rings true however. Whether you work in a dingy university weight-room training, or the most beautiful commercial facility, these six exercises.

Just in case some of you have forgotten what the Super Six, or if you get a new reader and never heard me on such a thing, the Super Six exercises are six core / basic Exercises that should be implemented in any manner or form in 99.9% of the training programs. The Super Six is composed of the following exercises:



Bench press



Overhead press, which should use the Super Six exercises?

In a word, everyone. There may be some people are in serious orthopedic or other medical contraindications that prevent them from carrying out the movements, but if you are a generally healthy human Currently, there is no reason why you should not be able to do these exercises, or at least the progressions perform these exercises.

These six exercises have many distinguishing characteristics, but the one that is before all else that they actually need to learn a skill / technique. This property can not be all that desirable fix, some in this "quick, instant gratification "Society, but it is this characteristic that these exercises can to stand head and shoulders above all others.

Moreover, fall all six exercises in the category of multi-joint exercises and require a high degree of inter / intra-muscular coordination. As a result of the quality of the exercise is increased dramatically, which optimizes the ability to become stronger, more athletic, or skinny. In principle, these six exercises adapted to almost any destination to reach, because they very useful power that can be applied to specific sporting events are produced and the activities of daily living.

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Troy M. Anderson is the owner of Anderson Training Systems, LLC, a fitness coaching business based in Tempe, Arizona. Troy is often referred to as “the MacGyver of coaching” for his unique ability to build effective fitness programs using only the most basic equipment. For more articles and instructional video, visit
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