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used medical equipment san antonio

Physiotherapy for back pain

Physical therapy is often prescribed for patients with back pain, but there are many different treatments, in the physical therapy are included. It is important to ensure that the right treatment is used at the right time for a particular patient.

In the initial phase of treatment of back pain and injuries, the primary problems are prone to inflammation, muscle spasms, and impaired mobility. The first step in treatment should be directed at reducing inflammation and spasms. Starting too quickly to treatment, increasing the mobility and / or to be stored increase muscular strength and endurance can often dramatically increase inflammation and spasm and can greatly delayed recovery.

Treatments such as electrical stimulation and cold packs are often the first measures to be used to begin to control inflammation and spasms. Although many patients with back pain are medications to reduce inflammation, these therapies can be designed much more efficiently. Cold packs can be used at home to in-office treatment and their frequent application supplement is the most effective anti-inflammatory treatment of a patient can do at home. At the peak of inflammation, with a cold pack for 10-15 minutes at a time as often as once every few hours, can often reduce inflammation faster than even the best anti-inflammatory drugs.

Once symptoms have decreased and the inflammation and spasms have subsided, treatments such as massage and ultrasound can to alleviate the soft tissue contraction and the improvement of blood circulation, damaged tissue useful help with the healing. In this stage, the pain disappeared and the patient is experiencing in the first place Pain and stiffness.

As sensitivity increases, stretching and mobilization can be gradually introduced to improve flexibility and mobility. It is important to prevent the patient as close as possible to normal mobility in exchange for strengthening exercises in order to receive reinforcement abnormal movement patterns.

Muscle exercises introduced posture correction Once mobility has returned to normal. In the case of back pain and injuries, poor posture and lack of Muscle often contributed to the initial injury or pain. It is particularly important to re-condition the abdominal muscles and the muscles along the back of the Spine to support their normal posture.

Because it is necessary for the patient, to continue the exercises on your own, if it released from the physical therapist care, to receive the benefits, it is important that the therapist exercises that involve no special equipment. High-tech machinery rehabilitation for patients are back again and again excellent health, but they should not exercise sole source of patient rehabilitation.

With the right Treatment and direction of an experienced physiotherapist, most back pain patients and their conditions can solve them through the appropriate return ongoing self-care measures to prevent prescribed by the therapist.

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