Used Medical Equipment Suppliers

used medical equipment suppliers
Now that the Dems have health insurance company smeared is the next logical step?

To attack suppliers of medical equipment, medicines and consumables. Insurers do at best 15%, but the providers start at about 40% margins. Doctors and nurses can we cut their pay. Contract health services that use the hospitals. They make more profit from each health care dollar as the insurer. Does not that make them fair targets? No, I do not want to know that why to hate Obama, you create a group? It appears from these responses that Libs are not satisfied and do in fact want and the whole Economy to make. They have no limits.

Check out the liberal answer to the question, or better yet, hate filled view of the questions, so many liberals . Ask Is not it clear that hatred is the next tool of choice for the manipulation of this sad and deluded people? According to the supplier who? When you and I will be on this list?

Subcommittee hearing on Durable Medical Equipment – 11

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